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DirkV 12
15 Jan 2007 12:14PM
Great still! With all that old stuff you create a new view on this!

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Phil_D 12 81 Scotland
15 Jan 2007 12:14PM
I like your 'alternative' approach to landscapes Keith. For me this picture is full of interesting textures and lines - I want to open the barn door and find out whats inside. Great piece of work.

sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
15 Jan 2007 12:15PM
Now if people can't see the benefits of this technique from the mod example ... well, they need their bumps feeling ;-D

... wondered what the smell was!!
andytvcams 16 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 12:15PM
Comparing the two i can see were HDR would come into its own on buildings Smile

Again all the detail is their.

Tandberg 16 1.2k 2 England
15 Jan 2007 12:17PM
Looks fine to me Keith,
Nice to have met you too!!
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 12:20PM
cheers one to come with the old hawthorne up above the horizon too.

fun, fun, fun...I can see this getting loads if views and people walking away muttering....LOL
sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
15 Jan 2007 12:33PM
I'm muttering to myself too ... but I'm asking why I didn't stop here on the way ... [mutter, mutter] ;-D
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 12:38PM
It was a good little sunrise though,
sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
15 Jan 2007 12:47PM
Have you given Andy the location ... for a small consideration, obviously??
smileyjohn 14 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 12:54PM
Hi Keith,
Good to meet you yesterday. It's always good to meet someone that inspires you and they turn out to be a nice chap.

I am looking forward to seeing the shots of the tree that I saw you at, I was about 5 mins too late to capture the golden light that you had.
have fun
bricurtis Plus
14 2.3k 50 England
15 Jan 2007 1:04PM
Amazing transformation from the mod Mr H.
Stunning detail. Most of the HDR I have seen on site appear like coloured sketches,not all bad though.
martinl 15 269 2 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 1:09PM
Think this gives a perfect demonstration of how HDR could be used. The difference between this and the single shot is so marked.

lobsterboy Plus
15 14.9k 13 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 1:13PM
Took me ages to work out the title - must get these glasses fixed.

jken 13 1.7k 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 1:20PM
Hi Keith is that using the Photomatix software or the one in testing. Also how many shots are combined here.

Westers 14 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
15 Jan 2007 1:23PM
Back to the contrast question. If this is meant to be as contrasty as some of your other non HDR work then the answer is it isn't. It's actually lifelike.

What were you aiming for, contrast wise?

I'm wondering if the HDR software struggles with wood tones. The grass and stone look like a picture, but the wood has a feel of a coloured sketch (although it's nothing like the coloured sketches that have been appearing.)
ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
15 Jan 2007 1:38PM
looks like a nativity scene with that glow inside the barn porch Smile

I posted of Kirkstall Abbey, had 7 JPG exposures and ended up looking ab it like Castle Wolfenstein...

Is this the barn just before the Foss woods start?

Last time I was there I got a few shots from afar, but was more interested in the old raker and rowing up machines rusting away outside.

Like so many barns I've reversed trailers of hay into and unloaded over the years. Though it's pretty darn old.

The horse shots near gargrave didn't work that well.... they were silhouetted agaist that puddle in the field but moved when I got out of the car... then scarpered when I got the flash out ;-(

Top day and nice to meet you - is that an untainted Donny accent then? Smile
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 2:15PM
LOL...that accent has been influenced by Northumberland, Derbyshire, North Yorkshire and Texas.

This was done by Photomatix 4 point something.

I'm not sure we're seeing the same thing on this or perhaps we are as some of my other stuff looks overly contrasty on these new screen!!!!!!
Westers 14 3.9k 1 Burkina Faso
15 Jan 2007 2:22PM
In that case this is middle of the road, contrast wise.


That explains why you slip the odd "rootin tootin" into your speech when you're excited.
Maddie 14 2.7k 2 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 2:24PM
not something i would have stopped and taken a picture of, looks like some fun has been had there!
Having said that you did stop and you have some super detail.
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 2:37PM
I just love the sheer get orf my landiness of it.

Oooops, hang on......yeeeeeeeee ha!

That's better
sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
15 Jan 2007 3:03PM
Right, ya got me, where's the title from?? I'm guessing it's the date the structure was built but I can't see it in shot??

keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 3:06PM
That's because to you the big door is the shot.
ade_mcfade 15 15.2k 216 England
15 Jan 2007 3:27PM
ha ha - I thought all people from south yorkshire sounded like Brian Glover...


most do in my experience, and that includes the women !
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 3:32PM
I put the accent on more for the Lancastrians .......just so they know, tha kno's.
PatrickSmith 14 1.2k 2 United States
15 Jan 2007 4:04PM
What this means to me is that it is now possible to take shots in brighter sun than what was possible before. Rather than wait for clouds and a less contrasty situation, you were able to make this work and look even better than under cloudy skies or in the shade. This really does change everything as far as I'm concerned.

keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 4:19PM
To a point but you still need good light to work under. What you have is the ability to tone and range that light and subsequent detail as well as being able to take shots that grads would simply infringe upon.

But bad light is bad light - HDR and Mapping doesn't change that one bit.
sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
15 Jan 2007 4:21PM
... aha, now I see ... DOH!!
rontear Plus
16 8 8 England
15 Jan 2007 4:29PM
Every day scene taken with care to produce an excellent image Keith. Ron.
digicammad 16 22.0k 39 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 4:51PM
To be honest I can't see a problem with the door textures. The detail seems about right, including the woodworm holes.

I'm not sure about the composition though. I have no idea how I would have taken it but I just wonder whether the door on the left needed more space or cutting out altogether.

stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 4:54PM
As a shot I find it unattractive, but as an example of hdr its excellent. I also like the idea of a cryptic title which took me ages to work out. Smile
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 5:03PM
Unnatractive? very dare you - this is our countryside.
PatrickSmith 14 1.2k 2 United States
15 Jan 2007 5:30PM
True Keith, good light is good light and HDR will not make up for it! But I like the extra creativity that this enables. I have a bunch of things I want to do now that I would not have attempted before.
KathyW 15 1.8k 12 Norfolk Island
15 Jan 2007 6:00PM
Wish we had barns like this in Norfolk...
Interesting image - the first hdr thing I've seen that actually makes me want to try it out.
The_Collector 13 4 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 6:15PM
Wonderful light and tones.

stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 8:44PM
Keith, Ive got a question on hdr.
What is the dynamic range of the human eye?
I know a sensor has a range of about 5 stops and in reality there is about 10.
If the range of the eye is less than 10, but with hdr you can record 10, is that going to make images look unnatural? Using Your example in reality was the image you could actually see closer to the 'straight' image or the hdr image.
MarkT 14 119 2 England
15 Jan 2007 8:58PM
Yep, I want to try it out too. I'm not too keen on most of the HDR images I've seen so far, but each to their own.

Nowt wrong with a Donny accent, I was born there Smile

redstag 13 100 15 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 8:59PM
Once again proving that HDR can look natural.
Not sure about the shot though, it feels unbalanced somehow, but I do like the treatment, the textures in the door are wonderful. (click for that!)
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 9:00PM
Less than 10?'s actually more like 10,000 but the eye also reacts better to contrast and we see colour worse at low levels than a camera although we see more high contrast and the colour within it.

I look at this and think it's not too far from what I saw but then my eye would have been changing constantly as I looked around and at it. Perhaps we shouldn't always try to match what the eye and camera sees?
backbeat 13 134 1 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 9:44PM
excellent subject matter and result...i can see how the HDR has brought out detail in the shadow...i'll have to give it a try one day

DP_Imagery 14 24 6 Wales
15 Jan 2007 9:53PM
Yep - hdr used to great effect. The site looks like someones pied-a-terre: you been roughing it Keith? Wink All the best. Bruce
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
15 Jan 2007 10:02PM
My back dare you suggest I rough it!!
stix 14 924 87 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 10:59PM
HI Keith
Interesting what you say, obviously (now i think about it) you dont geranerally stare at a scene like you do a photo. So as you move around your eyes are constantly adjusting. I geuss as long as you like the image, thats your guide.
Re the 10 stop thing, I got that from Luminous landscapes they said.
'Dynamic Range
The digital imaging chip in your camera is very similar to colour transparency film when it comes to its sensitivity to light.

Like slide film, if a part of the image receives too much light it becomes burned out, and if too little light it is rendered as black. A recognizable image is only recorded if the light hitting the chip falls within a range of about 5 F stops. (Remember each F stop is a doubling or halving of the amount of light hitting the film). With digital things are much the same and even the dynamic range is about the same as for slide film; about 5 stops. Also keep in mind that the total range of brightness values encountered in the real world is only about 10 stops from the dimmest light that you can read in to the brightest beach or snow scene in which you might find yourself).

Sorry could you clarify the 10,000 figure.
( just trying to learn)
chris-p Plus
13 72 England
15 Jan 2007 11:03PM
Truly a crisp and 'clean' image..detail is quite something else
sut68 15 2.0k 76 England
15 Jan 2007 11:27PM
Blimey, another click and you'll go RC with this Keith ... steady on people, steady on ;-D
GillyB Plus
14 317 8 United Kingdom
15 Jan 2007 11:32PM
Oops sorry...made it 30! but I am impressed with the detail and textures in the stonework 8-)

keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Jan 2007 7:06AM
I got the eye's dynamic range from an article by Greg Ward, a genius when it comes to the technical side of digital imaging making....'ll dig it out.

31 for a an old door. sort those damn monitors out
fauxtography 14 6.6k 36
16 Jan 2007 8:33PM
good shot keith! pity my shots from when you took this have a great lummox in frame Wink

There's a load of detail in this that is very impressive.. must try out that hdr programme, had no joy so far with CS..
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Jan 2007 8:41PM
Aye,,,,CS is pretty crap at it...big lummox? - I never saw him
fauxtography 14 6.6k 36
16 Jan 2007 9:13PM
didn't you? must be a dust bunny then Grin

how are you getting on with those monitors?
keithh 15 25.5k 33 Wallis And Futuna
16 Jan 2007 9:18PM
finally got them bar coded. There's a bit of software in them intended for gaming or some such abomination that was were the floods
fauxtography 14 6.6k 36
16 Jan 2007 9:20PM
subsiding, but one'll do i think, thanks for the heads up Smile
stevenj 16 2.0k England
19 Jan 2007 12:40AM
This might have been the one Paul and I stopped at and debated on the way up to the Scar.. Damn!

There's a time and place for HDR at the moment, and 17:55 in Malham is it!

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