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By xwang
I have no idea about the photo.I took it last Monday, I thought that the light was beautiful, even though it doesn't look as beautiful here as it was in the sky Smile.I wonder if I should brighten up the shadow part or not.I reduced a bit noise.I don't know the blur part on the right was caused by my camera shake or just the light...
All comments, criticisms and MOD are welcome.
Thank you.

Tags: Sunset Tree House Landscape and travel

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saeidNL 11 3 Netherlands
20 Feb 2011 9:50PM
Beautiful image with lovely light,
davey_griffo 12 213 165 England
20 Feb 2011 10:03PM
I like the semi-silhouetted foreground, I wouldn't lighten it.

I also like the window onto the sunset, presented by the gap in the clouds. Perhaps a little off the top as that's not doing much, see my mod, but as to whether that actually improves it, I'm not so sure.

Well seen and shot.



Sorry, I seem to have posted the mod twice. I did it once, but got an error, so assumed it hadn't gone. So I reposted.
xwang 12 56 8
20 Feb 2011 10:38PM
Thank you Dave, better for sure.Smile
I cropped it as 3x5, that's why a lot of sky there. It is true that it is not doning muchSmile.The reason I cropped at 3x5, because I sent some free cropped photos to Truprint once and came back with their corpped version.So, I tried to stick to 3x5, 6x4 etc. in case I send them to be printed. It is a problem,isn't it? I won't print this one, so we are safe to crop it ...Grin
Thank you again.
pdcche 10 4 United Kingdom
20 Feb 2011 10:50PM
I think it is a good photo Jasmine, i like the light against the dark clouds.. Peter
I have downloaded a mod to play with
xwang 12 56 8
20 Feb 2011 10:59PM
Thank you Peter.Did you brighten it up and sharpened it?
LexEquine 15 1 19 United States
20 Feb 2011 11:16PM
Hi Jasmine. This is a lovely scenic capture with wonderful light, color, & picture elements. I am by no means any expert landscape or scenic photographer, but I have some potentially helpful comments on your nice scenic image. First off, I think that You have composed the image fairly well, according to the artistic thirds concept. The large amount of sky, gives your photograph a sense of space & scale, and the image is divided into about 2/3 rds sky, and 1/3 rd terrain. It is always better 'to err, on too much sky than too little,' and has been mentioned, a slight 6-8 mm, off a top crop, may make it slightly better. The next thing I would say, is that the image, looks 'a little flat,' and needs to have the contrast curve, increased to a more optimal level. Also, it seems like some details of the trees and landscape are obscured in the foreground. This could be improved with some slight lightening and a curves adjustment, with attention, 'not to burn out' that lovely pastel sky with the brightness & contrast tweaking. A slight bump in color saturation, would also make the image impact a little more forceful. Lastly, some of the newer DSLR's and digicams have a 'HDR image setting,' which allows the photographer select three different exposures, say -0.33 EV, 0 EV, & +0.33 EV. The camera then allows you to combine the elements from all three exposures, which give you 'a higher dynamic range than one exposure, alone.' This means that more 'bit depth of the pixels will be recorded in the image format, allowing a larger range of image parameters. I enjoy viewing your work, Jasmine, and You possess a wonderful attitude, of 'an artist, who wants to improve and listen to other's opinions.' I hope that this would help your efforts in the future.
Regards...Peter Smile
xwang 12 56 8
20 Feb 2011 11:51PM
Thank you so much Peter for your helpful comment and encouragemnetSmile
I am so glad that you mentioned HDR image. I intended to try HDR, and there are indeed three bracketing photos at -1;0;+1 stops. But I could not work it out, eventually I picked up one of them.I'll upload the three original images for anybody who wants to have a playSmile. I would be very glad to learn the reason why I couldn't make it. Maybe the setting was wrong.
Thank you very much again,Peter.
Jestertheclown 12 8.5k 253 England
21 Feb 2011 12:00AM
Hi Jasmine,

Loads of options with this!

Using software, you can do a million things with it though personally, I thil it's best left, more or less, alone.

xwang 12 56 8
21 Feb 2011 10:31AM
Thank you Bren for your MOD.Maybe I should leave it alone...Smile
Thank you Ray,I quite like the letter box...
CathR 14 151 564 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2011 10:33AM
It's a lovely sky Jasmine. You could brighten the foreground a little but personally I would not bother as you can see quite a lot of the detail there as it is. As you can see the foreground I would be looking to make a better composition in that part of the picture. The house is very near the edge of the frame. As it's got white windows it is quite light and pulls the eye in that direction. So I would be looking to make it more of a feature in the pic or alternatively lose it completely. At the moment it is a little awkward on the edge of the pic. There is a large tree which sticks up above the horizon line and looks nice against the sky. But it is very central. May be a composition with the tree on one of the thirds would work better. When you are taking the shot it's not easy to see the detail in the foreground and work out the best composition, especially when the light might disappear. But it's worth taking a few minutes to work it out. The more you do it, the quicker you get at seeing the best composition quickly.

Hope this helps, best wishes

paulbroad 13 131 1293 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2011 11:46AM
Hello Jasmine,

You are getting there now. This is good. The tonal range is very well handled with detail in the shadows and nothing burnt out. A strong image. All I would do is crop off even more sky, down to just above the grey cloud mass and resulting in a tight letterbox shape.

Well done,

Alvar 14 23 2 France
21 Feb 2011 3:52PM
I think it is just lovely Jasmine. Well done.Smile
fudgy 10 48 United Kingdom
21 Feb 2011 4:19PM
hi jasmine ..I have got a bit confused Grin is that still your original pic at top Wink

its just lovely , the sky ...must of been breath taking to see it ... Smile
xwang 12 56 8
21 Feb 2011 5:22PM
Thank you Catherine, I'll think about the composition next timeSmile

Thank you paul.I am so pleased to have your saying about the light. I learned the light matter from you. I'm glad that you settled my was also your photos made me realise the magic of light that you handle beautifully.

Hi Lesley, it was beautiful indeed, sorry, you only get a pictureWink

Thank you all for your kind comments and support.
User_Removed 13 26 2 United States
21 Feb 2011 8:03PM
That is such a stunning and dramatic view, Jasmine. You mention a blurring on the right, but all I see is the clouds and the blur there looks like it is the clouds that are fuzzy. Wonderful color and composition.
PaulLiley 12 2 13 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2011 10:32AM
Hi Jasmine. I will throw my hat into the ring for what its worth. My humble idea would be to get rid of some of the foreground which is dark anyway and detail is lost and concentrate the eye on the light and the sky. The sky appears dark near the top (due to the darker clouds-not exposure) there crop off a little of the top so you end up with a more 'letterbox' frame. If you increased the saturation that would add more drama but may appear more artificial but I don't think in this case, it doesn't matter too much. When taking the shot again a ND Grad filter would achieve a more even exposure and if you could move to a lower POV you might be able to position a tree (in the centre) onto the horizon and get a full tree silhouette-- but I think what you've taken here has room to be improved by editing as I've mentioned above. Again only my humble opinion. The eye sees things so differently to the lens. Paul
PaulLiley 12 2 13 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2011 10:45AM
Sorry forgot to say I have uploaded a mod. Not sure how you work out which is mine but it's the last on the list at the moment. Good luck. Paul
xwang 12 56 8
24 Feb 2011 12:19PM
Thank you so much Paul. I do agree with you. I didn't know the "letter box" croping.I only concerned the printing matters when I give it the 3x5 crop. Letter box is a lot better. It was also HDR in my mind,because of the range I saw, but it didn't work out. I think that I should go to -2 to +2 rather than -1 to +1. I wanted to have the volume of the light, I thought that only HDR could deliver. I don't have any experience of this kind of photography, I really have no idea what I should do or should not, simply trying and learning...
I didn't really think too much when I took the photo, a few snaps and left them in the camera.When I opened them a week later. I thought:" Oh, I should lower myself down a bit, the tree would be more dominant...," and why didn't I walk towards the left a bit? As Catherine said the tree was in the centre...I think, at that moment, I wanted the whole scale of the light and one house( not the whole roll of the houses on the right).If I moved toward the left the tree would be on the third, but I would get a lot of houses and there were a lot of bushes and more trees block the view.
Anyway,I learned a lot from this photo, thank you,and all of you for your kind help and support.
accipiter 11 61 England
26 Feb 2011 11:10PM
Hi Jasmine - I like it but it has a few problems - I have uploaded a mod with some advice attached which you can ignore if you wish. If you goto the mod it should all appear. A

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