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By RobDem    
It was a small project for me to try some new way of post processing. I'm still looking to find the way how to use colors and create color harmony on the images. If you have any suggestions please feel free to write me a comment . I did all my best and I hope you like it. Any feedbacks are welcome!

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paulbroad Plus
14 131 1294 United Kingdom
17 Aug 2016 8:24AM
What to say. Technically a fine portrait of a certain type. The colouring is very pastel which I'm not sure about and the dress and hair decorations could be brighter - I suspect they are white? However, compositionally it may be better for them to be subdued to concentrate on the face. Highlights at an edge rarely being a good idea.

So, very good really. I do find that she comes over as a little aloof.

TanyaH Plus
19 1.3k 411 United Kingdom
17 Aug 2016 9:09AM
Hi Roberto

As Paul says, it's a portrait of a certain type - but what a gorgeous example of it! Smile I love the pose, and the lighting and the composition. I personally don't mind that white feather fascinator (or whatever it's called) being close to the top of the image, because it's balanced with the white material at the bottom.

Balancing colours and achieving harmony isn't an exact science, and what will work for one person won't work for the next. For me, the skin tones are almost too warm, so I'd like to see those pared back a touch.

I've done two mods - in Mod 1, I duplicated the background layer and (in Photoshop) went to Filter / Blur / Average (this takes the sum total of all the tones within the image and (normally!) creates a complementary amalgamation of those colours - in this case, a kind of muted taupe/aubergine mixture). I then set the Blend mode of that Average blur layer to Soft Light at 50% opacity. As the colours were still slightly warm, I just used a Vibrance adjustment layer and took the vibrance value down to -60.

Mod 2 uses Mod 1 as the basis, but it also uses a Color Lookup adjustment layer and the preset of FuturisticBleak.3DL at 50% opacity. This adds a kind of greenish hue which I personally like, though you may not! That's fine, because all I'm doing here is exploring options regarding colour and colour harmony.

Anyway, have a look at the mods and see what you think. It's actually a fab shot and I'd have been proud to have done this myself Smile (so yeah, I'm a bit envious here ...)

banehawi Plus
17 2.7k 4307 Canada
17 Aug 2016 12:22PM
Its a very nice shot, well lit and nicely posed.

The question is about colour harmony, and to me thats how colours work together.

The only element here that acts as a sort of colour foil is the flower in her hair; that to me attracts a little too much attention and could be a less eye-catching colour, - as Ive tried in a mod.

The other thing I notice is a strong magenta colour cast, - this may well be deliberate, and intended to complement a "porcelain" appearance, but it doesnt work for me.

Two mods, first has the magenta corrected and skin slightly softer; and to compare, mod3 has the flower coloured differently, - less intrusive I think.

If you use a make-up artist, or the model is doing her own work, they may well have some good ideas too.

Im not sure if thats what you were looking for, if its not, pleas let us know.


dark_lord Plus
18 2.9k 810 England
17 Aug 2016 8:59PM
Hi Roberto,

I think you've done really well here and I've nothing significant to add to what's been said.

This is nice and softly lit, no issue there.
There is a vertical crease visible in the background which I find distracting once noticed. It's a small detail of the shoot that, while it can be cloned out or softened in post processing, is easier to sort out at the time.
You don't want to be doing the same processing repetitively on numerous images from the shoot as it'll drive you crazy!

As to colour harmony I'd go with Willie's suggestion. Bright yellow does draw the eye.
But the great thing about software is you can try variations. By using Select > Colour Range in Photoshop, and clicking on the yellow flower, then adjusting the slider in the dialog so you have the whole yellow flowers selected, you can then use the Hue/Saturation control to adjust the flower colour to anything you want. You'll find some colours that are too garish and some that complement the mood perfectly. Or go for a blue flower and a very cool colour balance. Experiment.
RobDem 10 1 Canada
17 Aug 2016 9:07PM
Thank you for all your nice comments and modifications. I do appreciate. I like them all and thank you!
I uploaded the second image in modifications . I did it a little bit different this time. I will upload to the modification two more images what are not mine but I would like to know how some photographers can achieve this kind of colors on the image. Or how they do this tricks to get this kind of look. I'm sorry I'm not English so excuse me my grammar. I'm still learning post processing and I know first to get a good image is to get it right in the camera. But another thing is post processing. If my image is right in the camera but post processing is rubbish all image is ruin.
dark_lord Plus
18 2.9k 810 England
17 Aug 2016 9:29PM
You're correct, get as much right in camera. You can then enhance in post processing, or make adjustments that can't be done in camera (colour modifications, for example). A badly taken image will always be a bad image.

Your V5 is very good too (and no background marks evident here) though I'd still add Willie's or Tanya's adjustments, your original has a slight magenta cast.
dudler Plus
18 1.8k 1928 England
17 Aug 2016 9:57PM
It's all a question of what look you want - there's strictly correct, and there's 'the way it looked when I took the picture'.

Both the original and the mods look good.

In terms of getting variations, adjusting the white balance (both in camera and in processing) may give you extra finesse. I notice that you used AWB when you shot this.

Willie is the real expert on colour - and different brands of camera can give slightly different results. Part of the art is to use what you've got to the max...
banehawi Plus
17 2.7k 4307 Canada
17 Aug 2016 10:55PM
Shoot in RAW; you can use a calibration grey or white card in one shot i the same light as the session, which you can use in post processing for calibration; simply open the image with the calibration card, open the raw adjustments, the white balance is the very first adjustment, use the white blance clicker tool and click on the calibration card; the resulting white balance should be then applied to all shots from the same studio session.

These cards are cheap pieces of cardboard, they can be plastic, and work well. Step 1 is getting white balance correct, - yours is not correct. It will change also according to the light source, so studio calibration should be used.

The monitor you use to view the images should be a good quality monitor thats calibrated also.

I will post some more mods to try to show what I mean.

RobDem 10 1 Canada
18 Aug 2016 9:42AM
The magenta is there only because I used Alien skin software and applied Fuji Fp-100C- Magenta preset filter. I do have Benq SW2700PT monitor and is calibrated. I think the image what is not mine is with completely different color as original raw was. I don't think we can get this colors just by WB setting in the camera. I believe is the result of color change and some post processing style.
dark_lord Plus
18 2.9k 810 England
18 Aug 2016 11:39AM

Quote:I used Alien skin software and applied Fuji Fp-100C- Magenta preset filter

Ah, now that's the sort of extra information that's very useful to have in the description. By that I mean anything to do with processing.

Full marks for having a calibrated monitor too.

You're correct in thinking modification of colour is not just down to white balance (that's just a starting point). How colour is modified can fill a huge book as they're are a myriad of ways with a myriad of variations in each.
banehawi Plus
17 2.7k 4307 Canada
18 Aug 2016 1:50PM
Now you tell us!

The other shot is because its white is balanced, and Alien Skin was not used. You can indeed get these colours with a balanced shot which matches the light source, theres are thousands of them uploaded here on this site.
banehawi Plus
17 2.7k 4307 Canada
18 Aug 2016 2:59PM
Last mod shows how the ideal pic for you is tonally matched, in the skin, with your shot. Its precisely tonally matched, but the exposure differs, as does the quality.

Robert51 13 7 127 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2016 4:19PM
Hi Rob
From your pictures you ask about how to brown tint pictures like the one posted. I have a brown tint action I use that change be changed to any colour look you like.
Using Photoshop: -
1. Duplicate you image.
2. Open a blank layer and colour fill with any colour you like. Change blend to "soft light".
3. Open a back white layer and again change to "soft light". Reduce opacity down to about 50%.
4. Open a Brightness/Contrast layer.

You change change the colour fill layer to any colour by double clicking on the colour with the line and triangle on it. You change also adjust the b&w and brightness to required levels. Record these steps as an action and you can use at will. Hope this helps...

I have posted a mod only using my own brown tint action on your first picture (no other adjustments).

Great pictures by the way.

RobDem 10 1 Canada
20 Aug 2016 12:14AM
Thank you! It has been magnificent forum guys! I do appreciate all your effort and all your suggestions. Ephotozine is a great webside and I'm happy to be here as a member. Its loaded with tones of wonderful pictures and a lot of informations what helps others to grow up on our journey as a photographers!

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