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Resting point...

By NDODS    
Photographing in dappled light and in shadows has always proven to be somewhat difficult. I have tried various techniques over the years and in all fairness I have yet to find a technique which will provide me with a well balanced exposure in which I can say that I am pleased with.

Todays upload is being thrown at those ePz members whom are vastly more experienced than I, in a hope that you or they will point me in the right direction and hopefully towards success.

Thank you for all your great comments and votes following yesterdays upload 'Making a Call' which was captured in Paris many moons ago.

I hope that you all have a great day, for me a rather quiet affair with Julie and Kizmet.

Regards as always Nathan

Tags: Woods Seating Resting Dappled light Landscape and travel

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CarolG 14 199 20 Greece
16 Mar 2013 9:23AM
Wonderful shadows, Nathan, and a great title, a beautiful place to rest awhile. Carol
16 Mar 2013 9:23AM
Beautiful scene Nathan, like the strong shadows,
nonur 12 18 13 Turkey
16 Mar 2013 9:26AM
Love the dappled sunlight and shadows, a lovely and cosy resting place. Wonderful capture, Nathan.
16 Mar 2013 9:33AM
This is a lovely picture. I think you have captured the peace of it beautifully. Love the contrast of light & shade.
Hermanus 8 4 South Africa
16 Mar 2013 9:36AM
No pointers from this side Nathan - I am light years behind you in this field Smile A lovely and peaceful image and one which I enjoy looking at Smile
achieverswales 10 8 101 Wales
16 Mar 2013 9:38AM
To be honest Nathan! There is nothing wrong with this, it is exposed in my opinion just right, no burn out in the highlight regions and detail in the shadows, excellent capture my friend.

Have a good weekend.


16 Mar 2013 9:43AM
A great image of very restful looking place, Nathan.
It is tricky taking shots with inconsistent lighting.
Maybe experiment with + or and - on the exposure compensation.
I'd, maybe, set the exposure for the highlights and then lighten shadows when processing the image.
Just a thought!
Have a good day.

johnke Plus
8 223 16 England
16 Mar 2013 9:44AM
You have obviously captured the mood that you were looking for and that's terrific shadow and light is always a winner in this field. The basic rules as I am sure you are aware. Keep the sun behind you and get up early....Or stay in bed all day and get up as the sun goes down. Some break the rules sometime with dire results and some survive. The feeling is if you are happy Nathan then it must be good..John
16 Mar 2013 9:51AM
Quite a nice photo on its own. You can try to "warm " up the picture .I am no expert in landscape
but it is possiblle to do it in small incremants in Canon until you get yhe desired effect. I hope it is somewhat helpful and i think it is worth a try.
lonely_oryx 13 61 55 England
16 Mar 2013 9:52AM
For this sort of shot I always set the camera to manual and expose for the light. I tend to bring back the detail in any darker areas a tad in PS. But only a tad. I also try to exclude the sky as this can take the eye and usually does not fit in with the mood I am trying to create.
dudler Plus
17 1.5k 1812 England
16 Mar 2013 10:04AM
It works here pretty well!

I remember trying to cope on slide film by downrating to reduce contrast: and I suppose this is a really good kind of shot to use HDR on (though I lack the technical ability and interest to do it myself...)

Good result, Nathan!
Jenny-D 11 1 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 10:09AM
A lovely peaceful image with perfect light and shadows, very nice Nathan.
Jenny Smile
Brian65 11 2 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 10:14AM
Looks a lovely walk, great shot Nathan.
Lillian Plus
11 23 17 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 10:32AM
No advice from me ..sorry Nathan
but can say an enjoyable image and strong shadows
TrevBatWCC Plus
12 13 17 England
16 Mar 2013 10:33AM
Lovely scene, and wonderful dapplied light, Nathan, couldn't do better than this, so can't offer any tips, other than trying HDR!
Trev Smile
16 Mar 2013 10:36AM
a well taken peaceful spot ,well done.

xwang 11 56 8
16 Mar 2013 10:42AM
I think that you've done well. In the strong contrast light condition, I sometimes do bracketing, and see what I can do on the computer...if you don't like HDR or merge them together, you may have to find out how many stops your camera can handle, that means you can 'bring' it back (the shadows). Every camera is different..
morpheus1955 14 3 2 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 11:00AM
Looks pretty well spot on to me Nathan, I would be more than happy with this lovely image.

EAS 11 1 13 Scotland
16 Mar 2013 11:09AM
Would be more than happy with this myself. Such a peaceful, pretty look.

andylea 12 37 1 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 11:18AM
great comp nathan wonderful light and shadows works for me Smile a cracker nice one Wink
Jasper87 Plus
11 2.6k 158 England
16 Mar 2013 11:28AM
Can't really add to the above, Nathan. I (try) to expose for the highlights in my low light images, then bring back a little detail in PS. I don't think your image needs anything changing at all, the highlights are not blown and the shadows give an excellent dappled effect and texture to the image. If the shadows were lighter I think you would lose this effect. It's always worth bracketing your exposures and going with the best aesthetic effect. If you want more detail throughout you're venturing into the world of HDR and not necessarily for the better.

Irishkate Plus
10 44 119 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 12:08PM
Dappled light is wonderful however you do it - as this image portrays.
Nevertheless the advice of the experts is always of interest.
16 Mar 2013 12:17PM
for me there is nothing wrong with this Nathan the balance is fine and it is a fine image

Mike43 9 233 21 England
16 Mar 2013 12:48PM
For me it as all been said above, so if I had to find a neg-com then it would be you have a lovely lead in to the Park Bench but then nothing (Remember Rod Steward singing Every Picture Tells a Story) you mentioned your photo from yesterday great photo great story.
Have uploaded a mod with a bit warmer feel and a small chop to the bottom but apart from that it is no better then yours.
Keep on clicking.
ChiliMan 14 135 17 Singapore
16 Mar 2013 12:50PM
This looks very good to me, Nathan. Nothing looks over- or underexposed and the colours are spot-on!

mrswoolybill Plus
14 2.7k 2376 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 1:03PM
The light and shadows look fine to me - there's good detail visible in both areas. The main problem here for me is purple fringing in the sky visible between the trees - you could try reducing saturation on Magenta, that can sometimes help though it's not something that I have to deal with often being a non-landscaper!
Mrsbass 8 2 1 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 1:23PM
Gorgeous cool shade in the tress - it looks so inviting Nathan, I really like this shot.
16 Mar 2013 1:38PM
An enchanted Forest from a Fairy Tale here Nathan, and a I bet it has a Story or two to tell.

John Smile
Meheecho 8 275 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 2:16PM
Technically no advice on my part but jut to say it's a cracking image and dappled light is dappled light !!!GrinGrinGrin
franken Plus
18 5.2k 4 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 2:53PM
Lovely image Nathan, it works for me.

myrab 14 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 3:16PM
I think you have captured this just right,
A very peaceful image.

banehawi Plus
16 2.4k 4218 Canada
16 Mar 2013 3:33PM
You are not alone in this Nathan. Dappled light presents a challenge for everyone. In this shot, at least you dont have a person in the frame to make it more complicated. The camera seems to have dome a good job under manula control balancing light and dark.

The advice I can come up with for dappled light is: Avoid it; if you cant, then bracket exposures; if you cant then avoid it.

Mod loaded also, - nothing to do with dappled light, perhaps white balance as the tree on the left, its an odd colour, so I reduce saturation based on the intensity of the blue in the sjy, and reduce blue and cyan based on my own judgement.


pamelajean Plus
15 1.5k 2202 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 3:53PM
This type of image is very attractive, Nathan, but the problem is that you are standing in shade and trying to shoot totally contrasting light.
Most people seem to think that this image looks fine, and I am wondering if you agree with them.
It seems to me that you have already found good settings for a scene such as this. However, I would suggest doing a bit of editing, as I feel it is a bit dark. Far better to end up with a dark picture, though, instead of one with blown highlights, then you can lift it in editing.
I see that you used 400 ISO. Did you consider some positive Exposure Compensation? That's what I would have done, and I'd also have used a polarizing filter.
The bit of blue sky at the top is a bit distracting because it's so bright, and avoiding sky like this can prove beneficial.
I can see a little bench quite deep in the image, which would have been a perfect focal point if it were nearer and larger.
In my modification, I firstly brightened the image, then reduced the highlights. The deep shadow areas now have some detail and the highlights haven't changed (I can also see your little bench much better). I feel that there is much more detail now visible, especially in the trees. I covered the blue sky areas with foliage and instead of using Levels to add contrast, I used "Clarify" in PSP because it leaves the highlights as they are.
Do you think it's now too bright? Have I spoilt the atmosphere? I've been asking myself these questions.
By the way, there is a very strange-looking bush/tree on the right side, just behind the foreground one. It looks "fuzzy", almost as if it was moving and is out of focus. Just curious.
PS: I've just seen Willie's comment. I was typing this when he made it.
16 Mar 2013 5:46PM
Beautiful scene
fificat100 9 5 2 Scotland
16 Mar 2013 6:08PM
To me there's damn all wrong with this very pretty scene, Nathan. I love the nice play of light and shadow and I'd be very happy if it was my shot SmileSmileSmile

paulbroad 13 131 1293 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 6:14PM
What a lot of comments. Why don't we get this on every image?

There is some kind of strange effect centre right, possibly the result of cloning, but a mushy blurred area?

A nice scene in general and actually very well handled. Dappled lighting can look very nice, but there is just one way to deal with oit. Expose for the highlight areas and then work on the shadows with the dodge tool. No real choice.

1881 9 India
16 Mar 2013 6:28PM
First class shot.

Mike_Smith Plus
13 723 1 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 6:38PM
Lovely scene Nathan
Gypsyman 10 690 England
16 Mar 2013 6:57PM
Nathan. Wish I had been with you, you could have shown me how to do it. Eric.
canonfan 10 7 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 7:26PM
I think this is a lovely scene Nathan. You have been give some good advice on this one. I usually stay away from this type of lighting
netta1234 9 382 2 Wales
16 Mar 2013 7:54PM
A lovely scene NathenSmile
mooreish 8 2 United Kingdom
16 Mar 2013 8:48PM
The exposure is great, I've tried these shots before and not easy, well done
A peaceful spot with good shadow creating an excellent capture.
Well done Nathan. WesternRed.
avacreates 9 448 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2013 3:19AM
Interesting image and question Nathan - glad you asked because I learned from it Grin
I was going to write that I loved your image and thought you had done an excellent job because the light and shadow does is not so strong as to take away the viewers attention from the overall atmosphere of the image - I still feel that way, however, I did like Gypsyman's mod because it is only very slightly lightened so as not to decrease the atmosphere from your image. In the end it is about perception - isn't it?

I took an image of 3 small tree trunks laying together because the colours in each were magnificent and blended wonderfully together - unfortunately I did not notice the shadows in my camera LCD screen - I had thought I had taken an excellent image in my way of thinking until I loaded it onto my computer - I was so upset because the contrast between the shadows and light completely wrecked my image.

Wishing you wellness Nathan Grin
Glostopcat 14 255 2 England
17 Mar 2013 3:17PM
Superb light and shadows in this peaceful scene and some good advice given above from your fellow epz members
ali63 9 790 1 United Kingdom
17 Mar 2013 5:04PM
Great image Nathan,

sparrowhawk Plus
12 282 2 United Kingdom
18 Mar 2013 9:15PM
wonderful shot one thing i have noticed is you used centre weighted exposure what aout trying matrix or patern that way it takes a reading from all over the scene !
LexEquine 14 1 19 United States
19 Mar 2013 6:02PM
'Lovely color scenic Landscape Image' ~ Peter
Nikonuser1 Plus
8 166 16 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2013 10:16PM
Nice image, like the shadows, well captured.( I have 1 thing to add on the R/H/S the tree seems to have a blurred or O/O/F area, and my eye tends to be pulled to it, if a tripod was not used may I suggest useing one, you would then be able to increase your D/O/F. I am with sparrowhawk, the matrix metering would in my opinion be better, or do as I quite often do, spot meter from the brightest and darkest areas of the image and then average the readings. Or try HDR. I hope this has helped, and is just MHOP.)


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