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lucrezia 17 90 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2004 6:59PM
Another very nice photo of this little girl. How are you getting these distinctive colors? De-saturating? "Overpainting" on a color layer? It gives an especially luminous quality ot her hair!
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
8 Feb 2004 7:03PM
this image is pretty much as is, with no real software manipulation, I guess its the e20 Olympus and some cheap head light from jessops, and the frame in psp, took all of about 10 seconds (the frame that is).
Or it might be bleached from the sun as we lived in Mallorca for two years and she is only 4, she is my princess.
thank you for your kind words Smile
Pete 20 18.8k 97 England
8 Feb 2004 7:25PM
Superb portrait!
lucrezia 17 90 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2004 7:37PM
Congrats on the EC!
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
8 Feb 2004 8:32PM
Lucrezia I never knew I had another EC untill your comment, I thought no it cant be I have only just put this picture up, but hey what do you know, number two YIPEE I cant believe it, thank you both for your comments, it certainly put a big smile on my face.
SuziBlue 18 16.2k 10 Scotland
8 Feb 2004 9:43PM
Tony this is just delightful. I can remember it! that 'tsk do I HAVE to go to skooooool' look .. wonderful. It's a lovely combination of imp and princess Grin I bet you're so proud of her.

And congrats on the EC!!!!! you deserve it Grin
brian1208 18 11.8k 12 United Kingdom
8 Feb 2004 9:43PM
Good work Tony, that's two of us with big grins tonight! Portraiture is one skill I do not have, but I can recognise and admire the skill of others who have.

Well done,

ukuwi 17 476 1 England
8 Feb 2004 10:02PM
Not sure if I do yet brian, as I have just started with this photography thing, One thing I will say is, if I keep getting nice comments from people such as yourself and all the people that have said nice things about my work, I will keep going and hopefully it will get better, there are so many inspirational portfolios on here to keep me motivated, many thanks everyone
brian13 17 218
8 Feb 2004 10:26PM
Brand new or not Tony, good work, the only way is up from here.
Very well done and congratulations.
The other Brian.
imrog 17 16
8 Feb 2004 10:28PM
Wonderful expression and brilliantly captured. Superb.

afyfe 17 270
9 Feb 2004 12:54AM
just seen this. its well pretty damn nice, sharp, good background, great lighting and a nice frame. good work on it Smile click
Paddy 18 254 8 England
9 Feb 2004 6:59AM
excellent love it .. SmileP
tigertot 18 36 England
9 Feb 2004 7:33AM
What a lovely little model she is! Well done on the EC, great portfolio.
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
9 Feb 2004 8:03AM
So many thanks to all have you who have made comments on this photo, you really are too kind, I just wish I had my camera set on a higher setting as the original file size is only about 200k. I was just playing with the setup, you know test shots and out come this expression, so lucky shot more than skill, I never bought her school photo, so doubly lucky I guess.
Isnt this site great and that Ed what a nice bloke (creep creep) he heSmile
Gary_Williams 17 38 3 United Kingdom
9 Feb 2004 8:03AM
Great image, well captured. Love the lighting.
flossie 18 1.6k
9 Feb 2004 11:48AM
You're showing off now!

I'm just jealous, well done, another great picture.
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
9 Feb 2004 12:01PM
Hi Anne, what can I say, I think the word lucky comes to mind, but being lucky is something I have had to grow up with and I am not joking, but it works for me, I must of been a nice person in a former life, Photo of the week would have been nice (ha ha) but thats pushing my luck a bit too far. and where is your latest photo, I have looked.
flossie 18 1.6k
9 Feb 2004 3:43PM
Coming up Tony but I wouldn't hold your breath, my camera conked out at the weekend (talking about luck ...I could do with some of yours) so I'm having to dig through some old stuff. My scanner isn't up to much so it will probably be another flower, just as I was going to do something different as well.
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
9 Feb 2004 3:52PM
I know what you mean, my portfolio is getting filled with family photos, bar my plum soup and now a picture of the sky from my back garden (how boring)I wandered about the house this morning taking pictures of plants and flowers and all sorts of rubish, think I need some inspiration, maybe we should set each other a chalenge, something diferent than we normally do, IE: no people for me and no flowers for you, what do you think, up for the chalenge?
starman1 18 61 United States
9 Feb 2004 4:08PM
Hi Tony!

Another EC!!!

Either you're bribing the Ed. or you're really a professional that's conned us into thinking you're an amatuer.
(wink wink, nudge nudge) (;-P

Anyway, I love the expression you've captured. It speaks volumes!

ukuwi 17 476 1 England
9 Feb 2004 4:09PM
whoops I forgot your camera conked out over the weekend, did it run out of petrol. sorry I should'nt joke, whats wrong with it? is it an easy fix or is it time to think about a start of the art pro slr that you would need to remortgage for, hope its alright, this sites needs needs you Anne
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
9 Feb 2004 4:16PM
Hey Dewey you never clicked, thanks for the congratulations, OK Dewey the secrets out, Ed is my brother, I think maybe I have peaked to early, look at the crap I put up today, and that was the third image I posted today, you should have seen the other two.oh yeah Ed not really my bro I was kidding about that bit, I think its because last week I said that Ed did not like portraits as there was not any in the EC section, and then like magic he picked two of mine, hey I am not complaining. All joking apart it does make you try to raise your standard on here which is not easy with so many brilliant photo's everyday.
starman1 18 61 United States
9 Feb 2004 4:24PM
As I was trying to add the reply, I had two teachers, a truck driver and the UPS driver all come into the office at the same time.
Too many work distractions taking me away from the site!
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
9 Feb 2004 4:27PM
Dewey what are these people like, dont they realise that you should not be disturbed when your on this site, maybe you should put a sign up or something, what do you do in your office apart from spend your days on here?
starman1 18 61 United States
9 Feb 2004 5:10PM
Govmint job, as little as possible......

All kidding aside, I'm a senior storekeeper at our county school district warehouse. We have a 142,000 sq. ft. facility. I assist with scheduling deliveries to the 70 public schools in our county and for deliveries to the warehouse. I insure product received is stowed in its assigned location, receiving reports are filled out accurately, and forward paperwork to data clerks so product can be added to warehouse inventory. The products we carry are typical office/classroom supplies, custodial cleaning supplies, maintenance supplies(hardware, office machine repair parts, locksmith parts, electrical and heating/ventilation parts, etc) cafeteria supplies, canned food, dry food and frozen food. (The freezer is 10,000 sq.ft. and kept at -16 f) We also handle various commodities that are ordered by the schools. Today is actually quieter than normal as I usually only get to upload at the 9 o'clock break, make comments during lunch and 2 o'clock break. Tomorrow will probably be a nightmare.......
flossie 18 1.6k
10 Feb 2004 11:12AM
That's a great idea Tony ...when I get my camera back, shop had to send it to Canon, electrical problem.
It would make a good forum topic, setting each other challenges, in fact it's a really good idea, do you think we should put it to everyone?

Dewey, when do you find time to take any pictures?
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
10 Feb 2004 11:34AM
The reason I like it as it makes you put that bit of extra effort into your work, as you will want to produce a reasonable effort, I think that it would give us the chance to learn from each other how we went about setting up the shot etc, this is all very scary for me, but hey it does you good to be scared now and again, and of course no reason why anyone else can accept the challenge, its a bit of fun with a creative edge, we maybe over a period of time could do say a still life, a portrait, a landscape, or whatever people suggest. A forum would be a good place to get this idea off the ground, I would like to wait until you have your camera back before we start the forum a you have so much enthusiasm. and yeah Dewey where do you find the time to take picures and can you take one of all the items at work, (that will keep him busy)
flossie 18 1.6k
10 Feb 2004 2:28PM
Lol Tony, yeah that's your challenge Dewey - take pictures of all the things on your warehouse inventory. We'll expect the results by 2009!
starman1 18 61 United States
10 Feb 2004 9:36PM
All the things in inventory by 2009!?! I don't think so!(There's over 3000 items just in the office and custodial supplies!!!)

I knew today was going to be a nightmare....

I'll get a couple of the facility and I'll have to see about catching the storekeepers unawares.......

My problem isn't finding time to take photos, it's finding time to sleep........
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
10 Feb 2004 9:45PM
Ok Dewey I too think thats a bit of a tall order I really dont know where Anne got that silly idea from, dont worry if your not done by 2010, lets face it you can only post one photo a day on here anyway. so lets just take it one day at a time and see how we go, expect the first one tomorrow, Good luck Dewey you are a brave man for taking on this chalenge, but we are proud on you on here so dont let the side down. very best of luck
tmoore 17 3
10 Feb 2004 11:35PM
For a beginner, you certainly have a grasp of lighting techinque. I still can't get results like this.
Great work. Click!
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
10 Feb 2004 11:57PM
Hi Thomas, take one black sheet point a slave unit at it with a green filter on it at the sheet about two feet from the floor, then I took a head unit with brolly stood it next to me,. plugged in a sync leadabout two foot higher than her about ten feet away from her, and click, I was only trying the lights on the background and asked her to stand there while i did, and out came this pic, just luck really.
thanks for the comment
durlstonp 18 638 1 United Kingdom
12 Feb 2004 6:37PM
Lovely, almost etheral, lighting and a wonderful expression. Combined, they make this an enchanting 'school photo'. Good work!

ukuwi 17 476 1 England
12 Feb 2004 6:43PM
Thank you DP for your kind words, I oringally took this, as the school photo that came back left more than a little to be desired and it was a good chance to test out the lights.just wish I had the camera set to a higher res. oh well, smoe you win some you lose, I may post some more of this session as she has a few faces.
Mavis 19 143 2 England
13 Feb 2004 6:12AM
Wow!! this is great fun . A lovely portrait . Can remember my children and Grandchildren saying " Oh no!! not another one" Love the look on your Princess's face , it's priceless .Congratulations on the award . Your portraits are good . Smile)
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
13 Feb 2004 8:33AM
Thank you Mavis for your kind words, She is only 4 and its her first school, nice to keep the memories, Just looked through your potfolio, its exceptional, and 7 EC's, I think you have the knack to this photography, beautiful pictures.
Mavis 19 143 2 England
13 Feb 2004 11:12AM
Thank you Tony . Kind of you to spare the time to wade through my work .!! They have only recently introduced the click Smile) I think it's a great idea . Glad you like my work , when no one speaks on it you begin to doubt yourself. NOW it is a wonderful sunny morning so I have loads of tidying up to do in the garden .
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
13 Feb 2004 11:17AM
I often look at peoples profiles who have made comments as I feel that if there are producing top class work like yourself, then you know what you are talking about, I often get comments from people whose own work could take some of their own advice. your catalogue of work is simply stunning, you must be very proud.
IRaddict 18 34
8 Mar 2004 7:38PM
top class portrait Tony, the colours and sheen it has are tremendous well done.
BrianM 18 136 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2004 10:03PM
Most appealing. Couldn't quite work out what the look was saying, not that it matters, an excellent portrait.
tartanlady 17 58 Scotland
10 Mar 2004 4:43PM
I just love her expression, she has such an expressive face which you have captured perfectly. The colour is superb picking up the beautiful colour of her hair. The red cardigan and touch of red in her hair completes the portrait.
Well done.
P.S Congrats on the award, well deserved. Smile
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
10 Mar 2004 4:57PM
Thank you Steve, Brian and Louise, this was just one of those lucky pictures, just a shame the camera was set to its lowest res.

Many thanks to you all Smile
jaymeekae 18 23 United Kingdom
4 May 2004 1:12AM
very pretty portrait
ukuwi 17 476 1 England
5 May 2004 9:15PM
Thank you Amy for your nice comment, and I feel honoured that in nearly a year since you signed up to this site, my picture is the only comment that you have made, many thanks.
cowbag 17 1
7 Jun 2004 7:44PM
Great portrait, and a very sweet little girl! Smile Karolina
scotpics 17 23
18 Aug 2004 1:48PM
A lovely portrait. What an expression! She's gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as my niece Ava (but I'm biased).
starstriders 17 1.6k United Kingdom
7 Jan 2005 2:36PM
Classic shot. Sums up school for me!
funkeldink 17 1.6k 1 Australia
23 Sep 2005 6:46AM
never did click this
CherryMartin 13 10 United States
3 Jun 2008 3:25PM
this is fantastic. your pf is wonderful ;0)

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