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sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
20 Oct 2006 7:42AM
One of your best Jouko ... lovely.

viscostatic 14 47 9 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 7:44AM
Beautiful lines in the sky and water - and that splash of orangs makes a great focal point.

vismaya 15 Ireland
20 Oct 2006 7:44AM
Alison_S 14 339 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 7:47AM
Absolutely stunning Jouko, love the colours. Just beautiful to stare into.....

piccy 14 8 Wales
20 Oct 2006 7:49AM
Well that's different, great colours. Beautiful scene.
paulstefan 16 509 1 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 7:49AM
Yes very nice indeed. I find that border a bit distracting but just being picky Wink
Cheers, Paul
daviewat 17 4.1k Scotland
20 Oct 2006 7:49AM
Pure quality here Smile)))

robporter 16 156 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 7:51AM
I agree with Phil, the lines in the sky are lovely, but it is the orange of the sunset which really makes this.

Glynn Plus
14 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 7:51AM
Very very simple & minimalistic. Fantastic colours and superb presentation.

KKmoments 14 12 1 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 8:09AM
Superb... dramatic tones, great image and good presentation
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 8:10AM
Thanks folks...

Much appreciated....

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 8:11AM
Paul: I´m hopeless at borders : (

Thanks.....highly appreciate your feedback

angelamary 15 6 England
20 Oct 2006 8:13AM
What a lovely shot. Well caught!

Looking at your stats I've realised I'm so busy trying to juggle other factors, that I totally forget about the ISO number. I must get back to learning more about it and then actually using it!
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 8:13AM
Thanks Pete!

Highly appreciated....

scott_jessuk 14 249 1 Scotland
20 Oct 2006 8:13AM
Amazing shot and well done on the HC.

richardwheel 15 217 2 England
20 Oct 2006 8:15AM
congrats Jouko,

2 words - WELL DONE Wink
scott_c 15 84
20 Oct 2006 8:20AM
Superb shot, i'm sure the band would be proud to see their name used on such a good photo.

chrissd 15 304 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 8:23AM
i just love it, superb
Tandberg 17 1.2k 2 England
20 Oct 2006 8:24AM
Did not think it was gonna be any good from the thumb!
But Large has changed my View Jouko!

It Grand!
rhiw_com 14 24
20 Oct 2006 8:26AM
Yes, a superb capture with lovely lighting.
Rg Tony
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 8:34AM
Cheers folks...

Highly appreciated....

chris-p Plus
15 72 England
20 Oct 2006 8:35AM
Well done..
joss 14 8 England
20 Oct 2006 8:37AM
Very lovely shot - like it a lot.
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 8:39AM
Scott: They are STILL looking for a new singer, though I´m sure, that it won´t be the "same" fantastic band any more, after they kicked Tarja Turunen out........... : (

martinl 17 269 2 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 8:48AM
Congrats on the HC Jouko.
The image richly deserves the accolade. Super capture and reflection. Like a mirror.

owp 16 168
20 Oct 2006 8:51AM
. . . priceless! . . . .

. . a superb moment . . sublimely captured and portrayed. . . and justly rewarded Smile

VintageRed 15 15 1 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 8:52AM
Superb image Jouko. This is Gallery class and deserving of its HC. Nick.
20 Oct 2006 8:53AM
Pleased to make 30 for this amazing skyscape.

sunshot 15 24 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 9:09AM
outstand shot jouko, well done on your E.C

buchananbchb 16 374 1 England
20 Oct 2006 9:27AM
Jouko, this really is one of your best in my opinion.... such a fantastic image, well done.
ChristineL 15 39 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 9:44AM
I love the tunneling effect the clouds and their reflections give, an amazing image,
MikeBonsall 14 474 3 Guernsey
20 Oct 2006 9:49AM
the lines in the sky, enhanced by the wide angle and that strip of red on the horizon. So minimal, so dark, so good!

Well done Jouko!

Kris_Dutson 18 8.2k 1 England
20 Oct 2006 10:17AM
This is staggeringly beautiful Jouko, I cant stop looking at it.

thorn 16 124 2 Scotland
20 Oct 2006 10:28AM
Hi Jouko,
what a nightwish,a great title,wonderful colours that compliment each other so well.
Minimalist and perfect.
Congratulations on your HC award,well deserved.
lots of haleja.......
Hope you are alright and didn't hurt yourself when you fell.
-35!that's frozen and it's not winter quite yet.
Hope you've got thick gloves for your and your
take care.AnnSmile
franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 10:53AM
Truly stunning and well worth both awards.

User_Removed 15 132
20 Oct 2006 11:09AM
a well deserved HC
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 12:18PM
Thank you everyone...

Highly appreciated...

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 12:23PM
Ann: I´m OK, but I´m never ever going to that place without a flashlight, if it´s that dark and slippery......I´ll leave those survival shots for Patrick! LOL......

It was only -2 when I took this shot yesterday...almost tropical for me...LOL...
Thermals are ready...LOL..

Lots of haleja...

Ceciliat 15 6 Philippines
20 Oct 2006 12:24PM
What a lovely moody mysterious night(sunset) you've captured. Stunning indeed....
Phoebecat 14 1 Italy
20 Oct 2006 12:30PM
The HC doesn't surprise me at all - marvelous shot. Like the way you are 'reaching out' to the abstract here. Whether this is intentional or not, I don't know! All I can say is that this is one of your all time best (pour moi)

Buffalo_Tom Plus
14 2.3k 12 Wales
20 Oct 2006 12:36PM
Amazing.Congrats on the HC.Is this named after that brilliant band from your parts.
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 12:43PM
Thanks folks!

Highly appreciated...

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 12:48PM
Matt: MUCH appreciated...Wish I could have captured the silence in this could hear your own heartbeat...after that slipping thing! LOL.........I think that´s why my 20D´s battery went down...LOL....

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 12:50PM
Tom: Yes, but hope they will never find it out! LOL.....
Loved the band..........

jeanie Plus
16 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 2:50PM
I can just imagine sitting there, watching the last light disappear, and laughing myself silly at you slipping all over the place. That's you and Patrick slipping and sliding..well - pure entertainment : )

Well done on the HC too : )
Have a good weekend.

Maddie 15 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 2:54PM
well done Jouko
Nightwish i was there!
sneazy 16 74 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 3:01PM

jken 14 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 3:02PM
Nice one Jouko, larger does it justice. Stunning colours.

kinfatric 16 550 9 Scotland
20 Oct 2006 3:16PM
this is terrific and with well deserved awards too
PatrickSmith 15 1.2k 2 United States
20 Oct 2006 3:22PM
I knew this one would do well! Congrats on the HC. The best part of this for me is the way the clouds radiate from the central point. I'll be down in LA until Tuesday visiting family but I'll look at EPZ if I have time. No clouds for the next few days. Maybe some fog down there I hope but we'll see. LOL Jeanie... you would not want to see me slipping around. Not the most graceful thing, needless to say! Especially when you only have a few seconds to click and run!

User_Removed 17 39 6 Scotland
20 Oct 2006 3:35PM
Its the space gate sequence from 2001 all over again.

Well done mate on the awards
davidbailie 17 457 7 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 3:58PM
Bold and beautiful and congrats

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 4:09PM
Thanks folks...

Much appreciated...

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 4:11PM
Marc: The HC and I´m proud of it...

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 4:24PM
Jeanie: LOL...and I didn´t wear my wellies...I was just on my way home and made a pitstop and took this shot and Dang! The camera batteries went dead!

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 4:25PM
Maddie: ; )

gwyn h 16 432
20 Oct 2006 4:27PM
WOW, what a stunner Jouko...glad to see Pete agrees. Many congratulations on the HC

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 4:30PM
Patrick: How did you do that??? You prophet! LOL...

Have a nice time with you family...

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 4:33PM
Victor: One of my fav movies...Thanks...

oppo 14 6 2 Scotland
20 Oct 2006 4:35PM
Wow ! I love the colours.

chase Plus
15 1.9k 479 England
20 Oct 2006 5:01PM
Almost like looking down a tunnel Jouko..very well done my friend!
martin.w Plus
18 602 25 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 5:10PM
A cracking image, well done.
proberts 16 218 4 Wales
20 Oct 2006 5:37PM
Stunning shot Jouko.Go as far as saying your best yet.Well done.
MalcolmM Plus
15 1.5k 5 Scotland
20 Oct 2006 5:48PM
Stunning image. Very well done.
Rachy1821 14 3 England
20 Oct 2006 5:51PM
Stunning image congrats on the HC!!

anthhope 15 1 England
20 Oct 2006 5:53PM
lloydee 16 247
20 Oct 2006 6:23PM

congrats F-Bro,

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 6:35PM
Thanks folks!

Highly appreciated.....

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 6:37PM
Andrew: A comment coming from you is always highly appreciated...Thank you!

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 6:40PM
Lloyd: Hey dude! First Patrick, then you! That makes two prophets, if I counted right...LOL......

Taya 15 19 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 6:43PM
what a beauty! so calm and relaxing. I bet it's freezing there though!
redstag 15 100 15 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 6:45PM
Congrats on the HC, super shot.
alyismad 14 9 Wales
20 Oct 2006 6:52PM
always a top class shot nice one

AnnaBanana 14 119 1 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 6:52PM
Absolutley superb, Jouko. Congratulations on a well-deserved HC!!!

Anna Smile
JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 6:55PM
Taya: Thanks..only -2 C, when I took this shot...and silence was touchable

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
20 Oct 2006 6:56PM
Cheers folks....

Much appreciated......

martinw 15 251 England
20 Oct 2006 7:16PM
This is one your best IMO Jouko, well done.
MikeA 15 1.3k England
20 Oct 2006 7:58PM
It's a stunner Jouko........

MikeH 15 217 4 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 8:23PM
Got to be a winner, stunning,
User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 8:52PM
Bloomin brilliant - as usual.
Nigel_95 Plus
14 262 2 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2006 9:58PM
Congratulations on the well deserved HC Jouko, this is a stunning shot. I agree with Victor regarding the 2001 Space odyssey stargate comment.

jaktis 16 84 Sweden
21 Oct 2006 1:19PM
Congratulations on the HC

JouŠo 16 56 Finland
21 Oct 2006 6:38PM
Thank you very much...

Highly appreciated...

glazzaro 15 70 23 United States
22 Oct 2006 2:13PM
This is a fantastic shot, well captured and presented. Your work is always a joy to view, congrats on the HC, well deserved and my hat is off to you Sir! Spot on! Click!!!

23 Oct 2006 7:10PM
This is superb Jouko. Brilliant use of the wide angle
24 Oct 2006 8:21AM
Lovely, so amazing colours. In large veiw you can see a couple of rocks in the foreground, nice! Well done,

starliz 16 1.6k 3 England
26 Aug 2009 5:19PM
stunning jouko. I love the hint of FG rocks,colours are amazing.
WarrenD 11 1 England
30 Nov 2009 8:37PM
Unbelievably good, stunning colour and simplicity.


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