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By pptbudi
Abstract shot about life questions that always asked to ourselves

Tags: Cup Hand Coffee Low light Specialist and abstract Fabric Table top Shilouette

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Squirrel 14 471 7 England
29 Feb 2016 10:48PM

Interesting image.
Is it a black Q in the centre of the image or the top of a lamp. (I can see the time weary detective hitting the desk with his hand in frustration. The suspect won't confess..........the crumpled paper is the confession that he won't sign.)
If it is the Q of the question - would a little bit of detail in the black help? I don't know.
The watch ..a question of time.? The wood grain on the right has a hint of a face with an upturned mouth.
Would it be better with the arm coming from the left corner leading the viewer not the image? How about extending the paper at the top round to the top third of the right side forcing the eye back into the image. I don't know
What I do know is that the image asks a lot of questions and is open to different interpretation. Well done
paulbroad 13 131 1290 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2016 8:20AM
Doesn't work for me I fear. I fail to see your title. The black object is just that, a black object. What is it? Is that what we are supposed to wonder about?

mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.5k 2345 United Kingdom
1 Mar 2016 9:00AM
I think I understand what you are trying to do here, the hand is attempting to grasp the Q (for Question), but disappearing into its black hole, unable to contain it.

It's conceptual photography, which I will admit generally fails for me, for a particular reason. It's a genre which sets out with a Big Idea and tries to visualise it. The result tends to be rather dictatorial in that it tells us how to interpret. Photography only really works for me when it takes the opposite approach.- seeing the image and then allowing the viewer the freedom (and responsibility) to interpret it as they wish.

In other words you are telling us what we should see. There's a big chunk of me that resents that...

Can I suggest an alternative approach, using your technique and basic idea here? Rotate the hand so that the tail of the Q is away from the palm and thumb, and have the hand grasp the letter but covering the edge rather than being obliterated by it. Does that make sense? To me this would carry more ambiguity.

Well done for trying something different. It has made my brain work, which it's not accustomed to doing this early in the day!
pptbudi 4 6 Indonesia
1 Mar 2016 9:37AM
Thank you very much for all the comments, I deeply appreciate it,

Yes true the picture speak for itself and you almost saw what I want to represent in this picture Squirrel 😊.

And that's the point Paul about this pictures 😊.

And it's a conceptual picture like you said Moira, I'd like to see how people Interpret it in their own vision, for me this picture show a lesson from life.

Yes perhaps it isn't working to some people and I'm completely understand about that.

What's should be questioning about if thing already clear right ?
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4201 Canada
1 Mar 2016 12:49PM
Crop that material away at the top.


pablophotographer 9 1.8k 395
1 Mar 2016 1:16PM
Hi, I must say you are quite adventurous trying this with your phone. I am with Squirel and banehawi here. I appreciate it visually as it is within its square freme. Tension? Hmm, might be there, Interrogation? Only if I see a paper and a pen rather than a tablecloth(?) on top of the frame. Somewhere here my advice would be like banehawi's crop the cloth, yet to keep it perfectly symetric you would need to substact this amount of space from all other three sides. If you want to playaround the interrogation theme I would advise to wear a well ironed long sleve shirt (blueish if your policemen wear blue shirts). Regards,
pptbudi 4 6 Indonesia
1 Mar 2016 3:16PM
Thank you all for the modification and the input, I deeply appreciate it, but I'm sorry this time I will not agree with all of you about the modification, I'd rather to keep it pure and untouched because I try to interact and read people minds about the essence of the picture I take.

About the silhouette cup that's is one important massage I try to put, so people can imagine what in it with their own vision, it's about fear, unconscious, people or else that making people completely frustrated (hand) in life (wood).

The table clothes not to clear it's represent for the dream (future), watch is represent for this time, and the light is represent for something clear in front of you.

So which question you want to ask, it's all up to you and the real answer actually is front of you know and you can answer it, but sometime people seek the answer by the table clothes and forgot the cup.

"we can only plan or dream about future 'n we already done by the past, cherish, enjoy and do the best for what in front of you now at this moments, the past already pass and the future is life mistery for us to revealed,,,"

Thank you Wille and Pablophotographer, thank you all,

Best Regards,
banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4201 Canada
1 Mar 2016 4:29PM
Thanks for you feedback Budi, its very welcome


dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1777 England
1 Mar 2016 11:08PM

I'm with Moira here: a picture like this needs to stand on its own, and if the meaning you place on it is very specific, and not fairly obvious, it doesn't work, really.

What I see is a neat visual trick - shooting a reading lamp from directly above. I'd have wanted to get the arc of my thumb and finger exactly round the edge of the lamp, betraying some sort of obsessive-compulsive tendency...

The alternatives, as I see it are:

1 illustrate something very literally;
2 explain what it means in detail with a caption; or
3 allow others to see what they wish in the picture, rather than telling them what to see (or expecting them to understand).

This is odd, looking back at it: I'm a pretty literal sort of person (lamp from above: it's what it is...), but I am arguing for not being too literal. I must, at the age of 62, be emerging from my teens.
pablophotographer 9 1.8k 395
1 Mar 2016 11:44PM
PPTbudi, my experience says that a psychologist when is about to make a research does not reveal the true purpose of the study which is about to make in case this affects the reaction of the subjects towards it. We all have bias and different backgrounds and some more or less ability to grasp abstract ideas or metaphors. The community is friendly but the exposure of a picture in this platform especially at the critique gallery is limited. Keep that in mind
pptbudi 4 6 Indonesia
2 Mar 2016 5:44AM
Thank you very much Pablo and Dudler 😊😊😊,

For the caption it's totally great, I will do that.

It's not a headlamp, the light I put under the cup, so that the cup silhouette came from actually 😊.

Yes Pablophotographer I'm completely agree with you and truly understand thank you very much, that's why people said a picture paint a thousand words.

Thank you very much all, I deeply appreciate it.

Oh if I may ask, this picture won on VS Mode, I have it on the buzz, what's that mean and how can I see that.


mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.5k 2345 United Kingdom
2 Mar 2016 8:30AM

Quote:if the meaning you place on it is very specific, and not fairly obvious, it doesn't work, really.

Beautifully expressed by John, this really gets to the heart of the problem.
pptbudi 4 6 Indonesia
3 Mar 2016 6:21AM
Thank you Moira, the caption explanation will be chosen as Dudler said, thank you 😊
TanyaH Plus
17 1.3k 409 United Kingdom
3 Mar 2016 2:15PM
Budi, may I respectfully suggest that with an image like this one, where you are questioning life's big mysteries and suchlike ... put it into the main gallery instead of the critique gallery.

In the main gallery, your success in putting across your message will be borne out by the numbers of votes and/or comments the image receives. If you don't get many votes or comments, then it's probably safe to assume that the image has failed to deliver what you wanted it to.

If you get tons of votes and comments, then again probably safe to assume that your image has opened people's minds to those 'eureka' moments that occasionally drop into the brain after a visual prompt like this ...

Images which question the existential nature of life, the universe and everything in between are, in fairness, pretty hard to critique - particularly if you don't actually want anyone to change it (i.e. do a mod)!! Mods are, after all, one of the lynchpins of the critique gallery Grin

But, for what it's worth, I like the image. I even like the material at the top and the concept of what it represents to you. If no one ever made that mental leap between cause and effect, then numerous people in our history would have been seen as just nutters, instead of visionaries ...

pptbudi 4 6 Indonesia
4 Mar 2016 6:53PM
Thank you very much Tanya, it's possible to do that ? or I should reupload the image or do it on edit ?

wow, I'm very glad you like this, I do really appreciate it 😊.

Best Regards
dudler Plus
17 1.4k 1777 England
5 Mar 2016 6:38AM
If you want to have this image in the main Gallery, you will have to post it again: you can either go for votes or critique, but not both.

When you post, you either have a tick in the 'Critique' box or not, and that determines where the picture goes, and how people can react to it (by voting or by giving critique).
pptbudi 4 6 Indonesia
19 May 2016 3:52PM

Quote:If you want to have this image in the main Gallery, you will have to post it again: you can either go for votes or critique, but not both.

When you post, you either have a tick in the 'Critique' box or not, and that determines where the picture goes, and how people can react to it (by voting or by giving critique).

Thank you Dudler, Yup I just understand little bit how this site is works now, but all the image already lost my phone accidentally reset to factory setting and all the picture is there, start again from the beginning.


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