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The Beach Boys......Again

By ZenTony
So after yesterday's critique most of which I totally agree with, I thought I would just put up the next shot. Just to be clear with this. The reason I had my shutter set at 1/1000 was because I did not want the cliched movement shot. Personally I see a lot of movement in this without the need for anything to be blurred. After this shot I was also asked if I wouldn't mind leaving then alone........well not quite as polite as that !!!
So this is in colour, clearly so would appreciate comments again as a comparison to the mono yesterday. Thanks all.

Tags: Beach scene Sports and action

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mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.2k 2247 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2020 9:00AM
Totally different in feel to yesterday's. There I saw a calm balance between the three men, here it's all about the balletic pose on the left, with the others as audience looking on. Sometimes real life gives us such perfect choreography...

I like the (literally) throw-away inconsequentiality of this. The ball is going out of the frame, who cares? They don't... Colour works differently, it becomes more personal and involving, less objective.

But there is one other big difference with yesterday's, in that we see a face and torso frontally. As yesterday, the back-lighting works well on profiles and back views, but here we do need to see that face on the left. Plus you said that the sky was light blue, as I would expect in early morning, and this still looks more like evening. Given that you have the seated figure to meter on, this could be a situation for spot. But it has given a somewhat underexposed result.

I made no objection to shutter speed, by the way! 1/1000 freezes a delicious moment in time. Motion blur has its uses (and I use it), even for sports photography. But not here.

I've added a modification, much the same treatment as yesterday's. A tweak to the horizon, a small increase in exposure. I also lightened shadows a wee bit and got rid of a couple of intrusions on the left that messed with the smooth exit of the ball from the frame. That's all. The light will adjust more satisfactorily working on the original file.

I do covet these...

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mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.2k 2247 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2020 9:37AM
As an afterthought I have added a cropped version. An uneven number of subjects generally works better than an even number, and here the ball is definitely an important player. I feel that the third figure is less connected, whereas there is a rapport between the two on the left. Looking at the crop, I am seeing a very different story... Square contains it.
DaveRyder Plus
6 4.4k 7 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2020 9:46AM
I've give this a very similar re-edit to yesterdays.
I'd initially just go for a B&W on this as I think the few colours (especially the figure on the right) don't fit well.
However I've resisted and looked for simply applied a similar approach to yesterday.

Used a matt filter and contrast to reduce tone.
I've cropped and removed as yesterday, plus a second edit where I've removed the ball.
It could be a completely different scenario and allows imagination to run a little wild (I see singing).

Hope you like the different feel in the outputs.
25 Jul 2020 10:00AM

Sorry but absolutely hate the matt filter.
You have to remember MY visualization when I took the photo. There are some really relevant suggestions from others but I just dont get yours. If I had wanted the photo to appear in that manner I would have taken it. Your suggestion, I feel, adds nothing to improve the quality of my photo.
dudler Plus
16 1.2k 1679 England
25 Jul 2020 12:07PM
To work from where we arrived yesterday...

I really like the way that you've got the horizon perfectly horizontal in both images: that is an absolute necessity, and it's worth acknowledging that you know this and have it under control.

I've tried a mod with a panoramic crop, and pulling the frame tight on the left, so that the ball heading out of frame is uncompromisingly 'wrong' for old-fashioned club judges.

I couldn't resist lightening things a bit: but the colour version looks more natural, by a mile, than the mono - which leads me to ask if your mono conversions are just that, or whether you then make conscious decisions about Levels, contrast and so on. Not everyone considers these...
dark_lord Plus
16 2.6k 683 England
25 Jul 2020 1:50PM
No-one mentioned the shutter speed, just exposure. The shutter speed is absolutely fine, a good choice.
So what if the ball is heading out of frame, its still there and all the guys are looking towards it, that's the story.

The colour does have a different mood, but there's room for mono too as it works either way even if you have a preference one wy or the other.

My mod i about making the most of the early morning light, so after a small tweak to Levels and Curves to get a full range of tones nd a tweak to contrast, I lifted the shadows a touch (more appealing for colour, less so for mono here) and finally increased Saturation individually for blue and yellow to make the most of the warm early light and blue of the sea and sky.
chase Plus
14 1.7k 411 England
25 Jul 2020 1:58PM
I did like the very contrasty mono from Moira on yesterdays image, the colour here makes such a difference, it looks much more like a 'sunshine' image but perhaps just a tad dark.
Again, I like Moiras second mod with just the two guys in the frame, I just wondered if this would look better without the plain sky in the frame.
I did 2 mods, one based on Moiras mod with the sky removed and the other from your original, again with the sky cropped away, slightly lightened, especially on the face of the chap on the left.
I left in the reflections in the wet sand as I think they add a different dimension to the frame.
Not 100% sure that removing the sky helps, such a shame there were no lovely fluffy clouds in view, but the idea gives you another viewpoint to consider perhaps.

I didn't realise how mucky the lad on the left was, looks like he has taken a dive or two during his game of beach rugby.
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.2k 2247 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2020 2:12PM
I'm really curious as to the thinking behind Dave's use, here and yesterday, of the matt filter. For me it just kills the light, flattens the 3-D quality. I hope he will come back and explain the benefit that he sees in it.

I do like Janet's mod 7, it creates the sense of a private space.
banehawi Plus
16 2.2k 4149 Canada
25 Jul 2020 3:28PM
Theres certainly motion here with that ball in the air.

Like the last one, underexposed quite a bit unless you want it dark; white auto white balance extremely blue, - daylight would give a warmer look as in the mod. Horizon slightly off level.

Mod addresses these areas.


25 Jul 2020 4:53PM
Thanks for all your comments.
Personally I love the mod by Moira which just lifts the whole image. I did underexpose to make the guys more silhouetted. Yesterdays was converted to mono and I then adjusted levels. Again for me Moira tweeks improved it significantly. Not sure about cropping down to the two guys though. My preference would be the first mod.
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.2k 2247 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2020 5:24PM
Thanks for the feedback Tony, it makes all the difference! The Critique Gallery is about seeing your work through other people's, hopefully sympathetic, eyes. And it works best when we get a conversation going.
dudler Plus
16 1.2k 1679 England
25 Jul 2020 5:44PM
Yes, thank you, Tony. The more you say, the more we can direct our comments to the areas that you want, rather than making assumptions.

From what you say about underexposure being deliberate, I'm guessing that you do use visual judgement of the viewfinder image, which means I'm still interested in where you metered from. Spot metering is a tricky beastie at the best of times! I notice that you don't generally use it in the other pictures in your gallery here.
25 Jul 2020 5:53PM
John the brutal truth is that I am a novice with metering and in the past have (blush) often just used auto. I use the viewfinder and adjust aperture to what I am hoping will be the most appropriate for the final shot. I only take single shots. I dont use bracket exposure. All your comments are being taken on board with the hope that my photography improves !
25 Jul 2020 6:11PM
One point Keith regarding your modification "warming up" the image. It looks good, however, does not actually reflect the tones at the time of the shot.
dudler Plus
16 1.2k 1679 England
25 Jul 2020 10:13PM
For what it's worth, I use Aperture priority most of the time, and use the exposure compensation dial when that's not quite right: occasionally, for tricky subjects, I use Manual, and think about where to take the reading from.

If you want to know all the ins and outs, there's an amazingly complete book on exposure by Michael Freeman - thoroughly comprehensive, and dealing with a number of wrinkles that digital introduces to the subject. And a good start is to understand the Exposure Triangle - the link between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. It's one of the most difficult concepts in photography, and it's the first one you need to nail.

Then you can choose the three variables to deliver what you need in terms of depth of field (front-to-back sharpness, determined by the aperture) and freezing motion/killing camera shake (shutter speed determines this, as you already understand), balancing them against technical quality, to some extent (but much less than ten years ago).

As to white balance - Auto will, theoretically, compensate for the prevailing colour of the light: so if the light is very blue, it will warm it up, and if it's very red, it will cool it. So it very rarely makes things look as they actually were, and when it does, it's by chance. If you photograph a white card with AWB on, it should always come out the same colour - so you've had a happy accident that it has given a colour that matches your memory of how the scene was.

Like exposure, therefore, white balance is, to a large extent, a creative choice, and is adjustable in processing, to suit your vision of how it should be - true to memory, scientifically accurate, or distorted for more impact...
mrswoolybill Plus
13 2.2k 2247 United Kingdom
26 Jul 2020 7:51AM

Quote:For what it's worth, I use Aperture priority most of the time, and use the exposure compensation dial when that's not quite right: occasionally, for tricky subjects, I use Manual, and think about where to take the reading from.

In normal life I spend most of my time photographing people, and Shutter speed priority is my default. Otherwise, as John's advice above - if you use matrix metering with an understanding of exposure compensation - when it is needed and by how much - the results are more reliable. I would not consider spot metering for a once-only chance and then move on hastily, such as you have previously described.
dark_lord Plus
16 2.6k 683 England
26 Jul 2020 9:10PM

Quote:It looks good, however, does not actually reflect the tones at the time of the shot

No problem Tony. I wasn't there that's true, so it's my interpretation and only offered as a suggestion.

Quote:I dont use bracket exposure.

Very rarely do I.

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