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conrad 13 10.9k 116
21 Jun 2006 9:05AM
No, I'm not going to say anything about obsessions you might have with certain kinds of symbols! Wink And there's no reflections "problem" here, either. Safe choice, Keith! ;-D

Excellent composition, of course, looks very natural, love the foreground and the subtle sky.


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TonyA 13 11 Spain
21 Jun 2006 9:05AM
Even better than the previous version, Keith. From what I see you wont have to wait ten years to get a better image.

Carri 11 5 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:06AM
Oh lovely - what a striking image

riprap007 13 1.6k 37 England
21 Jun 2006 9:08AM
excellent subtle tones, spot on exposure
pfheyes 14 254 1 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:09AM
LOL @ Conrad. Talk about pot and kettle, look at his Pink Granite shot. Ooer. Wink

Not sure about the bovvered tag either!

Classy as always.

GillyB Plus
13 317 8 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:12AM
Superb colour tones and light. Excellent detail and textures, as for the symbolic connotations......!
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 9:13AM
symbollic connotations?

I don't understand

cheers you 5
culturedcanvas 12 4.7k 59 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:20AM
nicely exposed shot esp with detail retained under the water .. wuite subtle light and superb composition (as always) ... once again impressed (as always) click
wotashot 14 2.2k
21 Jun 2006 9:29AM
Everything's good apart from that sky - just looks naff for some reason.

I much prefer the other version and in print it's a million times better and looks very different,

Prefer the tennis shots Wink
ovi 14 11 1 Romania
21 Jun 2006 9:30AM
Fantastic world.Excellent lighting.
Skichic 12 65 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:33AM
I see you moved forward Keef, to 'expose' the reflection of the stack in all its proud glory. My, but that's rather magnificent! I can see why Mrs Keef was impressed; which of us could fail to be!

Do you look bovvered? lol! ;o)

JouŠo 14 56 Finland
21 Jun 2006 9:34AM
STUNNING capture!

bigufe 13 173
21 Jun 2006 9:35AM
v much enjoyed this one; subtle
Kim Walton 14 145 30 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:37AM
Nice shot ,second comments as above,although i`m not one for tennis,golf or cricket shots.Lol Each to there own.
NRGthedude 12 57 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 9:37AM
Great image, I was hoping to head there myself sometime soon, now I just feel intimadated.

Hanners Plus
12 875 10 Ireland
21 Jun 2006 9:45AM
Just looked at the other one, because for some reason this one isn't sitting right with me. The composition and foreground interest is spot on and to be honest I'm not even sure why it's not working for me. Perhaps the sky is a bit too bland at the top, where as the previous one has a bit more punch to it. I know that everybody else will think I'm talking s**te, but I can only give my opinion and I know I'm not making a strong case for myself and it's not like I'm some sort of expert, but I don't pat people on the back just because others do and I appreciate honest opinions on my shots as that is how I learn, so I try to give honest opinions to others. It is without a doubt a good shot, but not one of your best (still far better than anything of mine!!!).

mark2uk 12 795 8 England
21 Jun 2006 9:46AM
Very nice. Like this one a lot.
No missuse of GND filters this time?
Means **** all to me anyway - I'm just a beginner and I like what I see.

keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 9:46AM
thanks for stopping by...but where's Russ?

...and Eileene!!! very dare you?
Ewan 15 383 Scotland
21 Jun 2006 10:12AM
Luvly. I like how the shape of the light-coloured sand between the foreground rocks and the shape of the column's reflection kind of match.
LeCCy 12 263 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 10:20AM
Jeeze Keith I darnt post any comments to your pics anymore, I can happily argue with you but tbh trying to defend myself against all of your henchmen( or should that be hensmen?:-0) at once for something I never said becomes a little tiresome.

A critique? well go on seems as you asked....

Initally let me say I dont think its a bad picture. That said Smile......

Of course I prefer the balance between the sky and the sea, and I also prefer the stack being fully reflected in the sea. I also like the choice of exposure for rendering the sea, which btw is remarkably flat for Flamboro. Nice triangular lead in lines and interest on the rhs balanced as best as you could no doubt with the little rock intrusion.

Ultimatly though you have much better images ( although not that other one!). The little bit of red livens things up a little but all told I think that the light is just too flat to make this work for me. Theres a uniform light greyness which doesnt appeal that much. We both know that you have xxx clicks coming that suggest I am wrong, but there you go, ive seen you get that for self confessed wip's Wink

In the strive for exceptional images I am sure that you would agree they are few and far between. The constant demand of Epz to gobble up a daily posts can lead us all to post things which, whilst technically competent and well composed, are not a representation of us at our best - or possibly more truthfully - are not a representation of us working in the best light we may have hoped for.

Fair Enough? Of course it would come as no surprise to you that a low colour scene doesnt really grab me, one look in my gallery would tell you that and I accept that its more my issue than this images.
LeCCy 12 263 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 10:20AM

forgot to give you a click

You can have this one for free

Westers 13 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
21 Jun 2006 10:21AM
For the simple reason that you used natures reflector to give yourself some light. Otherwise it'd have been flat and lifeless. But then, you knew that anyway.
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 1:15PM
so we're back on line.

It's a tale of two details. Had the light been there I would not have been able to have got the underwater detail without using a CPL and even then, not as seen here. The previous, now well viewed image Wink shows what happens when the light finally pours through and some rock detail is lost in the cameras inability to record such wide ranging dynamics.

We all have better images.....I'm confident enough in my work to post a wide ranging selection of it.
PatrickSmith 13 1.2k 2 United States
21 Jun 2006 1:26PM
Even if there were no colours, I still think it would not be 'flat and lifeless' because of the underwater details. That brings lots of life into the shot I think. Now, if you can just combine the colours in the sky from the last one, and the underwater details on this one, that would be even better. I wonder where you can buy a grad that is maybe a 1.2ND on top and a 0.2 polarizer on the bottom...LOL...
Maddie 13 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 1:29PM
this looks like a tricky one to capture and you have obviously done well with the light given, good detail in the rocks and cliff, the large version is a must.
jaktis 14 84 Sweden
21 Jun 2006 1:35PM
A true beauty well examined by Patrick

croberts 13 2.2k 8 Ireland
21 Jun 2006 1:36PM
now, this one i like. the 'other' one certainly has the 'wow', but this is the sort of thing id have on my wall.
RipleyExile 15 1.6k 17 England
21 Jun 2006 1:40PM
Happy to be number 30. Beautiful touch of colour on the horizon. Very nicely composed.
tigerminx 13 237 South Africa
21 Jun 2006 1:45PM
Quality Keith.
xanda 14 244 2 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 2:19PM
I like this one a lot. It has plenty of impact (not surprising really) and that spot of colour on the horizon works a treat. I'm no landscape photographer so I don't really know what to say, but I know what I like and this does it for me, so there you go.

keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 2:44PM
thanks for ALL the comments and I'll see you lot tonight......ish
C_Daniels 13 399 10 England
21 Jun 2006 2:54PM
Excellent Keith - so comfortable to view :O)
dp 14 163 3 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 3:03PM
'bovvered' lol!
plstsn 12 14
21 Jun 2006 4:11PM
This one rocks! Brilliant.

LAF 15 1.7k
21 Jun 2006 4:30PM
Stunning image!
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 4:34PM
is that 'cos it looks phallic?

thanks for the comments
kinfatric 13 550 9 Scotland
21 Jun 2006 5:15PM
on reflection its fine
jeanie Plus
14 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 5:30PM
It does not pack the punch that the other one did, but its still good.

martinl 14 269 2 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 6:18PM
Schoolboy humour!!

It's the shape of a "thingy", that's why you liked it isn't it?
Go on, admit it!!
MarkT 13 119 2 England
21 Jun 2006 6:58PM
I think the low light adds atmosphere to this shot and the perspective, composition and clarity are excellent.

Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
21 Jun 2006 7:02PM
Hard day at work, looking forward to coming home and viewing Henson's latest upload of tennis superstar Katerina Undercracker...and this is what I get?

keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 7:49PM
Hard Day at Work?

Talk to hand.

Undercrackers tomorrow,son

cheers guys....and Martin the only person who thinks it looks like a knob is you.
21 Jun 2006 8:11PM
I personally prefer this image over your other, the tranquil lighting is so calming. The detail from the sandy seabed to the top of the sky has such clarity. I'm sure it must have been a special morning.
martin.w 16 519 22 United Kingdom
21 Jun 2006 8:40PM
Subtle, but very very good.
Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
21 Jun 2006 9:17PM

Quote:Hard Day at Work?

Talk to hand.

Pah! You don't know you're born.
Over one hundred clients today and the oldest one was four. I've now got nits, a bad back, a mark on my forehead left by a Fimble sticker, suspected chickenpox and trousers that smell of wee...although that last one may have been my fault.
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 9:30PM
thanks guys

Over One Hundred Clients?????!!

Wow, I always thought that the camera in those passport booths was automatic.
owp 13 168
21 Jun 2006 9:30PM
. . I'm with @LeCCy Smile . . although I got a bit bored after the 2nd paragraph . . LOL Smile . .

. . . maybe you missed "phalic" as a tag? Smile . . still a great shot in my book . . connotations or not Smile

Boyd 14 11.2k 11 Wales
21 Jun 2006 9:44PM

Quote:Wow, I always thought that the camera in those passport booths was automatic.

You live and learn. It's a tough job. Counting the money, switching the switch for the little lights, moving the camera up and down so that no matter what you do to the little stool, the top of your head is still cut off...
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
21 Jun 2006 9:53PM
yer a pro and no girls still flash their bits at you?

g'night all.
bigufe 13 173
21 Jun 2006 11:22PM

Quote:the 'other' one certainly has the 'wow'

Geez, am I sick of the 'wow'

Quote:Subtle, but very very good

The 'but' is misplaced here
claret 13 49 England
22 Jun 2006 8:01AM
Was the sea really as flat as it looks here? My non-technical eye likes most of what you come up with and this is no exception.
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
22 Jun 2006 8:16AM
yup...the sea really was that still...won't be like that again for a while.

and yes Ufe...I'm fed up of the 'wow' too.
Paul_Barr 13 544 Scotland
22 Jun 2006 8:46AM
I really like the underwater detail in this one Keith. Heck, I like all of the shot.

My wife seemed to like it too for some subliminal reason ;o)

synaesthesia 14 389 England
22 Jun 2006 10:30AM
Just love this. Not the same one you showed me printed up yesterday is it? The sky was different.

Must find this place.
keithh Plus
14 25.4k 33 Wallis And Futuna
22 Jun 2006 10:41AM
cheers you two....the print is a few shots back, Al...saw your email...will reply later.
thorn 13 124 2 Scotland
12 Jul 2006 4:28PM
Hi Keith,it's all been said,i think it's amazing and i love it.Take care.AnnSmile

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