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Quiet mooring

By Ffynnoncadno  
lovely early morning light

Tags: Canal boat Landscape and travel Early morning light

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dudler Plus
18 1.7k 1884 England
20 Oct 2020 5:27PM
Welcome to the Critique Gallery, John.

No votes or awards, but you'll get thoughtful feedback on your image. And the more that you can tell us, the more we can help you. That's why we ask for full EXIF (thank you) and also for something about your intentions and your feelings about the result. So, in order to facilitate that, a few questions...

What is your reason for requesting critique?
What inspired you to take this photo?
What were you hoping to achieve?
Do you feel that you succeeded or failed?
Are there any specific elements of your photo that you want help with?
Do you want advice on camera settings, processing, composition, or something else?
Do you have any particular questions you would like answered?

Without that data, it's only possible to offer limited comments - I'd say this is rather good, atmospheric. The technical side seems sound: I might have chosen a different mode and slightly different settings, but there's nothing at all that's not right about what you've used. There are a few real but possibly-distracting bits of debris in the water which I'd consider cloning out, and the flag, or whatever it is on the top of the mast is annoyingly large. And the figure may be the start of a story...

Over to you.
20 Oct 2020 6:01PM
I like this a lot.

I've darkened the sky a little, to put some tone into it... but I've removed a lot of it because it isn't needed ( RULE: If you don't need it, get rid of it if possible. That's the main photographic "Rule," possibly the only one, that you actually need to follow ).
He looks like he's enjoying the view, but there's nothing of interest in the sky so he probably isn't looking at it... so why should we?

Nice shot though.

Chinga Plus
11 3 2 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2020 6:34PM
I love the mood and the outstanding look. Well seen and I wouldn't change a thing...
Isabel GrinGrin
pamelajean Plus
15 1.6k 2238 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2020 7:53PM
Hello, John, and welcome to the Critique Gallery.

Apart from a few minor suggestions that I have, I see this as a well taken image that has a lot of misty atmosphere, some nice reflections, some human interest and a good composition, with your main subjects offset to the right, and the atmospheric scenery showing on the left. It's an attractive early morning image, well worth rising early to capture.

So, I am asking myself what you would like from the Critique Gallery because I think this would do well in the main Photo Gallery. John has asked some important questions, and these will help us to help you, but in the meantime I have done a modification.

I cropped to eliminate some of the "dead" space either side, and to place the man on a thirds line. I also darkened the man's reflection because I particularly liked that.
I added canvas to the bottom and roughly added the rest of the boat reflection because, as it is, it looks cut off and unsatisfactory.
I removed some of the bits and pieces floating on the water, and filled in the white sky space that remained in the top right after my crop, as it pulled the eye.
As an afterthought, I did another modification with a bit of saturation on the small areas of colour within the scene, the pink in the sky and its reflection, and the gold between the trees.

You can view modifications by using the blue "Modifications" option below your image, then clicking on the numbers there.

dark_lord Plus
17 2.9k 786 England
20 Oct 2020 8:55PM
Welcome from me too.

It's a very nice shot.
I do prefer the slightly tighter crop in the mods, it concentrates attention on the important elements, and I like the extra bit added by Pamela at the bottom. The composition looks less cramped with the bit of breathing space around the boat's reflection. Indeed eeing the complete reflection is more relaxing, as it's a relaxing scene. A small point but worth noting.

Those are the only quibbles as such that I have and I agree it should do well in the main Gallery, and with those tweaks even an award or two.

But we would like to hear your thoughts too.
banehawi Plus
17 2.6k 4274 Canada
20 Oct 2020 8:56PM
Its a nice scene.

Its all been said really, so I uploaded mod4 with a crop, warmer tone, lowered some highlights, lifted some shadow here and there, added a little saturation.


Owdman Plus
5 6 24 United Kingdom
20 Oct 2020 10:09PM
I agree with many of the comments above, nice scene which I felt would look good in monochrome, particularly with the mist and the silhouette of the man. I tried to tone down the barge on the right hand side which I felt was a bit too bright and cropped the final image. Unfortunately the quality of the download doesn't really help when editing in Photoshop.
pablophotographer 10 1.9k 414
21 Oct 2020 1:15AM

It may sound really odd but hey no one else asked this. I suppose this is because they see the world with two eyes, like most fortunate people do.

It is very funny, I keep both of my eyes open when I look through the viewfinder of my camera, but I can see only through one. The one that looks through the lens.
You have fully capable people closing their one eye when they look through the eyepiece, I think it's mad. Who likes to see less of this world?

I owe you a question. So let me ask it now. What is your main subject? Is it the width of this river and its banks? Is it the two boats? The person in the mist? The tall tree on the right? You mention the light on your narrative. There is no bigger or luckier object in this frame than the gleaming boat on the front bathing in light and shining of joy.

I have been for ever and ever to convince people that inside a frame the first thing we will notice is the brightest point/or the most striking contrast. Still some people think that people read a single frame left to right.

So I will be on the same boat or raft or deck with you. That shiny boat stays in the frame. But because I see this scene with my glass eye (the lens) and I check the real world with my other eye I notice something that is left out from your horizontal frame. No, it is not nice blue sky above our heads and so-so high (one good reason for not doing a mono conversion, how often do you see a clear blue sky in Britain?) It is the tallest tree in the village, or.... just the frame. And I am really sorry that its tall proud figure did not make you feel a bit of guilt of leaving it out of your horizontal frame. Have a look into my picture of the frying pan, three egg whites and one yolk. And watch the youtube video if you like coffee. What you leave outside the frame is as important as what you keep in it.

Study the scene as your wrist watch. Think of the hands extending to a quarter to three. are you still excited with that horizontal image? Think now of the hands at 6 o'clock. Absolutely vertical. Precisely. Exactly! Exciting times! All of the most interesting parts of this scenery line up there. The shiny boat, the other boat, the man, the mist behind him, the tall tree and its missing part and the blue skies and the reflections of all the above on the water. Beauty, doubled.

If only you had shot that vertically.
Have you?

chase Plus
16 2.3k 590 England
21 Oct 2020 12:08PM
I am late to this and you have some good advice / modifications here.
Without further information as to your intent, I have added a modification on the image as I see it.
I do like the scene you have captured and the silhouette of the gent.The reflections are lovely.
In my mod, I cropped from the top, even further than Alans mod, added a little warmth and removed some of the dark floating debris on the water.
I added a little brightness and contrast in Photoshop.
I do like the B&W mod too.
clevercloggs Plus
17 251 15 Netherlands
14 Nov 2020 1:40PM
Talking about being late to the party!! Grin
i assume you were going for the mood of the image, and that is fine, especially when you view the image large.
The niggle i have is that the houseboat on the right draws all the attention due to the fact that it is the brightest element in the photo.
it is one of the basic rules in photography that the eye is drawn to bright objects first, just as sharp areas are seen before blurred ones.

the houseboat is also completely on one side of the image, stealing away the attention from the rest of the image. i saw a black & white version in the mods. That does not make it a better image. The bright houseboat is still dominant. Another mod crops the trees on the left hands side. i don't mind either way; with or with out these trees.
My guess is that you wanted to capture the mood across the full width of the stream. Which i think you did manage to do but would ask to tone down the houseboat to make it into a more balanced image.

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