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johnjohn01 19 58 England
22 Dec 2004 12:54AM
Great composition and colour. Nice to be your neighbour this morning.
User_Removed 18 39 6 Scotland
22 Dec 2004 12:58AM
Come on K you will have to watch it with these offers people could get ghe wrong idea SmileLOL.
Beautiful photo which I would not even attempt to alter. Hope the kids are feeling better. have been up since 4 this morning myself could not sleep for a hacking cough and soar throat, oh tis the season to be merry...humbug!

Luv Victor
shane 17 7 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:00AM
Morning K

This is great. I love the high-key look.
Would like to have seen just a little more of your nose and lips though

keithh 17 25.8k 33 Wallis And Futuna
22 Dec 2004 1:03AM
Yer just sat here minding yer own business when some strange woman crops up and says does anyone want to play with me.
I mean for heavens sake.
whipspeed 17 4.2k 22 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:05AM
Lovely portrait K. If I'm not on the computer for the next few days, have a good christmas & I hope the kids are better soon.
claret 17 49 England
22 Dec 2004 1:07AM
Lovely eye colour, K. Your mush looks just fine as it is.
Click Iain
steffilewis 17 179 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:07AM
I love this K. Excellent composition, and the colours are lovely *click*
lobsterboy Plus
17 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:08AM
Looks good to me - I tried to play with it but decided that I had far too much to drink last night so i'll leave it as it is.

Nic_WA 16 179 2 Australia
22 Dec 2004 1:12AM
Like it just as it is. The high key effect works well and the composition is excellent.
User_Removed 16 117
22 Dec 2004 1:14AM
Good image and composition - looks like a Dido cover image which is a compliment.

Kind Regards

Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
22 Dec 2004 1:20AM
Really nice high key image K, and I love the composition.

And you know any invitation to Boyd is gonna be like a red rag to a bull.....
22 Dec 2004 1:23AM
Excellent work, just right as it is.
tigerminx 17 237 South Africa
22 Dec 2004 1:24AM
Well the final product is top drawer material. Composition works well here, the black contrasts well with the high key image.
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:27AM
This is lovely K. The composition is spot on and the high key works really well. Your hair makes a good diagonal.

sugarbird 17 223 South Africa
22 Dec 2004 1:30AM
Hardly a mug K, you are beautiful as are your pics well done on the HC and have a happy time this Christmas t you and yours
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
22 Dec 2004 1:30AM
superb work KSmile MERRY CHRISTMAS.
katieb 17 255 4 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:37AM
Excellent piece of work, lovely green eyes you have.
riprap007 17 1.6k 37 England
22 Dec 2004 1:37AM
excellent shot, love the treatment and composition
panda 17 5 1 England
22 Dec 2004 1:39AM
Beautiful portrait, love it.

Portknockie 16 48 Scotland
22 Dec 2004 1:41AM
No!!!! Looks fine as it is LOL

bytorphoto 17 37 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:55AM
Well, perfect. You have such a beautiful face, I'd love to see more. This is a great shot - beautiful detail and colour in the eye and lovely hair too. Your high-key portrait shots are always so good. More!! Clicked.
gemm 17 800 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 2:01AM
Wow, excellent portrait! Detail in your eyes are fantastic! Love the colour on your hair too.
urban-hero 17 23 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 2:02AM
Superb! Well Done!

bikemad 17 87
22 Dec 2004 2:05AM
Great portrait.Hope the kids are better soon-my lad is full of coughs n colds at the mo.
22 Dec 2004 2:12AM
Goodness me! thank you all, it was just a 5 min mess about and an HC too, thanks so very much thats made my day! K.
a11sus 18 568 Northern Ireland
22 Dec 2004 2:20AM
I do like these up close shots - but mine never work out - must try harder! Well done - RC on it's way in about 4 mins I reckon! S
22 Dec 2004 2:22AM
Really good, K. Click

annaliese 17 421 1 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 2:24AM
Beautiful and talented! grrrrrrrrrr LOL

annaliese Smile
22 Dec 2004 2:27AM
Superb again Smile

Paul_Barr 16 544 Scotland
22 Dec 2004 2:39AM
Beautiful portrait K.

KathyW 18 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
22 Dec 2004 2:48AM
Lovely potrait. Is that the hint of a smile?!!!
Hope the kids are better by Christmas.
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
22 Dec 2004 3:00AM
Very nice shot K, although I think you've been a little bit unfair on me in your description.
I if I would.
leedsgh 17 496 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 3:08AM
Love the green eye thing you love to exploit!!

Same as mine!! ;^)

22 Dec 2004 3:49AM
Boyd! LOL Thank you all so very much. K.
tully 16 43 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 4:10AM
Green-eyed redhead. Wouldn't dare tamper. Boyd's braver than me. Dare I say I love both?
Kris_Dutson 19 8.2k 1 England
22 Dec 2004 4:39AM

Quote:Green-eyed redhead. Wouldn't dare tamper

How do you think I feel? - I married one
Badger 19 4.7k 20 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 4:49AM
Looks good to me K.

Think Boyd's gonna be in real big trouble...
22 Dec 2004 4:55AM
Thanks all, Boyd's card is marked Wink K.
ellavr 17 66
22 Dec 2004 4:59AM
Very intersting portrait, excellent comp. LIke the modifications !!! :o)

iscramble 17 90 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 5:15AM
No sugar please...sweet enough! SmileSmile
22 Dec 2004 5:31AM
Thank you both. K.
mattmatic 17 598
22 Dec 2004 5:44AM

Maybe you shouldn't have put it up for modification! LOL!

Interesting crop, K.

Matt :click:
22 Dec 2004 5:48AM
ROFL! Liza Minnelli indeed! K.
jeanie 17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 6:19AM
LOL Can't stop laughing at Boyds version, Boy is he in trouble!!!!!!!!!

K your version is superb, but you did ask for trouble heee heee.

Happy Christmas to you and the family.

22 Dec 2004 6:20AM
Thanks Jeanie, thats why I put it up really, a bit of fun, surprised its got this many votes but am secretly chuffed to bits. K.
psycrow 17 17 South Africa
22 Dec 2004 6:56AM
Amazing photo, very well done Smile
mr g 17 403 3 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 8:25AM
Great eyes (presume there's more than one!) Good job you can take a joke, Boyd's been a bit mean - not much Christmas spirit from him!!
Best wishes
22 Dec 2004 8:35AM
Thank you both. I'm still laughing at Boyd's version. K.
icafe 18 19 Canada
22 Dec 2004 9:09AM
Excellent photo. Same goes for your classy showcase design too.
smourt 17 80
22 Dec 2004 9:13AM
looks like the down and dirty type shots I have been interested in shooting of recent.

this is super no SUPER.
22 Dec 2004 9:22AM
Thank you both, not sure what you mean by down and dirty though Stephen but thanks anyway Wink lol. K.
janehewitt 18 215 1 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 9:29AM
wonderful in every respect, have a good Christmas Jane
22 Dec 2004 9:36AM
Thank you Jane, you too. K.
phil_1975 17 165 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 10:36AM
A wonderful portrait that doesn't need altering in anyway in my opinion.

kinfatric 16 550 9 Scotland
22 Dec 2004 10:38AM
Your eyes arn't really that shade of green are they?
Congrats on the merits and I hope you get your 5 minutes of wonderful one day, thats some quote for something a person may need great memory retention for.
mshepherd 17 667 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 11:20AM
K Love the black background to the right sets it off. (Also Love the layout of your portfolio page - Less is more)
ginz04 17 281 20 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 11:32AM
gorgeous slimply gorgeous. ian x
lovelylindax 17 16
22 Dec 2004 12:26PM
Gorgeous! x
22 Dec 2004 12:44PM
Thank you all very much. K.
highlander 17 32 Scotland
22 Dec 2004 1:13PM
Congrats on the well deserved recognition of your shot...the contrasting and crop give the self portrait good artistic merit. Nice one.
silburkp 17 3 England
22 Dec 2004 1:26PM
Wasn't 100% sure 'til I saw the large version, but that convinced me, fantastic.
jasonewell 16 34 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2004 1:48PM
K, this is just 1st class. The colours, the effect, the composition, the styling... all stunning. Outstanding work.
rc 18 50
22 Dec 2004 2:04PM
crikey - not seen your pics for a while and you have been busy!

some poeple like blackcurrent in their guiness btw..but not me
colin 17 697 5 Scotland
22 Dec 2004 4:23PM
Your hair and eyes really compliment each other, as does the high-key of your skin against the black background. Great self portrait.
23 Dec 2004 12:24AM
Goodness me, thank you all so much. K.
leead 19 71
23 Dec 2004 1:43AM
nice comp, great lighting, and a lovely subject. are those eyes for real?
23 Dec 2004 2:49AM
No, well the colour isn't, been enhanced just slightly Wink. Thank you for your comment. K.
Atlas 18 621 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 4:44AM the colour of the eye and everything else too ☼☼☼☼☼

paulstefan 16 509 1 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 4:58AM
Quality portrait, K. Lovely strong colours
Happy Christmas to you..
click, Paul
23 Dec 2004 5:54AM
Thank you both. K.
old timer 17 55 1 Scotland
23 Dec 2004 9:40AM
Very effective, K!

Have a great Xmas.
scottydog 17 206
23 Dec 2004 11:04AM
your just luverly!!

brilliant composition

23 Dec 2004 12:43PM
Thank you both. K.
MartinWait 17 95 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2004 1:05PM
Excellent mug shot.
Happy crimbo. Hope the kids are well soon, My daughter has got a nasty urine infection (slowly on the mend though) she's been through the wars this year. Can't wait for xmas morning to watch her and my son tear open their pressies.

Have a stonking good one.

funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
23 Dec 2004 4:49PM
top notch --- have a great chrimbo
23 Dec 2004 8:09PM
Thank you both. Martin, I know how that feels best wishes to our and your family. Have a good one Fred. K.
sybilla 17 264
23 Dec 2004 10:32PM
Hi K

Couldnt leave you on 69 clicks! lol Nice work

24 Dec 2004 7:21AM
Thank you Clare, hope you have a good Christmas. K.
bassan Plus
18 15
24 Dec 2004 7:23AM
Nice. Wishing you and your family a lovely Xmas and New Year
24 Dec 2004 7:31AM
Thank you Sam, you too. K.
24 Dec 2004 8:21AM
Not bad for a girl! lol.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
25 Dec 2004 8:12AM
lol! Thank you Richard, you too. K.
25 Dec 2004 8:44AM
You've got a lovely mug K!lol. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family.

25 Dec 2004 8:59AM
lol! Thanks Mary you too. K.
PatriciaWilson 17 617 58 Greece
25 Dec 2004 11:43PM
Thank you K for your fantastic inspirational shots and constant suport, (not just on my pf Wink Very apreciated.
May you and your family have an abundance of peace, good health and happiness though the new year, cheers!
26 Dec 2004 1:29AM
Thank you so much Patricia, the same to you. K.
paul_indigo 17 259 United Kingdom
26 Dec 2004 7:53AM
This works really well. I like the colours too.
26 Dec 2004 2:33PM
Thank you Paul. K.
sugarbird 17 223 South Africa
27 Dec 2004 2:01AM
Hi K, all fine here, thanks for asking, a bit sick of the holidays, nothing going on, everyone is very crabby, I suppose they are bored, I am taking some nice shots and also trying to decide what camera to buy next year , either the Nikon D70 or the Canon 300D, think I will go for the Canon as it is cheaper and the Nikon is too big for me, I picked one up yesterday and it looked funny in my small hands...hope you are well to, thanks for the intelligent comments too.
theorderingone 17 2.4k
27 Dec 2004 1:13PM
I couldn't resist adding another click to this, it's just too good!
maverick04 17 12 United Kingdom
27 Dec 2004 4:13PM
A very artistic image I love the high contrast.
29 Dec 2004 2:23PM
Gorgeous Shot K!!
Suzan Smile
shidee 17 9
31 Dec 2004 8:33AM
Excellent work, Happy new year to you.
bassan Plus
18 15
31 Dec 2004 9:57AM
Popped by to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year
sugarbird 17 223 South Africa
31 Dec 2004 10:09AM
Happy happy new Year K, to you and yours, a peaceful 2005, thanks for all the support and help
31 Dec 2004 10:09AM
Thanks all so much. Jill - the holidays always get to me too just lately think its because I'm getting old Wink. Nice to see you back Suzan. Happy New Year all. K.
Mari 17 1.8k United Kingdom
31 Dec 2004 11:59AM
YOu are excellent at portraits, K. Keep up the good work in 2005 - look forward to seeing more great images from you.

Happy New Year

31 Dec 2004 12:42PM
Thanks Mari, you too. K.
tartanlady 17 58 Scotland
31 Dec 2004 2:42PM
Very effective shot K, this one stands out, a real eye-catcher.
Well done and a Happy New Year.
User_Removed 18 39 6 Scotland
31 Dec 2004 2:44PM
Happy New year K hope you and your family have a great 2005.

Lots of Luv Victor XX
dontforgetme 17 1.7k 7 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2004 5:28PM
Hi K,

Like the idea and the image works well with the colours youve selected, but I think I'd prefer it if there was more of your mouth, and the odd stray hair was removed.

Just relooked at it again, and wonder if there should also be a little more detail down the side of your nose to help remove the button nose effect?

Still, its just as well a good picture hasnt got to be 100% to be recognised as a goodun.

Happy new Year

JohnRShort 17 25 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2005 1:55PM
absolutely excellent !! I spent Christmas in hospital so this is the first chance I have had to review my favourite sure produced a winner with this one
JohnHorne 16 1.0k
3 Jan 2005 2:58AM
Stunning! It seems to break all the rules yet it works really well. Click.

3 Jan 2005 5:05AM
Thank you everyone. K.
User_Removed 17 17.9k 8 Norway
3 Jan 2005 10:00AM
I missed this K...

Your usual excellent camerawork. An excellent portrait.

Have a great 2005.

lovelylindax 17 16
4 Jan 2005 1:29PM
Congrats K on the popularity of this great shot of yours x
tepot 17 4.4k United Kingdom
11 Jan 2005 3:13PM
now you look like one of those animi cartoon people, you have many disquises K Wink

just HAD to add my version.
13 Jan 2005 2:00AM
Thanks all.K.
14 Jan 2005 1:40PM
This looks fantastic.


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