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So What!

By centur
One of the judges in the Canon Digital Image Comp said this year ..."...don't rely soley on the application of filters in PS ...any one can do that ! " soooooo true ...waddya rekon!Put me back in my box or rather my sphere ...tehe!

Tags: Digitally manipulated

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mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
22 Dec 2002 11:40AM
Images like this would probably sell well via 'snobby' ( expensive! ) art galleries.

Stan. L-B 19 222 United Kingdom
22 Dec 2002 2:17PM
At last a judge that shares my sentiments about filters! I think this image is well worth
comment, albeit challenging. I do like the composition, even though the main subject is not placed to the best advantage. It has a harmoneous appeal and borders on the concept of Sacred Geometry. Would make a very good POTW. Well done.
centur 19 106
23 Dec 2002 5:53AM
Dave I wish Smile a bit of money would not be unobjectionable ...

Stan thanks ..Sacred geometry hey ...I am familiar wth the concept ..I did not have it in mind at the time thoSmile twas just me experimenting ..thanks for the comment ..where would u suggest the best place for the sphere please? cheryl
mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
23 Dec 2002 2:20PM
I think the sphere is OK where it is - but up slightly and to the right ( rule of thirds! ) may enhance it a bit.

Someone commented on an image I uploaded 'Painted Lady' stating that it had been worjked so much, it was no longer a photograph. The fact is, you could output this image onto print media or transparency and it becomes a photograph or an artistic print depending on the material the image is transferred to.

I like the image whether it has input from a camera or not and if it fills two main criteria, it is successful.
i) Do you and or others like it
ii) Is it sellable ie. could you earn a living from it.

Merry Xmas

Stan. L-B 19 222 United Kingdom
23 Dec 2002 2:29PM
Hi Cheryl.
As you are familiar with geometric composition, then, I am preaching to the converted. The sphere would be better placed in the top or bottom corner; I would prefer the top, but, the background would be running contrary, do you not think? Seasons greetings.
mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
23 Dec 2002 4:15PM
What was the base for this piece of art?

Looks like a background of a stream or road and the sphere looks as if it is made from images of the sea with a bit of 'texture explorer' lightening streaks added.
I have to disagree with Stan and say I prefer the sphere at the bottom, but if you rotate the image 180 degrees, you will have satified both of us!

centur 19 106
23 Dec 2002 11:58PM
The background is a shot of the water in a swimming pool(taken at night ) with a gradient filter applied (PS)..The sphere was totally created in Photo Impact using their filters only ...inparticular their bubble particle and lightning (creative lighting) I wanted to enter it in their recent contest ..ran out of time ..I did however submitt 5 other images Smile Cheryl ..thanks again for ur interest u 2 ...yes i would prefer the sphere to be as u suggested Dave! tho it didn't sorta work maybe the size of the sphere is "wrong" I was saying there was NO deep and meaning full motivation /message behinD it ...just me filling the contest basic requirements....that being ...have a photographic element to it and have used at least 1 filter from their latest uPdate ..PI 8...
Paddy 18 254 8 England
24 Dec 2002 4:33AM
I am really impressed with this image.. & what you have achieved .. You can mess around moving your balls up and down...if that pleases lol)))). But the work you have put into the spheres is fascinating & how you obtained the final image. Well done ((((5))))
mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
24 Dec 2002 2:45PM
This is called 'making and image' instead of 'taking and image'.
the problem ( if it is a problem! ) is that most people wait for something to appear before they photograph it rather than use the time in between to make an image.
Modern digital techniques and equipment allow you to manufacture a finished image whether by using a computer as a darkroom or an elaborate paintbox.
As far as I am concerned, it does not matter how you achieve the final image or whether it can be called a photograph or not ( art? ).
I like this picture and that is more important than how it was achieved.
... and if I had not already voted, i would give it an extra point now!

Stan. L-B 19 222 United Kingdom
24 Dec 2002 3:09PM
Well said Dave, as a traditionalist I am still learning how to accomodate this digital imagery into my art work. The next year should
be quite exciting!
mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
24 Dec 2002 7:48PM
Thanks Stan. I actually have more B&W film in stock at the moment because I think it is a superb medium for producing images. The computer will turn out a dodged / burned / montaged image without having to allocate or set up a separate room. The magic of seeing a print appearing in the developing tray is not really replaced by digital - but then I have 16 million colours to play with and a choice of both B&W and coloured images as an end product.
Digital has widened the scope of photography, possibly blurring the boundaries between photography and art - but who cares? I can now wear two hats!


mad-dogs 18 2.2k England
24 Dec 2002 7:54PM
Cheryl. Does Photo impact use layers?
If so, I would generate the sphere on a different layer as this makes it possible to alter its position and size without affecting the background.
Also, I would expect a shadow from the sphere on the background - but to be honest, I don't know whether it would really improve the image or make it look too realisic. Experimentation is rewarding! ( Quote from one of my daughters videos The Dreamstone )
centur 19 106
28 Dec 2002 12:42PM
dave no I dont think so ..I was only trialing it for the comp... u can make direct selections and not change the background I think ...will play a bit more in it ...if I decide to get the programe has some interesting filters .. cheryl
28 Dec 2002 10:09PM
The over-use of filters to produce 'art' from poor pics is too common, but this image shows that used correctly on a good base pic- filters can create a great image, i like the composition and the subject theres obviously been a lot of time spent on this image.
centur 19 106
29 Dec 2002 10:12AM
Mark to be perfectly honest I didn't spend that much time on it ..I am getting faster at manipulations Smile this image {like I said }was TOTALLY created (except FOR THE ORIGINAL image of the water).with the programe tools in PI and layer modes in PS not counting browsing for the original image and toggling between 2 Programes ...maybe 15 applications of various tools including the use of 2 different filters in allSmile It is NO big deal tho ...I have a long way to go if I compare my work with other digital artistsSmile I thank you for your interest and welcome the feedback ..Cheryl
centur 19 106
29 Dec 2002 10:19AM
Sorry Night nurse (I just read ur feedback)...roflmol re moving my balls Smile Thanks for ur comment and encouragementSmile Cheryl

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