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Neon Music

By vickyh    
An idea copied from the latest PP magazine.

Camera was set to f/16 and Bulb. I traced around the edge of the guitar with a torch. Took several attempts to get a decent line but this is the first time I've tried the "painting with light" technique. Guitar was duplicated twice and I adjusted the hue and saturation to get the pink and green effects.

Would be interested in any comments.

Tags: Guitars Digitally manipulated

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mule 17 68
4 Feb 2004 9:18AM
What kind of torch did you need to use?

Good shot though. Going on my memory, I think I prefer your shot, their lines were wobblier.

Well done.
4 Feb 2004 9:18AM
I saw this in the PP magazine. Good attempt. Only criticism is that the lines around the guitar are too perfect :>) Gets my click anyway.
vickyh 19 706 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 9:23AM
mule: used a small maglite torch and took the top off, so it was like a candle.

thanks for commenting.
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
4 Feb 2004 10:40AM
well done Vicky. You often find that recreating the effects that are created in mags is difficult because they sometimes have access to better gear and locations. Here I think you've done really well which is a credit to the mag for presenting the info so well and a credit to you for taking the concept and making it work so well. Great colours too.
vickyh 19 706 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 10:49AM
Whoo Hoo!!! My first EC award! I'm so excited!!! Thank you so much Pete. Smile

I was quite pleased with the way it turned out and hoped that it would get a few comments on this site, because it is a bit different from the range of photos that have been uploaded recently. But I'm delighted that you thought it was good too.
Boyd 17 11.2k 11 Wales
4 Feb 2004 11:18AM
Good stuff Vicky.
zippie 17 1.3k England
4 Feb 2004 11:50AM
Congratulations Vicky.

I too saw this in PP, and thought I'd give it a go.....then I realised I don't own a guitar !!!

A well executed shot, well done.

Nyx 18 533
4 Feb 2004 11:56AM
wow fantastic! you must have so much patience! Congrats Smile
digicammad 18 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 12:46PM
Vicky you beat me to it! I saw the article and it was on my list of projects, but there is no way I could improve on this so I don't think I'll bother. :0)

Congratulations on your EC.

Out of interest, how far were you away from the guitar?

vickyh 19 706 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 1:41PM
Ian, I hope you'll still have a go! It took quite a few attempts, experimenting with different torch lights, distances and speeds of tracing, to get the light how I wanted it.

The camera was about a metre away from the guitar, but I was holding the torch about 2cm in front of the guitar and I guess it took me about 30 seconds to trace around it. (It was quite comical as we don't have a cable or remote release for the camera, so I was having to hold the shutter open with one hand and stretch and hold the torch with the other!)
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 1:56PM
Well it's not a bad attempt, but I would have thought that EC awards would be restricted to original works, not an almost identical copy of someone else's idea.
flossie 18 1.6k
4 Feb 2004 2:22PM
Aww don't spoil it for her Bri, I didn't see the article so I don't know if it's an exact copy but it's still very good.
It's Ed's choice at the end of the day, and Pete's the Ed, so if he thinks it's good enough I personally don't see why it shouldn't get the award (I know, I know ...we've been here numerous times before)
Well done Vicky, I think it's excellent.
vickyh 19 706 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 2:42PM
Thanks Flossie! Wink
mule 17 68
4 Feb 2004 2:44PM
Well said Anne. You might as well say that no landscapes / sunsets / portraits can get the award because they've been done before.

As I understand it, the award is for a well executed photograph rather than for the original idea. Pete was well aware it was not original when awarding it.

He might also choose to award for an original idea, but I don't imagine he'd award for a poorly executed shot.

Well done Vicky.
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 3:52PM
Mule, there's a huge difference between a landscape that has been "done" before and a copy of another photograph.

Flossie - it's not an exact copy, but pretty close, even down to the colours used. I have no argument with vicky recreating the shot - I am tempted to have a go myself - my question (directed at Pete) was whether EC awards should be given to copies. I will await Pete's reply and in the meantime, until Pete tells me otherwise, I will continue to speak my mind and not be cowed by the increasing majority on here who get upset when someone dares to do something other that heap praise on a photograph.
mule 17 68
4 Feb 2004 4:17PM

Firstly, I would like to suggest we both realise that in a textual medium, there is the possibility that the emphasis / emotion behind the text is being misread. I am not upset. I hope my words are not upsetting you!

Secondly, I am not a part of some majority that is attempting to silence people who do something other than heap praise on a photograph. I have my point of view and you have yours. I'd like to think we could agree to differ - or at the very least stick to discussing the photographs and related issues, rather than attempting to suggest someone has some other motive for making their comments.

Thirdly, it's not a copy. She took the photo herself.

I recognise that my earlier comment was a gross exaggeration, for which I apologise to you if you felt I was misrepresenting your point of view.
vickyh 19 706 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 4:19PM
Please... no arguments! I understand where you are coming from Bri. It's a fair comment and I don't have a problem with you saying copies don't deserve awards.

Can we leave it there everyone?
Cheers Smile
flossie 18 1.6k
4 Feb 2004 4:23PM
Not saying you shouldn't speak your mind at all Brian, far from it ...just giving my two penneth as well. It would be a dull old world if we were all the same wouldn't it.

Pete's probably going, oh no, this again ...remember the chess piece??

(It's left there Vicky, just didn't want Bri thinking my comment was getting at him)
Big Bri 20 16.7k United Kingdom
4 Feb 2004 4:25PM
Fair enough. I wasn't having a go at you vicky, just (still) a little confused as to the criteria Pete uses for his EC awards.
4 Feb 2004 5:36PM
its gd but i hav seen this b4 in a mag!!!
zippie 17 1.3k England
4 Feb 2004 11:46PM
I thought magazines put those tutorials for people to use to improve their techniques, and you have surpassed that with this image Vicky. I would fully agree with Pete on this image, that you have mastered it perfectly. Well done once again.


(Nice one clare, read the description :0) )
stevenj 18 2.0k England
5 Feb 2004 12:57AM
Bri - there is no criteria - I've been trying to figure that one out for ages. It's a great shot by the way.

But I can't help but compare:
a) all the EC's together to see the VAST difference in quality/technique (perhaps a good thing, not sure)
b) the EC's next to other gallery pics which baffles me at times because there are so many non-EC shots which IMHO deserve them more.

Just thought I would add my 2p worth to the EC scenario. And yes, I do realise it's Pete's personal choice. Again.
5 Feb 2004 8:51PM
Great photo, Editors choice, end of story :>)
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
6 Feb 2004 8:56AM
Oh yes... well remembered Anne. Sorry I've said everything I am going to say on this in the chess piece debate started, if I remember rightly, by Barrie Harwood. Check it out if you want me views. I am always grateful to people for challenging thinking, so I have no problems with Bri speaking his mindSmile
agoreira 18 6.0k Wales
6 Feb 2004 9:27AM
Brian, well done for speaking your mind. If that's your thoughts on it, no reason you should not express them.(IMHO)Tell it like it is! Wink I agree with you about only the "heaping praise" variety of comments seemingly to be acceptable. There is one in the current crop of EW's, in which the levels and contrast appear to be quite badly out, but I have refrained from commenting for fear of receiving the type of replies you have. For the sake of peace and harmony in the group, I almost never make a negative comment. As regards this particular shot, I have no strong feelings either way, but defend your right to speak your piece, if you so desire. Wink)
Phoenix 20 1.9k England
14 Feb 2004 3:50PM
I prefer this to the original attempt in PP, but then again I didn't like the original version when I flicked through PP in WHS. Definitely not one to get the Phoenix all fired up
clarkycat 18 89
25 Aug 2004 9:24AM
Knew I'd seen this before! Just gone through my old copies of PP and saw this so I thought I'd check it out! Very good attempt at a copy. Nothing wrong with copying images in my opinion. Other people's work is there to inspire you after all Smile

vickyh 19 706 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2004 9:28AM
Just wanted to have a go at the technique really. Didn't expect an EC for it. Thanks for commenting.
oldham 18 198 England
11 Oct 2004 11:25PM
excelllent welll worth an EC ; lovewly coulours and lighting effects well done
C_Daniels 16 399 10 England
6 Sep 2005 12:52PM
Cool image Vicky!
paulcr Plus
16 1.5k 9 Ireland
26 Jul 2007 8:14PM
Great work indeed. Paul

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