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Coleslaw 12 13.4k 28 Wales
26 Jul 2010 7:37PM
very strange, not sure what it is trying to say, but I like it.

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exposure Plus
14 5.8k England
26 Jul 2010 7:37PM
A Beautiful Art Image lovely tones & effect Pete
Ian-Munro 10 200 15 Wales
26 Jul 2010 8:06PM
Make it do well Pete lol Wink

I like the colours and I am actually warming to this kind of thing so.......yip works for me.

W1ldside 8 29 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2010 8:06PM
Dreadful Pete ~ Your early PF is outstanding and wondering if the pressure of Editorship is clouding your judgement recently?
Definately worthy of a my reaction though and at least its an honest one... Wink
Ian-Munro 10 200 15 Wales
26 Jul 2010 8:34PM
But you voted pmsl Wink
26 Jul 2010 8:40PM
the stuff of nightmares. Bravo. You've outdone everyone else. =)
W1ldside 8 29 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2010 8:55PM
Of course Ian ~ The thumbnail did cause me to open the Image and peruse and then form a reaction from me photographically of bewilderment from somebody with so many years experience and technical ability in the Genre.....
Alot of us on the site are looking for a way forward in terms of advancement to produce improved Imagery or maybe I am on my own here?
When I think of Editor I think of someone who has earned his spurs and can shine a beacon of hope for the rest of us to aspire to photographically ~ I was dismayed thats all.
The vote was a form of encouragement to find that beacon for the future....
Regards Rick
mrswoolybill Plus
11 1.2k 1927 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2010 9:32PM
I'd prefer without the musical notation, otherwise I love this. It has the imprecise, fleeting intensity of a dream.
DaveU 12 1.4k 125 England
26 Jul 2010 9:53PM
The title pulled me in, not the thumbnail. Then when I viewed the image my initial reaction was "What the f*ck's that?". And there was no way I was going to click.

But I've just realised I've spent longer looking at this image than any in the gallery so far tonight. So in that respect you have a result Pete .... an image (and title) that causes at least one viewer to stop and think.

Not everyone's cup of tea by a long chalk, and I think there's too much nothingness over to the left of the frame. Plus the musical stuff does'nt quite sit right for me ..... all a bit too neat and tidy?

But I love the figure and it's bendy arm and I especially love the title Wink
Ian-Munro 10 200 15 Wales
26 Jul 2010 10:07PM
Fair one Rick Wink
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
26 Jul 2010 10:34PM
lol. I always appreciate honest feedback so I'm really grateful to you Rick for saying it as it is, and Dave for making me laugh.

In all honesty I really like it...a lot...I've been watching younger people with cameras. I'm admiring the way they don't get screwed up with technicalities. They don't worry about large areas of void space, they don't worry about whether things are sharp or exposed correctly and they don't worry about what people think so much...they just enjoy.

I can do it all technically correct, but I want to go where adults don't normally go. So I'm veering off in that direction with some of my photography. I'm also trying this with some music I'm writing...putting things together that wouldn't normally go together.

I think Moira and Dave are right about the musical stuff. I'll ditch that. It's just because it was hanging around ready to be used, so I wrongly used it.

Out of interest Rick, if this image says break out of the box and worry less about votes - go for what the heart says, would that not also be encouraging? Does everything have to be technically or aesthetically perfect, or award winning?

What do others think?
NevP 12 853 13 Canada
26 Jul 2010 11:39PM
There used to be a bloke on here that posted some off the wall dada inspired stuff which was very refreshing to look at, and this would sit well with his uploads. I would rather see something that pushes than another boring landscape from the same 4 locations. I'm actively trying to regress to my own childhood. Smile
27 Jul 2010 12:13AM
I have to agree with Baileys123 Pete, sorry but this type of stuff does nothing for me.

If you want honest feedback then why don't you open another account and upload as if you were a new member, you won't get it otherwise, you being the boss etc, all you'll get is the "emperor's new clothes syndrome".

Well, you asked for honesty lol.
27 Jul 2010 12:32AM
I disagree that Pete can't get honest feedback just 'cause he's, 'the boss.' I couldn't care less who he is. The image rocks.

As for the musical stuff, I like it, Pete. For some reason, my mind heard an eerie nursery rhyme to go along with the whole mood of the image.
johnnyboy114 9 231 106 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 7:41AM
For me (and I would hope a lot of others on here, otherwise, whats the point), photography IS a true art. And this image is just that. Ok, for some, it might not tick the boxes, but although we continue to take our technically well shot landscapes, Robins and Blue Tits, nudes and all that jazz, lets face it, its been done before and will continue to be done for time immemorial. But "art" pieces that just "are" aren't done very often anymore. Images like this are worthy of note simply as they make you think, they take you outside the normal realms of what photography should be. The impressionists did it with painting...they got slated at first, people not understanding what they were doing. Now they are revered in the art world. Then came the surrealists....this blew peoples mind, the artists themselves getting death threats and ridiculed to distraction, yet now, again, seen as pioneers in their, I am not saying this image of Pete's should be put in that catagory (even Pete will admit a little modesty there! Wink lol!), but whats wrong with pushing the boundaries, thinking outside the box and doing something different for a change? You might not like it, but its like Warhol.....he COULD paint, he COULD draw, he COULD actually make some incredible, lifelike paintings, but he chose not to and try something different. I applaud Pete for doing this. Its surprising, I will completely agree. But the fact there is already a very accomplished photographer who has a back catalogue already to be admired, I think negates any criticism of "why and how" this shot was taken. Ok, its not perfect (I would agree about the musical stuff), but the rest makes you think, you look and see more in it every time, you can read into it, it slightly creeps you out and so on.....if you don't like it, fair enough, but I don't think its worth shouting someone down for taking it in the first place...why not? I am not sticking up for Pete....he's the editor, so he can do that himself! lol! But as a piece of original, creative "art" work....I love it! The childlike analogy is a great one. I had a gathering with some old Uni friends who have kids aged between 4 and 8 years old and they saw me turn up with my shiny new camera this weekend and they all wanted a go. It was a lovely day, we were out in the sun, there was a climbing frame, swings and so on, so I put the strap over them and showed them how to hold the camera and walked around with them telling them to shoot what they wanted.....and every one of them out of about 10 shots each, came up with at least 5 that I thought were utterly outstanding....not because of the technical ability, but just because of how THEY see shot of another kid sliding down the slide.....hardly any slide in the image, the kid right in the corner of the image, but the garden and the frame completely filling the was superb......rules are there if you have a reason to take a shot with rules, but some of the most iconic imagery ever taken pretty much breaks all the rules....

Well done Pete for pushing yourself and having fun. If your fun is this good in the future, I want to see more!

Blimey, I think thats the most controversial and longest post I have written!

Now, I shall await in the bombshelter.....
exposure Plus
14 5.8k England
27 Jul 2010 8:24AM
You have said all I wanted to say,but didnt know how,there is part of the artists self in these style of Images,Imagination & the most important the fun & enjoyment in producing them.
mrswoolybill Plus
11 1.2k 1927 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 8:42AM
I'm not an art historian but it seems to me that music, painting, sculpture, poetry, theatre all cleared the hurdle of this debate a century ago. Photography doesn't seem to have done so.
woolybill1 Plus
11 23 72 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 8:48AM
Long live originality.
Ian-Munro 10 200 15 Wales
27 Jul 2010 8:49AM
Well said Nev! Smile

Its nowt to do with Pete being boss and I think that by causing this debate there has to be an element of satisfaction in that alone Smile
Phil_Restan 12 280 9 England
27 Jul 2010 10:59AM
Well there's a place for nearly everthing and I would think there's a book just waiting for this to fit on the front cover.
gets my vote
W1ldside 8 29 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 12:02PM
Pete.... Thanks for the response and account of the Image as posted but still hold my opinion and can see you have an immense following of members who irrespective as to the Image will give the thumbs up to you dispite saying not.....
The site has been a fabulous arena for sparking a flame in my own work that was becoming a little stayed prior to joining and so I will be resubscribing ( **** says Pete!) for a few years to come in the hope of stirring an emotion or response both through my work or critique left by me on EPZ ~ Thats healthy and keeps it alive and kicking.
With regard to Jonnyboy's account I think you should make him aware of the vacancy within the EPZ team and give him the role so you can further concentrate on your experimental work behind the Lens ....Wink Reckon this guy would give anybody a run for their Money!
Way to go Jon ~ Nice response mate....Smile
Regards toall
Ric o Chet ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ........
Pete Plus
17 18.8k 97 England
27 Jul 2010 12:18PM

Quote:Thanks for the response and account of the Image as posted but still hold my opinion

Good I would not want to change that

Quote:can see you have an immense following of members who irrespective as to the Image will give the thumbs up to you dispite saying not

I would like to change your opinion on this. I think everyone who's voted (and that's not many If your point was right I'd get a hundreds on every photos.) has said why they like it. You have to appreciate that not everyone has the same opinion and some will like experimental images. Few, if any of the people who've clicked on this are regulars on my pics.

Quote:so you can further concentrate on your experimental work behind the Lens
Are you sacking me? Wink
johnnyboy114 9 231 106 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 1:12PM
lol! Rick, you are a legend mate and you do make me laugh! Wink

Seriously, firstly, I would say (and Pete very much knows this) that I definitely don't vote or comment on an image simply because someone in particular has taken it. I spread that accross the board, including Pete, simply as I can't stand the "clique" that this develops and encourages. I hate that. I look at an image simply on its merits. Admittedly, there may be images that I don't look at simply because 1) I dont' know anything about them 2) the type of image doesn't interest me or I don't shoot them 3) you can see its not that good an image (who am I to talk eh?!!!). But normally, my criteria for my own choosing of voting and commenting is purely my own, nothing more. If Pete had painted the Mona Lisa, I might vote, but then if he had also taken an image of a turd, if that turd was shot perfectly well, was done artistically, had context, was technically well etc etc...I might consider voting! So, nowt to do with who it is really....I like good images. This one, I liked. But then, I like the "different" things in photography...or if not different, then images that standout from the mundane....

I certainly can't speak for everyone as I have seen names voting on this image that I rarely see, but there are certain people who only vote on certain other peoples images. That may cause controversy and yeah, bring on the flame thrower and I will show you 100 images where this has happened, so there can't be an argument against it. Its plain and simple to see. It also saddens me that some quality photography is missed because of this. But nothing that can be done about it, its human nature.

Anyway, I digress.....

Your comment on me taking the vacancy.....that made me laugh. I would love to have a job like it, but I can honestly say, apart from speaking my mind and basically ranting and raving, I am so underqualified for it, it would be embarrassing! lol! I know you said it in jest, but its kind of you to think I would do a good job, seriously, even it slightly tongue in cheek! But as for the rest of the criteria of that role (i.e. takes top notch photography, knows the gear market inside out, can review and write to a certain standard etc etc......actually two out of three aint bad....I am convincing myself here! Ah...the photography thing is a bit of a let down.... lol!), then I am woefully underattired....but would love a job like it. Would have to pay well though.... Wink

Pete, your response was well considered and well took on the chin mate. Rick was at least constructive and concise with his criticism and honesty goes along way with me. He is the kind of guy you might want to keep on this site for a few years to come.....good work from all who contributed to this thread here though....was entertaining, informative and very engaging...nice one people!
Glynn 12 1.2k 1 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 8:04PM
Make a great album cover?
backbeat Plus
12 134 1 United Kingdom
27 Jul 2010 10:16PM
works for me mate

Phil (the man of few words..)
kitsch 12 439 4 United Kingdom
29 Jul 2010 6:09PM
well i generally love experimental stuff, this kept me looking for ages
agree it doesn't need the music but other than that, great!
makes me feel like experimenting too so that's another plus Smile
AnneWorner 10 620 43 United States
30 Jul 2010 1:46AM

Quote: I would rather see something that pushes than another boring landscape from the same 4 locations. I'm actively trying to regress to my own childhood.

Hear, hear - I really like this. It keeps me looking and looking. So, it draws the viewer in, it pushes boundaries, and you had fun with it - what else is there????????

wyatturp 12 2 England
31 Jul 2010 10:32PM
The play of dof does grab the eyes in a art way
MartPics 12 7 United Kingdom
2 Aug 2010 2:53PM
Interesting and different image.
susanbarton 10 11 1 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2010 4:43PM
Well I have just read every comment, except the very long one (Yawn) which is something I hardly ever do! well done enjoy your art and don't let anyone else tell you what is good and what is not! Enjoy your return to childishness

MickS 13 23 14 England
11 Oct 2010 3:24PM
Watcha Pete,
looks like an image from Barberlla, one of the characters when all the mutants were gathering for the final countdown.

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