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By xwang
Only last week when I went to the local camera club, I've learnt that the photographer is not allowed to alter the content of the image on "Travel Photos", apart from the basic changes such as dodge&burn, straighten..etc. Cloning and changing objects are not allowed. I always see my photos as the by-products of my visiting places, of course if I don't submit them into competition under "Travel", I can do anything I want,.. but this one looks like a club photo for me, so the question is: Crop or not crop further.
This is original taken, straightened the top about 1-2mm, cropped a little, and brightened the girl's face. I like the group of people at the background on the left, but the single half figure on the right. The group reminded me of the early days of dog ban on the beach during May-Sept. It was early Oct., so people took their dogs there to have a walk, there were a lot of happy dogs there .. One black Labrador walked along the beach behind its owners, suddenly changed its mind, bursted into action running towards the sea over 100 meters' away, to have a splash and run back to catch up its owners who had no idea where their dog had been... I think that the right figure is a bit destructive, or see it as a balance to make a triangle pattern as a whole .. Clone is not allowed, so if the single figure goes, the group have to go as well..
Gave it a crop, it's pretty good as well, regardless what my impressions were.. it's just a family day out. So Crop or not Crop? Thanks for looking, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Tags: Dog Fun Beach Sea People Girl Toy Seaside Landscape and travel

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barbarahirst 14 27 12 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2015 10:45AM
I prefer it cropped...
but it really is up to what you wanted....
ddolfelin 10 103 3 Wales
5 Oct 2015 12:16PM
Be a rebel! Who will know?
A joyful picture.
TanyaH Plus
19 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2015 12:33PM
I personally would categorise cropping as a 'basic' change, so I don't see any reason why you can't crop the image as you like. I understand about not altering the fabric of what was there in the pure sense of 'travel' photography. But I'll bet you a fiver that the other club members that submit images to a 'Travel' category crop to improve the visual impact of their images!

I think the group on the left at the top of the image adds a context, but then again so does the lone figure top right. In an ideal world, the figure on the right at the top would have its head and a bit of space above, to give it breathing room from the top of the frame.

Similarly, the group on the left would perhaps ideally need a little bit of space to their left, just to (again) give them a bit of breathing room.

Cropping the way you've done in your mod visually does one big thing for me - it removes the imperfect elements that could distract from the main event; namely the girl, the dog and the ball. Three elements - always a good dynamic number. The other thing cropping out the distracting elements does is to create a visual triangle between the girl, the dog and the ball - one that the eye can keep exploring and one that strengthens the dynamic tension within that one small scene Smile

So I'd personally say crop it the way you have done. Peter's right in a way - who will know?! And I can guarantee you that other members of the club will have cropped theirs, too Grin

MileJanjic 8 5 3 Serbia
5 Oct 2015 12:50PM
That is a very good shot. I have uploaded a modification in mono to focus the attention on the movement itself since the colours is not the theme here. I also added a warm filter to the B&W. anyway, it is a great moment you have captured!!
5 Oct 2015 1:35PM
I like the shot Jasmine, it's not a pose, very realistic action shot.
cbrundage 9 4 United States
5 Oct 2015 1:44PM
You caught the action so well, the girl about to kick the ball and the dog, all ready to go into action. Charming photo!
banehawi Plus
18 2.7k 4319 Canada
5 Oct 2015 1:52PM
Very nice image Jasmine.

Personally I would not crop the top; but I would crop space from the left, and remove the group of people that remain, top left. I think the top adds a dimenion to this that I like a lot.

The main subjects can benefit with being a little brighter. Theres nice light shining on the dog's back that pops out nicely. So done in the mod, with that suggested crop/clone.


xwang 13 56 8
5 Oct 2015 2:24PM
Thank you Tanya for your comment.
I learnt that Cropping is allowed under "Travel", but clone or changing objects,.. I do like the cropped version only the memory of the happy dogs everywhere is lost. I do like the "breathing space" idea, sometimes strong image doesn't have to be heavily cropped... there was one figure on the left who was out of the group, I cropped it off. Again,
Quote: In an ideal world,..
yes, unfortunately there was no time to think apart from shooting.. and shooting.
Quote:Be a rebel! Who will know?
Nobody really or at least not easily unless the photographer is required to hand over the happens. There was someone in our local club submitted images that he downloaded or even bought from on line.. some people take it extremely, unwisely seriously...
Thank you Willie... I see, I have never thought of this crop.. All I thought was how to get rid of it rather than keep it.. not bad either..
Thanks Len,
Quote: very realistic action shot.
. I know better how difficult your action bird's photos are.. I tried a few seagulls.. none of them came out clear, even my setting was right, the best one was with clear wings, but no head..Grin
Thank you all..
xwang 13 56 8
5 Oct 2015 2:28PM
Thank you Mile for the B&W. Another interesting idea that B&W shows the action that I've never thought of before...
Thanks again, Willie I didn't see your comment when I logged in..
The sun was just about to shine, after the dark cloudy day all day... it was amazing to watch the sea turns from grey to blue...Smile
BTW, have you noticed that the image looks brighter on PS than EPZ, Willie?
5 Oct 2015 2:39PM
Great image I like it as it is Smile
banehawi Plus
18 2.7k 4319 Canada
5 Oct 2015 5:26PM
No, I havent noticed that Jasmine. What browswer do you use? Have you tried another browser?
nonur 13 18 13 Turkey
5 Oct 2015 5:40PM
I'd crop it, Jasmine.
Mollycat Plus
9 21 2 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2015 5:57PM
Its personal. But the crop works better for me.
xwang 13 56 8
5 Oct 2015 7:51PM

Quote: What browswer do you use?

I use Google Chrome, I did use Firefox for a while, but I got some adware hijacked my browser, and I was told by John(ex- EPZer) that Firefox is pro to I stopped using it now...Google has an Adblock, it blocks most of the Advertisements. Quite good, really, have you tried google?Smile
dark_lord Plus
18 2.9k 825 England
5 Oct 2015 8:46PM
I'd crop for a bolder and simpler image.
However, part of me likes the context of having the people and dogs in the top left, a mirror of the main activity.
So for documentary (where I guess cropping is still allowed as it's something you could do at the time of shooting) it needs that context but for travel I'd crop.

You do pose some questions Jasmine Smile
LynneJoyce Plus
14 22 101 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2015 10:01PM
I despair! Which idiot said you were not allowed to do this or that? Who gave them the authority to make such pomous, nonsensical pronouncements Why do people fall for this rubbish? Such self important idiots should be shot - with a camera of course - so that the rest of us can avoid them like the plague!

All the mods have their merit but at the end of the day, this is your image, your decision.
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1948 England
5 Oct 2015 10:26PM
My house, my rules, I suppose, so clubs can set them as they wish: and I believe strongly in the authenticity of pictures, so I don't go for a lot of manipulation (I'm too lazy, as well!)

And you can always find another club.

I think I'd crop on the left, a little (maybe the right, too), but leave the fringe at the top - the people and dogs add a lot.

A beautifully caught moment. You need never take another beach scene, if you don't want to, because this is so right.
gajewski 17 10 9 United States
5 Oct 2015 10:52PM
I agree with dudler's suggestion of cropping off from the right -- and maybe the left. You might even want to crop it in such a way as to put the girl on the 1/3rd vertical line.

The thing I want to emphasize the strongest is that nobody should be telling an artist what manipulations should or shouldn't be applied to their photograph. The only exception would be if there is some sort of competition and the contest rules make that a stipulation for entering the contest.

Here in the States, I regularly read the writings of Scott Kelby. He is a highly respected photographer and the head of both "Photoshop User Magazine" and ""

He actually encourages people to remove distracting images from travel photographs. Here is his " photo editing code of ethics."
annettep38 11 221 43 Luxembourg
6 Oct 2015 4:38AM
I would crop a bit on the right, too. The group on the left belongs in my opinion.

Apart from that I agree with Dudler, I don't like too much twisting and tweaking. Sometimes I remove stuff, but it has to be a right pain. Say a Coke tin in the sand.

And if there was one that you removed... Well just don't tell them!

I like a lot about this image, the happiness, interaction and the great timing. You can't think about rules in the millisecond you have to capture the pure joy!
paulbroad Plus
15 131 1294 United Kingdom
6 Oct 2015 3:32PM
It depends on interpretation. Of course you can crop. Cropping does not change the accuracy of the content and what does 'Travel photography' actually mean? You should not clone out a pier in a travel seaside shot, for example. That changes reality, but basic cropping and other photo adjustments must be OK.

I would crop the top here to remove the bits of people. They draw the eye. I think the tonal range has beaten you. You used spot metering. What did you meter from? For me, the sand is fa too bright. I would have exposed for the sand and thus gone for a silhouette of dog and girl.

xwang 13 56 8
6 Oct 2015 10:49PM
Thank you Paul.

Quote:You used spot metering. What did you meter from?

I don't remember at all.. it all happened so quickly. But I always remember that you said to targeted the high light.. shadow can be brightened up.
I realized that once the high light is blown out, it is difficult to repair.. Burning doesn't always work, so this is always the priority. I keep this rule strictly.
The reasons that I use spot meter, one is most of the time I take photos in strong contrast environment,I want to keep the high light in total control, second is I don't like to fess about because I have no time. Actually I can go “Partial Metering”..
These photos, about over a dozen, all together was only taken about 3 minutes. The sky suddenly broke up, the family merged toward the sea, it looked like some family event, the father threw some flowers into the sea.. it was the running dog caught my eye, it perhaps wanted to fetch the flowers back, the father intervened and gave the dog a ball.. I zoomed in and took a few photos of the dog that turned its attention to the ball..and running, the children appeared, some more shots.. .. and we left.. Smile
Quote: I would have exposed for the sand and thus gone for a silhouette of dog and girl.

What I forgot was that I did brighten the photo up, I only remembered the girl's face, because I specially brightened it... the original is darker, closer to the picture in your mind...
Thank you all again..
7 Oct 2015 12:44PM
Lovely action shot Jas, love the dog captured in 'mid flight' so well. This just expresses a happy moment!
All the best,
Dave Wink
Hmm....wanted to give it a UA but can't, so please have a virtual one.
Cameras were invented for us inviduals to make our own rules, just go with what you yourself feel good with. I like Lynne's (LynneJoyce) comment!
dudler Plus
19 1.9k 1948 England
8 Oct 2015 9:49PM
There's a contradiction in there, Jasmine: spot metering needs to be very considered and thoughtful, not rushed.

I understnad what you're saying about high contrast, and not wanting to lose highlight detail: but bringing up shadow detail will lead to quite a lot of noise. OK for news photogrpahers: for art or competition, quality will matter.

Willie's the expert on exposure as wel las white balance: he may have more to add. My three ha'porth is to suggest using matrix metering, aperture priority, and checking hte histogram on the first exposure so that yo ucna dial in compensation, if necessary.

And, in really tricky light, metering very carefully, and then exposing manually, so changing composition doesn't alter your exposure.

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