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Sunset at Siesta Key

By Strax  
An image taken in Florida with the GF1. I cant make up my mind about this one. I am not sure that the people help this, blurred or not. Your thoughts please.

Tags: Landscape and travel

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acousticmist 11 10 1 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 5:02PM
Beautiful image, great colours and well captured.......Martin
Strax 12 5 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 5:50PM
The original plan was to get the people blurred. I know I can take them out quite easily.

I just look at it and think it's a good shot and then I come back to it a few days later and I'm not sure.

I am always like this, I get an image I like and then I start to doubt it...
clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
25 Aug 2010 7:27PM
very nice image, personally i think the blurred people is not looking bad at all, i also doubt whether the inclusion of the people helps the composition here,

but i certainly add that the horizon (water level) is not strait and it is slightly missing the target although it is not noticeable,

what is noticeable here is the sky which is not looking natural, people may differ here because of lovely colors, but i really do not like this artificial look,

as your main question about the people, i should say, it would have been better to exclude them as well as exclude the tree which is not helping to the composition,

wish you best of luck for your future works...
James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 7:49PM
Personally I like it with the people. They add interest and help lead into and give meaning to the people in the distance. I also think the tree is important as it helps with the balance and stucture of the image. Also repetition of shapes in a picture is frequently used by artists to add inteerest to a composition and the tree and blurred figure work in this way.

clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
25 Aug 2010 7:55PM
i am really not sure where the tree is helping with the balance and structure of the image, but i will wait for more opinion...
paulbroad 14 131 1293 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 9:16PM
It needs the people - a very nice image which would be rather empty without the human interest. The horizon looks OK to me.

Strax 12 5 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 9:18PM
Thanks for all the comments. It reinforces my idea that it wasn't too bad a shot after all.

I think the tree is needed over in the left hand side as it would be too bare without it.

The sky isn't that much different from what it was like. It might be sharpened a little and some more contrast but he colours arent far off from what it was like.

I will get the horizon fixed. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to add their constructive comments.
Strax 12 5 United Kingdom
25 Aug 2010 11:05PM
some details...

taken with the 20mm f1.7 prime.

0.8s @ F9
Jestertheclown 13 8.5k 253 England
25 Aug 2010 11:55PM
I rather like this!
I think that the inclusion of the people gives the shot some interest although I think I'd lose the one walking away from us, closest to the camera.
I quite like the tree. I think it needs to be there to fill that gap.
Not so sure about that sky though. As Clicknimage has said, it does look very unreal.

James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 11:37AM
Ref clicknimagine's comment
Quote:I am really not sure where the tree is helping with the balance and structure of the image, but i will wait for more opinion...

I've uploaded a couple of mods to illustrate my point. I hope this helps.

clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
26 Aug 2010 11:54AM
Ok, very nice explanation, but the composition you are trying to show, i am still saying it is not balancing in that way, can you please refer the page here , you are drawing an imaginary line based on what? particularly the upper side...
James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 1:18PM
Hi Rahul,
My internet connection is soooooo slooooow that I have given up trying to find the relevent section in your link. However, in the printed version ISBN 1-871569-33-8 pages 125 to the end (p157)discuss the subject of composition in terms of linked colours, shapes, tones etc.

In simplistic terms the lines link shapes and tonal contrasts. The additional importance of the tree is that it helps balance the strong dark tones in the bottom half of the picture by helping to lift the eye, which is otherwise dragged to the bottom left. It also helps balance the figures on the walkway, which otherwise have too much dominance.

I do hope I'm making sence - Ruskin, although long winded, deals with the subject very well.

Best regards,

clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
26 Aug 2010 4:04PM
Ok friend, you are absolutely right, but you may have misunderstood my point, yes lines can be drawn by linked colours, shapes, tones etc., but i actually doubt that if it is only me who is not getting the line on the upper part as you have drawn, i am not getting the points on the upper part to draw the line, can anybody else get it?...
James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 4:17PM
Perhaps my hand is too shaky today, but my intended line - working backiwards as it is easier to describe - starts on the top edge of the haze just above the horizon and follows along the top edge of the dark line of clouds. There is then a white line of cloud that leads up through the corner of the fence. The eye, aided by the underside of the orange glow, is then narurally led to the top of the tree, just above which there is a light orange line that takes you through the dark cloud toward the top left corner.
I hope this explains.

paulbroad 14 131 1293 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 5:21PM
Interesting conversation. I have to say that once I start reading books on composition, etc, I shall give up. For me, the hobby is fun, and no one can tell me what I like no matter how big his/her name is.

I look, I decide if I like it or not - I comment.

(Actually the drawn lines are correct - that is why it looks good, and the tree must be there - for me.)

James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 5:33PM
Fair dos Paul - actually I bought the book years ago when looking into something completely different but remebered that there was a good explanation in it as to what makes for a good composition and I thought perhaps it would explain the point I was trying to make better than I could. I would never dream of expecting a book to tell me what I like and what I don't like.

Strax 12 5 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 7:10PM
Interesting discussion upon whether or not to include the tree. I must admit I never really thought about it like that with the lines through thr image, I just liked the way it looked on the lcd on the back of the camera.
clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
26 Aug 2010 7:12PM
ok, if a discussion is really going on, i must ask to James first, can you please tell me am i right or wrong with the points you have indicated, i have uploaded a mod...
James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
26 Aug 2010 7:33PM
Hi Rahul, With your top line - yes - spot on.
The bottom line is nearly right - the link runs as drawn from the left, but curves out before the end of the wall following the edge of shaddow on the water. Your next point is spot on. The last link is at the end of the dark line to the right of the right hand most figure and then follows out to the edge as drawn.

The other things that help the composition are the repetions of groupings and shapes - eg. the trio of tree and figures on the path and trio of figures in the water - circled in white in my latest upload; and the cloud and drak patch forms circled in blue.

clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
26 Aug 2010 8:34PM
your second views are quite imaginative, i have never thought in that way as well as i doubt whether anyone else can imagine it in that way, but i really appreciate your views and your imagination,

to the first point as we are discussing here, this kind of composition can be called horizontal symmetry and what you are trying to find and indeed you have found it, but do not you think the point we are drawing above the tree and the last point at the top left side of the image is somehow forcing that line to take a big curve which i have tried to indicate on my mod with two arrows, instead if we loose the tree and crop the top part (sky), that can achieve the purpose in a simple way, what do you think?...
James_C 12 38 57 United Kingdom
27 Aug 2010 8:15AM
Good morning Rahul,
I take your point but... I have uploaded a black and white version, in which I have exagerated the contrast and blurred the image in order to exagerate the lines of symmetry. (please ignor the first one - wrong one). I have shown the original curve with a line of blue dots and added two more curves to show other suymmetries within the overall composition. The more one looks at a good composition the more one sees that contributes to the whole.
Whilst your idea might work - I haven't actually produced a version to test it - I don't see the need to carve up what is already a good composition in order to produce another simpler one. In many respects it is the complexity of the composition that has created much of the interest in what is apparantly a simple scene.

Regarding the second point Repetition of groupings and or shapes is a common ploy used by artists, but the repetition is always slightly different or distorted. This is why a view down a line of arches is appealing or a person looking through a venetian blind works well. If the girl hadn't distorted the symmetry of the blind the composition would be dull. Similarly with your picture the man's hand with one finger crooked breaks the symmetry.

clicknimagine Plus
11 915 105 India
27 Aug 2010 11:33AM
Thanks James, good morning to you too,

very much interesting observation a can see in your mod, ok lets keep the photographer alone to decide,

and we should find another one for that kind of interesting discussion that can really help us...

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