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Snow Capped

By Tony_W
Taken on the way home from my last visit to The Lakes. Couldn't believe my luck with the light, absolutely beautiful. There was even a parking space by the lake Smile

I thought this image captures everything about the Lake District from the lakes to the High fells and everything in between.

Hope you enjoy looking at the image. Any comments or criticisms gratefully received as usual.

Exp: 1/60th @ f22 ISO 200
PS Work: Levels and curves plus a little bit of dodging and burning.


Tags: Lake district Snow Lakes Mountains Landscape and travel

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BigE 12 3 England
19 Feb 2009 9:37PM
Really nice shot, you get some superb views from that side of the lake. Great spot for reflections when it's calm.
shaz4 15 26 2 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2009 7:56AM
is it my monitor or is it uphill water?
I love the gulls on the posts and I agree with what you said about the light..its really nice must be a good photo as no one has thrown loadsa mods at you..they obviously don't think they could have done any better...;--)
Tony_W 14 128 5
20 Feb 2009 8:07AM
Hi Sharon,
Thanks for the comment, glad you like it. I never really linked the lack of mods with it being OK, just thought it not worth much comment.

The water isn't uphill, the posts are vertical and the jetty is horizontal. I know what you mean though, I did check it twice.
I find quite a few images where the viewer complains about the water not being level when in fact it is just the shape of the shoreline. The only time you can be sure the water is up hill is if the water creates the horizon between water and sky.
conrad 17 10.9k 116
20 Feb 2009 9:19AM
Well, I'm not going to get into a debate about water going uphill or not, but having the jetty almost level (top and bottom aren't exactly parallel, I noticed, one is level and one is about one degree out) and the shore above clearly not parallel, looks strange - whether that's deception or not doesn't interest me much. I made you a mod to show you what you can do with the PhotoShop transform tool (I pulled the top left-hand corner up and the bottom left-hand corner down) - the lines mentioned are now more or less parallel, which I think looks better. I also played around with shadows, highlights and colour saturation a bit. (Edit: Just noticed I forgot to sharpen it again before upload, so it looks a bit softer than it should, but just ignore that...)

About the composition: I think I would have been inclined to find a spot where I could have had the jetty as diagonal lines in the view. You don't get these issues with lines that are parallel or not, you get a nice convergence of lines, and you can use the jetty as a lead-in, which often tends to work very well.
Tony_W 14 128 5
20 Feb 2009 5:51PM
Hi Conrad,
Thanks for the comments. I never thought to use the transform tool, I've used it for architecture etc but not for landscapes.

I did consider the angle of the jetty and had a walk around the shoreline to get a different angle but either the distant snow covered mountains disappeared from the image or the angle was too small and the jetty just looked wonky.
rangerpaul 14 19 7 England
21 Feb 2009 6:43PM
Hi Tony. Another very nice shot indeed. I don't find the lack of a diagonal an issue with this shot. For me it works nicely as a layered image, with each layer having some nice interest. Reflections up front, colours in the middle and the snow out back. I can see where the mod has straightened things up but I think this is very minor and doesn't make the image any better to any great degree.
Nicely seen, nicely taken!
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
22 Feb 2009 12:32AM
A potentially lovely shot, yes it does encompass a lot of fine elements, I'll just home in on a couple of points.

Firstly, the what is level? debate> peple often concentrate on the horizontals, but one good way of finding a true level is the verticalness of a point and its reflection. Though I know in this case the reflections are distorted, you can still draw a vertical line through the bottom of the posts and their reflections. Now other things may not be horizontal for various reasons - a) it's a rickety old pier and quite possibly not horizontal) and b) the far bank may indeed not be level. The problem is even if the picture is technically level/plumb, optical anything off level like rickety piers and sloping banks annoys the this is where Conrad's suggestion of the transform tool comes in, to give you much more selective control..

Now, the comp. in general, Conrad mentions diagonal lines, and I agree here. The eye needs a route to folow through the pic, and a sloping jetty would have guided the eye into the pic on a pleasant journey ending at the mountains in the background.. As it is, the eye kind of climbs up through the picture and keeps getting stopped at different levels and having to climb uo to the next level.

To shaz' comment that there haven't been any mods "thrown at " this, it's because some probblems can't be fixed after the event. The composition problem mentioned here could only be fixed by moving around and taking the pic from a different ange

Hope some of that makes some sense,

Tony_W 14 128 5
22 Feb 2009 1:28AM
Stephen, thanks for the comments. With regard to the level comments, the advice regarding the transform tool is most welcomed as mentioned earlier. As to whether the shoreline needs to be leveled, I'll leave it to the viewers preference now the image has been posted.

With regard to the composition, the whole basis of the image is that it is a layered image where you move from one layer to the next, exploring the difference in terrain as you go. As a climber and walker this is pretty much what I do as I ascend through the different layers of terrain whilst climbing a mountain.
I do understand about lead in lines etc but that's not what I was after here, no shortcut to the top Sad . As both you and Conrad see the composition as a problem I guess I have failed to convey what I wanted here. I don't think the composition needs fixing, its just not going to be to everyones taste.
Thanks for taking the time to comment, it's appreciated and all the advice is stored away for future consideration.
Tooth 16 5.8k 227 Ireland
22 Feb 2009 3:07AM
Thanks for getting back so quickly, and a great response. Please don't think we're about putting rules on things, we just suggest things as we see them. I debated with myself before suggesting about the layer thing.. I love layers myself, to the point that I have a range of cards and bookmarks called "layers of Donegal" ( this is a n example). Just that I didn't think that this fitted that kind of feeling. I'm fascinated therefore to read that as a climber you have that feel for layes, increasing one step at a's great the way people see things in different ways..



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