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By PatrickSmith  
The Golden Gate is both a passageway for people and ships, as well as for lots of ocean fog to cool off the inland areas that can average near 40C in the summer. It is like a big air conditioner blowing from the Pacific on the right, to the bay on the left.

And just for fun, version 2 shows the total lunar eclipse! 1 hour exp. @F8 with ND grad 0.9. ISO 160 20mm wide.
(Straight from the camera for now...)

I just added a version 3 (big) since I'm always trying to get a new view. Definitely a 'shoot and run' situation!

A photo gallery in Carmel (the local artist's enclave) wants to permanently show my work, and the owner liked this picture the most, so I thought I should see what you think. His gallery is between the Edward Weston gallery and around the corner from one that was started by Ansel Adams when both men lived in Carmel.

LOL - Now if I could only also sell my prints for the US $ 100,000+ that I saw posted for one original print. It's true! (the print did look much better than this web image.) And the woman in the gallery said they sold one last month for that amount.

In the Ansel Adams gallery, I committed the faux pas of mentioning the "D' word (Digital) as a rapidly improving type of photography.

Almost got kicked out of the place!

2 minute exposure @F16 with ND grad 0.9 (RAW saturation left flat on zero)
(Don't use 2 ND grads in this situation or you get lots of duplicated reflections!)

Tags: General Fog Architecture Eclipse San francisco Golden gate bridge Landscape and travel Sausalito

Voters: bayleaf, Cormy, Guillaume and 263 more

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Cormy 13 3 England
19 Feb 2008 5:04PM
Pure magic Patrick.
bayleaf 13 8 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:05PM
Wow. Super capture Smile

Guillaume 14 119 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:08PM
I am speechless in front of such a beautiful shot! This is STUNNING!
elkiebrooks 18 83 5 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:09PM
A cracking photograph.
edrhodes 16 548 13 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:09PM
Quality work Patrick.

19 Feb 2008 5:09PM
superb atmospheric image

Dennis_Bromage 13 45 20 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:09PM
Another great shot Patrick, the fog on the bridge really makes it.
edwood 13 3 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 5:11PM
SKavanagh 13 312 5 England
19 Feb 2008 5:12PM
Excellent shot love how the mist is covering part of the bridge
RogBrown 14 3.1k 10 England
19 Feb 2008 5:13PM
Wonderfully emotive shot. I love that bank of fog over the bridge. Not sure any photo is worth 100 grand though! Pardon my ignorance but what's the D word?
sut68 17 2.0k 77 England
19 Feb 2008 5:14PM
A beauty mate, like this a lot!!!

The 'D' word indeed, could've got lynched for that Wink

proz 16 205 United States
19 Feb 2008 5:14PM
Pricey Plus
15 290 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:17PM
Another cracker....
Bodiewil 13 46 Wales
19 Feb 2008 5:17PM
Superb image Patrick love the fog

gareth01422 13 213 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:18PM
great picture, this is one i would put on my wall.....

Hanners 15 875 10 Ireland
19 Feb 2008 5:19PM

Quote:In in the Ansel Adams gallery, I committed the socal faux pas of mentioning the "D' word in respect to a certain type of photography.

Almost got kicked out of the place!

LOL, would have loved to have seen their faces...

Superb as always Patrick and looks great large and I bet it's awesome in print.

I was watching a programme on the telly the other day about the Bridge, well about the jumpers really, they seem to average about 2 jumpers a month and apparently, it's the most popular place in the world to commit suicide, wondered if you've caught any in mid flight so to speak...
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
19 Feb 2008 5:20PM
Thanks for your comments!

LOL Rog, I can have my delusional fantasies! 'D' as in Digital. They only like 8x10 view cameras. Even 4x5's are frowned upon!

LOL Paul, fortunately I can outrun them. But their upturned noses do provide some good shade on hot days!

Tony, yes about every two weeks someone jumps. It is strange to think that people are jumping just a few miles from where I work. Usually they are depressed and if you can get to them, they are fine months or years later and could not imagine trying it again.

MickyMc 13 8 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:20PM
This really is absolutely stunning
Sezz 16 619 15 England
19 Feb 2008 5:24PM
Perhaps your prints will be worth that someday Patrick Smile this one is really beautiful, really like the colours in the sky and the reflection of the bridge.

Sarah *
mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.8k 2406 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:25PM
The story reminds me of the old Bateman cartoons, 'The man who...'(eg The man who ate his sandwiches in the royal enclosure).
Meanwhile, the main interest is a totally magical image, this is the real world as we dream it.
piccy 15 8 Wales
19 Feb 2008 5:26PM
And I thought "D" meant dollars Wink Love the mist hanging there. it would blot out any jumpers though.
Scott_Scot 16 4 4 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 5:31PM
Real quality here Patrick. Almost minimalist. (That's my wee gallery bit Wink )

Who in their right mind would spend that much on a print, ... send them here with cheque book please!!! Smile

culturedcanvas 15 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:34PM
Nice work as usual !

Bob_V 13 1 2 United States
19 Feb 2008 5:35PM
Stunning work Patrick, a beautiful composition.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
19 Feb 2008 5:37PM
Thanks for looking!

I wish Sarah..I'll even take 10%!

LOL Moira!

Yes Freda, I added that to the description to explain it a bit more.

Yes Scotty, they do say that. There is a lot of money in the high tech Silicon Valley with $40 billion more if Microsoft buys Yahoo. You should see the prices for the older classic art works like Renoir that I see there!

MikeMar 15 6 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:37PM
Simply Brill !!
19 Feb 2008 5:37PM
Stunning, again.
Mounters 14 85 2 England
19 Feb 2008 5:39PM
Another breathtaking and beautiful shot. Priceless.
BigCol 20 1.8k 1 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 5:41PM
Love the soft light and the fog hugging the bridge. Nice one.
stano 15 1 Ireland
19 Feb 2008 5:43PM
Fantastic shot very atmospheric
dawnmichelle 13 12 United States
19 Feb 2008 5:46PM
This is so beautiful Patrick.. Your images are stunning
canongirl08 15 18 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 5:51PM
Beautiful Patrick.......
Buffalo_Tom Plus
14 2.3k 16 Wales
19 Feb 2008 5:53PM
Wonderful exposure and colour Patrick.A superb viewpoint.
dianah 14 24.5k 4 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 6:00PM
Lost in the mist! This is another wonderful image and I am not surprised someone wants to show your work..all your shots are nigh on perfection.
MalcolmM Plus
15 1.7k 5 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 6:02PM
Love the bank of fog - & everything else! Great image.
olbell 13 47 1 England
19 Feb 2008 6:03PM
Wow Patrick, certainly showing us how its done! Breathtaking work.

Rgds Ollie
robway 16 318 Wales
19 Feb 2008 6:06PM
Wonderful image Patrick, superb image.
Sue_R 15 11 6 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 6:07PM
Like the way the bridge disappears into the mist.

starliz 16 1.6k 3 England
19 Feb 2008 6:08PM
photography at its usual Patrick simply stunning Smile
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
19 Feb 2008 6:10PM
Thanks for your comments.

And thanks to Guillaume for the award!

I wish they were Di. I had to clone out a bit of salt spray, but fortunately it was in a smooth area and it was easy.

uggyy 15 2.1k 9 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 6:22PM
We need to learn how to do really bad prints and charge that amount Smile

Another cracker Patrick, you got a great spot there and a good eye for this type of shot..

Maiwand 14 3 73 England
19 Feb 2008 6:26PM
A wonderfully atmospheric glow over the whole shot Patrick. Everything appears to be clearly defined yet there is a surreal gentleness that has a dreamlike quality. I love it.
joolsb 16 27.1k 38 Switzerland
19 Feb 2008 6:42PM
Would look great as an 8x10 B&W contact print, Patrick. Maybe that's where you are going wrong....?

*runs away and hides...*
plugin 16 1 Canada
19 Feb 2008 6:43PM
Awesome.. beautiful capture.
leons29 13 South Africa
19 Feb 2008 6:48PM
I recon about 300 people are going to have their say and add their votes ......... brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!

Neil_Higgins 14 35 3 England
19 Feb 2008 6:49PM
I reckon you could sell your prints for an hell of a lot more, that Ansel one only goes for that price because of his name, i could take shots like that moonrise everyday of the week! Well, when its not too cloudy then Smile

This is fabulous, the fog bank across the bridge creates the drama and the light is lovely, great work.
rmr 13 1 Wales
19 Feb 2008 6:51PM
superb composition and colours
well done patrick
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
19 Feb 2008 7:03PM
Thanks for looking!

I wish Tommy. You have to go the limited edition route to start with. It is so snooty!

Yes ron, thigs were flowing quickly so I just made sure the bridge was sharp.

LOL Julian, keep running! ... over to that gallery where you belong! Don't forget to upturn that nose or you won't fit in.....

True Neil, that and he doesn't make many prints these days! And here I just let the sunset, low fog and clouds do the work for a couple of minutes.

dp 17 165 3 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 7:12PM
A beauty Patrick, good luck with the exhibition, you will blow their socks off I reckon.

wamp 14 276 8 England
19 Feb 2008 7:24PM
Stunning image Patrick, I particularly like the way the lights on the bridge was kind of merged with the mist and the colours are beautiful

microchip 13 1 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 7:41PM
I am amazed that I got in on the 72 A superb image will now go off and sulk, Have looked at your PF ,now will sulk some more,
paulb20 Plus
14 12 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 7:42PM
Magnificent Patrick.
User_Removed 17 239 7 England
19 Feb 2008 7:43PM
an exceptional view well crafted & perhaps a future 100K image. who knows what people will be saying then?

User_Removed 14 2.2k 3 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 7:43PM
'Monumental' in every respect Grin
pottle 14 53 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 7:43PM
what a portfolio luvly subtle colours great compositions
ashley 17 167 1 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 7:55PM
great shot nice colours & lighting

well done

JouŠo 17 56 Finland
19 Feb 2008 7:57PM
nice one, Californian......

Alfoto 14 Wales
19 Feb 2008 8:03PM
Wonderful image, great detail and super light.
AndreG 14 20 England
19 Feb 2008 8:13PM
Cracking shot Patrick, will be there in july on a fly-drive holiday, can't wait.

19 Feb 2008 8:15PM
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
19 Feb 2008 8:18PM
Thanks for stopping by!

I hope you are right Dave!

Yes Sean, it was moving through the bridge and over 2 minutes it got stretched out quite nicely.

lol...No sulking Alan!

I wonder too Gerry.

Thanks Finlandian. Is that the proper term? Or just Finn? Finnish wouldn't work in that context I think.

jaktis Plus
17 84 Sweden
19 Feb 2008 8:18PM
Super how the mist hides the bridge and gives it a mysterious feeling

Chriscj 15 96 1 England
19 Feb 2008 8:37PM
Its all been said patrick.

ColouredImages 16 47 35 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 8:41PM
Brilliant Patrick
MalcolmS Plus
15 1.2k 13 England
19 Feb 2008 8:42PM
Just superb Patrick, terrific timing

cheesey 15 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 8:47PM
Stunning image. it just oozes quality.
Regards Cheesey.
tepot 16 4.4k United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 8:50PM
stunning shot Pat, love the colours, i might have cropped off a tad from the right side though, seems to be an empty gap?
Joline Plus
14 34 59 United States
19 Feb 2008 8:51PM
Believe me, Ansel would be using digital if he were around...he was nothing if not innovative. Hope you do well in the gallery, if this is an indication, you will!
MikeA 16 1.3k England
19 Feb 2008 9:03PM
Stunning image Patrick, this image puts the gold in golden gate and hopefully in your pocket Smile , no wonder they want to show your images.

angej 16 479 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 9:06PM
superb as usual PatrickSmile
Yogendra 17 22 1 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 9:19PM
Excellent shot, Superb.

Kris_Dutson 18 8.2k 1 England
19 Feb 2008 9:21PM

Good luck with the display, and you never know, maybe Clint will wander in and make your day by buying one...I seem to remember Carmel was his favourite place and he was mayor for a couple of years.

colin 16 697 5 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 9:27PM
Hope this could be your big break, Patrick.
Love the image - the cloud and orange light makes it special.
Good luck!
Richsr 14 91 223 England
19 Feb 2008 9:28PM
Hope the permanent exhibition - this should be a great seller.
Like the details and colours you have captured.
Regards Richard.
phillips 15 69 2 Scotland
19 Feb 2008 9:29PM
Gorgeous Patrick.

User_Removed 16 4.3k 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 9:38PM
garymcparland 14 343 3 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 9:42PM
$100,000 easy Smile

RockArea 14 18 3 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 9:43PM
Wonderful image

chris-p Plus
15 75 England
19 Feb 2008 9:48PM
A very special image...nice one Patrick
SueTurner 16 81 3 England
19 Feb 2008 9:52PM
simply SUBERB
MarkT 16 119 2 England
19 Feb 2008 9:56PM
A beauty Patrick and great news about the Gallery Smile

ian walker 16 717 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 10:02PM
special, very special. its got a lovely quality.

good news about the gallery.
HUMIE 14 2 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 10:11PM
Gorgeous !!

bricurtis Plus
15 2.4k 51 England
19 Feb 2008 10:19PM
Another beauty of this bridge Patrick.Superb colours.
Steveman 15 4 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 10:53PM
It's all been said - simply stunning!
19 Feb 2008 10:54PM
long scroll...... absolutely stunning and beautiful

Nikki !
GillyB 16 317 8 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 11:30PM
One of your best Patrick.

NevP 15 853 13 Canada
19 Feb 2008 11:42PM
User_Removed 14 485 13 England
20 Feb 2008 12:35AM
stunning piece of photography Patrick, up there with the best

AnneWorner 13 620 43 United States
20 Feb 2008 12:36AM
A beautiful capture of the fog coming in - superb atmosphere and color tones.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2008 1:49AM
Thanks for your comments!

It was a rather mysterious evening Peter, then the moon came out leading to the shot I uploaded a few uploads back in my PF.

Terry, I could have done that and I do have one without the gap, but that is where a lot of light came through so I included it so people can see where the light originated.

Yes Joline, I bet he would use digital now, or at least experiment with it. I wonder what he would say about it if he were alive today?

That would be nice Mike, we will see!

Kris, it is actually two block from Clint's Hog's Breath Inn. Great food there. I've seen him walking around but not in his restaurant.

You never know Colin. That would be nice. Programming is mentally draining and photography is still challenging but more relaxing.

It could be Richard. I have only made one print and it does look good, even to 30x45.

I wish Gary!

Sorry about the fingers Nikki.

LisaRose 14 172 4 United States
20 Feb 2008 3:09AM
This is an amazing image Patrick, really love it! I think you have outdone yourself with this one.

20 Feb 2008 3:37AM
When you start moving in circles with these guys it can only be good for your career and financial status Patrick, If anybody deserves this you do my friend. Your dedication and continual high quality is a monument to us all, maybe one day being able to match you.
You seem to have all the elements working for you here,the light, fog sky and colour, quite remarkable image, I'm positive this will be a goo earner for you over the years to come.
Many congratulations, maybe when I visit So Cal I'll be able to see your work with my own eyes.

All the very best my friend,
tepot 16 4.4k United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 4:59AM
i can't make my mind up if this is sunset or sunrise? it looks like sunset with the light coming from the right?
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2008 5:05AM
Thanks Lisa. I almost slipped in too!

I hope you are right Dougie. And if you are ever in San Francisco, I'll give you a tour.

Sunset Terry. That's why it is brighter to the right as you noticed. There is so much motion over a two minute exposure that it is hard to tell sometimes.

chrissd 15 304 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 5:53AM
what a stunning image Smile
ripleysalien 14 1.2k 11 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 6:50AM
Bravo Patrick, again superb quality.
imagio 14 12 1 England
20 Feb 2008 7:28AM
Superb image class, fab light..

geniehawk 14 181 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 9:24AM
If I could choose only I image to remind me of my holiday there it would be this! Fantastic lighting so well captured and produced. I hope you get your exhibition, it would be brilliant.

mattw 17 5.2k 10 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 9:50AM
Another Patrick masterpiece Smile
Love the light from the street lights in this - both on the tower on the right and glowing in the fog. Really special.

Congrats on the gallery - would love to see an exhibition of your prints.
akw 13 341 3 England
20 Feb 2008 10:50AM
As usual Patrick ...........Stunning
martinl 17 269 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 10:56AM
Congrats Patrick, on this image, and getting your work showcased in such a prestigious place.

I'm sure that your images will go down a treat. As said above, your shots are a constant inspration to many of us on EPZ.

20 Feb 2008 11:21AM
Gorgeous to the nth degree. Looooooove it,
John_Horner 15 12 2 England
20 Feb 2008 11:28AM
A wonderful scene and great capture Patrick. Superb.
Briwooly 15 454 6 England
20 Feb 2008 12:20PM
What can you say thats not been said ,Super capture

HowardA 14 231
20 Feb 2008 12:25PM
Superb, stunning...all the adjectives are out for this one. Great work Patrick.

franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 1:06PM
A simply stunning image!

Maddie 16 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 1:27PM
very nice patrick Smile
User_Removed 17 524 England
20 Feb 2008 2:04PM
Quality stuff Patrick
Photogene 15 176 Wales
20 Feb 2008 3:04PM
Stunning capture Patrick, congrats on getting your pics exhibited, here's wishing you all the best.

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2008 3:46PM
Thanks for dropping in!

Glad I could bring back good memories Jeannie!

Thanks Matt, I just let the fog paint the sky for me.

Martin, hopefully the atmosphere of the place will rub off a bit! I'm still skeptical but we'll see.

Thanks Richard, I'll need a lot of luck too!

Kevlar 15 161 3 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 4:08PM
works for me mate - fab!
TEASE 14 10 England
20 Feb 2008 5:26PM
Gorgeous capture hope you do get to sell some pictures for big bucks$$$....Smile
49er 15 564
20 Feb 2008 5:30PM
Very clear, with stunning light and colour. Cloud colour is a stunner..and of course the mist makes this a stunner...

PS... Now I am retired I might take you up on a trip out to your area..What wildife ( Elephant seals apart ) will get me snapping?

Kind regards... Not a bad wildlife shot of your Ele Seal

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2008 5:44PM
Thanks for the kind wishes. I do hope it works out!

Well Edgar, I must admit that the SF bay area is not really the best for wildlife. Our long dry summers make it difficult for most animals.

There is a nice heard of Elk about 1 hour north of San Francisco in the Point Reyes National Park. They can be 7 feet at the shoulder!

And there are 250 species of birds here, which is almost the variety that you get in the tropics. Most are small and fast though and blend into the dry grass. But there are lots of bird photographers here so they must get something.

The real big game is about 1000 miles away NE in Wyoming, Montana, and places like that.

Fortunately that seal was sleeping!

If you have other questions, let me know.

chase Plus
15 2.1k 562 England
20 Feb 2008 7:10PM
I'm lost for words Patrick... !
This is so very beautiful & not a hint of danger Wink
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
20 Feb 2008 8:23PM
Thanks Janet. I almost went swimming when a container ship that could just barely fit under the 300 ft. deck of the bridge came by! Does that count?

brownsilent 14 7 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2008 8:45PM
rangerpaul 14 19 7 England
20 Feb 2008 9:11PM
Not surprised he liked it. It's an outstanding shot.
20 Feb 2008 10:53PM
paulstefan 16 509 1 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 1:23AM
Very nice. I like the story too Smile
Looking forward to catching up on Saturday
Cheers, Paul
Nettles 14 England
21 Feb 2008 8:24AM
Fabulous shot, love the colours and the bridge going into the mist.
Excellent composition and clarity, super image.
21 Feb 2008 10:29AM
Glorious image. One of the best bridge photos I've seen.
Hugeknot 16 1.2k 2 Iceland
21 Feb 2008 1:55PM
Wow Version #1
Wow version #2

Congrats on the permanent gig! I am sure you will sell many images.

p.s. I am sure Adams would have bought a DSLR!!
Assyrian 13 132 Scotland
21 Feb 2008 2:50PM
Brilliant on both counts!! Very interesting shots, great work!

jeanie Plus
17 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 4:11PM
Well done you for getting the eclipse. I am afraid to say I slept through the whole exciting episode.. and it was cloudy anyway here Sad

(just updating the black book with your last remark by the way! lol!)
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
21 Feb 2008 4:21PM
Thanks for stopping by for a look!

Yes, Ansel would probably have a scanning back and the whole lot!

I slept through it too Jeanie. Not much to do for that hour. Okay well I walked the beach, but I could have slept! lol....There was a remark, or just a bit of accurate recordkeeping for posterity's sake?

dathersmith 14 565 12 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 5:33PM
WOW two great images Patrick but #1 is particularly stunning, I can see why it is the gallery owners favourite. Congrats on that by the way, hope you get some good sales from it.

Chant57 Plus
15 395 3 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 5:48PM
Absolutely stunning image Patrick
Gaz_H 14 150 1 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 7:07PM
Unbelievably stunning in fact Patrick. Definately a firm favourite for me from all of your work. I love the light and tones, and that sky is just stunning.
mianby 14 12 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2008 8:43PM
fantastic captures Patrick

shortski 15 3 1 England
21 Feb 2008 10:50PM
Both are Absolutely gorgeous...jojo
thorn 16 124 2 Scotland
22 Feb 2008 1:46AM
HI Patrick,
whether it's done in digital or film it's breathetaking and outstanding and excellent work is excellent work,why be an inverted snob about things. There's plenty of room for both.take care,AnnSmile
22 Feb 2008 1:52AM
Absolutely stunning, Patrick. Breathtaking as always.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
22 Feb 2008 5:32AM
Thanks for taking a look!

I put the eclipse in the mods until I can process it properly.

I know what you mean Ann about snobs. The 8x10 group do not realize what is happening with digital. And it puts into jeopardy, the limited edition print, which is a major source of gallery income. So that is a threat!

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
22 Feb 2008 3:00PM
Oh, Annette, thanks for the award! I only saw it now. It is on a place on the page that is easy to miss.

MrsS 14 4.5k 18 England
22 Feb 2008 5:36PM
Bit of nice light there MrS Wink

(and I like the eclipse shot too!)

Fran xx

PS, sorry it took me soooooo long to pop-in, promise to be a regular visitor from now on! (whether I'm invited or not!!! Tongue)
Phil_Restan 15 280 9 England
22 Feb 2008 5:59PM
Exceptional, good luck with your new ventureSmile

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
22 Feb 2008 5:59PM
LOL Fran...
I would hide behind a lone tree, but you'd probably find it!
Actually I do wish I could go. Maybe someday!

Thanks Phil, I hope so too.

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
22 Feb 2008 8:37PM
Thanks for your award Tracy!

BillyGoatGruff 14 191 199 England
22 Feb 2008 8:58PM
Another magnificent capture, Patrick.
Not only do you have great technical expertise, but you also have a superb eye for composition. It's always a joy to see your work; thanks.
Dotrob 15 Wales
22 Feb 2008 9:53PM
Superb capture.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
23 Feb 2008 5:26AM
Thanks Bill and Dot!

rusmi 17 37 1 United Kingdom
23 Feb 2008 10:26AM
simply stunning, another terrific shot, well done!

baxster 13 England
23 Feb 2008 12:03PM
cant say much more,a stunning image.
georg 16 4 South Africa
23 Feb 2008 2:59PM
You are one of the people on my "favorite" list. Forgive me if I do not make a comment every time I vote on your photos. I am so busy with the flying lately that I just do not have the time to make a sensible comment. This does not mean that I just "click" to give you a vote. Now and then I may surprise you with a written contribution!! Regards.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
23 Feb 2008 3:59PM
Thanks Tom and Ian!

LOL Georg, don't worry. We are here to have fun and I like your arial shots so that is fine. Someday I'd like to try that!

Glostopcat 15 255 2 England
24 Feb 2008 8:27PM
A classic image Patrick, this is work of the very highest calibre. Congratulations on a well deserved double century
Pegon 15 78 1 England
24 Feb 2008 10:10PM
Fantastic work Patrick, it's a beauty.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
25 Feb 2008 5:12PM
Thanks Edmund and Pete!

I've uploaded a V3 for your entertainment.....

Nigel_95 Plus
15 262 2 United Kingdom
27 Feb 2008 9:07PM
Good news on the gallery front Patrick, I wish you well. The main image is sublime, and I let out an expletive as I viewed number 3, (good proof that you do get bad weather).

TyChee Plus
16 275 1 United States
29 Feb 2008 4:19AM
Amazing set of images.
exposure Plus
17 6.0k United Kingdom
29 Feb 2008 11:50PM
Just Beautiful.
scott_jessuk 15 249 1 Scotland
2 Mar 2008 6:12PM
I thought I had commented on this already but it looks like I didn't so here I go. Really nice Patrick, great colours and great light, no 3 looks like you would have gotten a little bit wet.

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
3 Mar 2008 3:08PM
Thanks Ty and Pauline!

LOL Nigel, you dont' want to knwo what I 'let out!' I'm putting it up for real today.

Um... definitely Scott!

tripodted 15 32 1 Northern Ireland
4 Mar 2008 12:31PM
Another masterpiece. I just love the way the bridge disappears into the mist and the colours in the sky are beautiful.
I also like the effect of the long exposure on the moon in #2.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
5 Mar 2008 4:55PM
Thanks! I liked that effect too, though I didn't know how it would look at first.

kinfatric 16 550 9 Scotland
5 Mar 2008 9:15PM
amazing images
ChiliMan 14 135 17 Singapore
6 Mar 2008 8:07AM
Holysh...this is outrageously stunning, Patrick. Vs 2 and 3 as well!!

Can prints actually sell for a 100 G's??

Back to V2...that's really something. You're probably the ONLY person with that shot, dude.

PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
6 Mar 2008 2:51PM
Thanks Kin and Andrew!

And thanks Ty and MadTrace for the awards. I didn't see them until now!

Portknockie 16 48 Scotland
6 Mar 2008 10:20PM
Hope it goes well for you...Great shot with superb light and colour tones...

norm63 13 United States
7 Mar 2008 1:30AM
Very beautiful and stunning. Raiders side or Niners side of Bay.
PatrickSmith 16 1.2k 2 United States
7 Mar 2008 2:00PM
Thanks Don!

Raiders side. Allthough these days with neither team doing well, it doesn't matter!

evelen 16 5 England
8 Mar 2008 3:52PM
stunning shot.
9 Mar 2008 9:04AM
lovely shot