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where the stars don't shine

By Diana
stars dont always shine for me so ..up for crit

no trails... hey ho! so I bracketed thinking I could do an HDR (joke!) how hard is this to do ? any tips would be more than welcome cos I have loads of halos and other incidentals I hadn't expected

thanks for looking and critting if you can and all ...


Tags: Landscape and travel Night and low light Not shining tonight

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taggart Plus
16 47 14 United States
17 Nov 2010 2:09AM
No able to critique, but I think it is pretty darn cool!-- Love whatever happened!
User_Removed 15 10 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 5:56AM
Spot on in my eyes love it do like the angle

LynneJoyce Plus
13 22 101 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 6:04AM
Very striking - this would grace the cover of a mystery novel well.
CatMouse 17 115 Russian Federation
17 Nov 2010 7:20AM
fraser 17 631 14 Scotland
17 Nov 2010 8:39AM
I like the way it turned out - a scene from a ghost story?
HDR can be a pain but you have to play around with the sliders and buttons to get used to what they do and try to get the balance right on the histogram.
morpheus1955 14 3 2 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 8:53AM
Stunning shot I like this a lot, very well done.

sherring 13 46 13 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 9:11AM
I really like it. Great processing.

paulbroad 13 131 1293 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 9:16AM
Everything is wrong, but it's very very good. Just shows how you can break the rules - almost all of them, and produce something worthwhile. If you did the obvious, correct verticals, colour etc. it would be a very ordinary scene.

great stuff - I even like the HDR.

15 13 1 United Kingdom
17 Nov 2010 9:27AM
Like this.. looks like you just woken up from a fevered dream..but it works.

hyd 11 England
17 Nov 2010 10:48AM
Stunning image, really like this one, love that sky, everything you have done works so well. very nice work.

Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
17 Nov 2010 11:54AM

I better go recover all the ones I dumped into the trash can this weekend Wink

I do like to break the rules yes for sure

Si, thank you, your not too far wrong on that one

Fraser I haven't a clue what the histogram is supposed to look like tbh, but thank you

I get your point Frank about windmills facing out the frame but the trouble is, around the polders you cant really choose from where to shoot or you'd be falling in the water, thats what the mills are there for, to manage the water (it is Holland btw)

point taken about the horizon I just got so frustrated with the whole thing I put it up for tips and crits..

I'll do another one laters then and straighten the horizon up. Think I can do that much Wink

thank you for looking and commenting, all really helpful

NobbytheNobster 12 33 5 England
17 Nov 2010 1:03PM
Halo's shmalo's! I think this image is stunning Diana.
I've done quiet a few hdr shots and generally just play until happy, unfortunately never seem to remember the exact process, settings etc as every shot is so different from the next so cant offer any constructive advice except just play!
Ridgeway 14 222 2 Ireland
17 Nov 2010 1:39PM
Hey Diana,
Its been a while,nice to see stunning still applies to your work,

andy210966 13 4 119 Wales
17 Nov 2010 5:12PM
Cracking piece of imaginative work Diana! Love the angles and the post work!

TrevBatWCC Plus
12 13 19 England
17 Nov 2010 5:18PM
Can't criticise this, Diana, it's spot-on! Cracking capture.
TrevB Smile
malc_c 14 2 167 England
18 Nov 2010 12:27AM
Do like the effectiveness of the HDR in this one, you have nicely sharp details with no sign of halo's or the noisy gremlins. My only real crit would be to watch that the reflection of the sky is much brighter than the sky itself in places.

From a compositional viewpoint it's true that the windmill breaks the 'rule' that objects should look 'into' the frame, creating a slightly unsettling feel to the composition, but actually that complements the bleak colour you have here. And the perspective distortion and skew horizon I couldn't care less about- it's entirely clear what we are looking at and this isn't a record shot.

Most importantly, for me, is that you've used HDR to help tell the story in the image, not as the point of the image itself. Sumptuous.

Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
18 Nov 2010 12:29AM
OK I wont straighten the horizon either then! Wink

seriously thank you, I thought someone was going to tell me how to do an HDR

oh well I am glad really that you haven't cos I guess it is better to discover things for myself

I'll drop this one soon, then i'll do another in my own sweet neophyte way and see what comes out at the end

thank you for the comments....


EDIT: Malc we posted at the same time I'll read your comments and come back in a bit

Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
18 Nov 2010 12:40AM
Malc that is useful crit thank you for that

the light water yes, it must be the white point thingy I used, I'll watch that next time then

I liked the Mill pointing away too 'cos it was bleak coming home again (back here I mean)

and I am not going to straighten then, so there! Wink

I also love skewed distortion as you well know

sumptuous is good too so thank you so much for taking the time to comment for me, it is really appreciated Malc

I'll try some more now

NeilWigan Plus
10 17 16 England
18 Nov 2010 9:34AM
how you see it is what you put up,how it is, is what any one can see.I know you see things your way,that is why your unique,i personally like this work a lot,but i am like you i dont know all the rules. lol ,Neil Joan and family.
RockArea 14 18 3 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2010 4:56PM
I suppose I could tell you how to do HDR but what's the point? This works so well and that's what it's all about. Magic!

DanielD 11 1 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2010 6:39PM
Stunning shot - it's like a dream - superb - well done

BlueRoom 15 73 20 United Kingdom
18 Nov 2010 6:48PM
It's a weird and idiosyncratic image so normal standards of crit don't really apply. To get natural looking HDR you need to start with natural looking images... which is clearly not the case here so for goodness sake stop worrying about that. As for the skew, it's a weird pic made even weirder by the angle so straightening it would be a sin.
The bottom line is that even if you don't know what you're doing in some areas, you do always know when you 've got an image and that's the most useful talent of all.

Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
18 Nov 2010 11:44PM
thank you again for the great critt and tips on here and by PM, really appreciated

I like weird Eric thats such a compliment Wink

I wont sin then cos I may not be forgiven and that wont be nice

trouble is I was standing on a floaty jetty for these and some are a bit wobbly, I mean some of the blades are hazy cos of the wind and the movement of the jetty in the water and the long exposures, hence the 'halo shmaolos' I think

I'll see if I can find three sharp ones and have another bash

at least i didn't fall in, but it was a close one... in the inky Wink

fraser 17 631 14 Scotland
19 Nov 2010 8:46AM
I nhave to confess I thought the compositional rules were intentionally broken so I didn't raise them in my post. Diana, The historgram tends to show as an irregular triangle between two vertical axes. The data towards the left hand side represents the dark areas of the image and the data to the right the light areas. A "correct" histogram has all of the information inside the axes and, ideally, just touching the vertical axes. If the chart extends beyond the left axis the image is underexposed and beyond the right it is overexposed. If you adjust the "Amount", "Luminosity" , "Gamma" and black and white point sliders in your HDR programme they all have an effect on the histogram, spreading or compacting it horizontally. To get a more natural image you want the histogram adjusted as I have described above. But, then again, the rules are made to be broken......
banehawi Plus
17 2.5k 4247 Canada
19 Nov 2010 5:12PM
Im late coming to this shot Diana, and have had the advantage of reading all the comments above.

For me this is a magical image, with just the right amount of perspective distortion to make it akin to a dream, or a scene from a graphic fairytale.
I agree that the very brifht spot can be toned down, - and the horizon straightened, and Ive done a fair amount of work in the mod on composition, etc, - BUT, - I think this has perhaps lost the magic component?


pauldawn 12 1 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2010 8:35PM
firstly im going to say that i love this image!! im a great lover of hdr in all its forms and this on stands out!

ill also say though that good HDR doesnt need to conform to normal so-called rules of photgraphy (comp, lighting etc) hdr in itself can hide a multitude of photographic sins (which is why i use it alot lol). if anyones going to critique an HDR image in a way they might critique a "main stream" image is futile. HDR is a style in its own right - you either love it or hate it! personally, when done well, like this image is _ I LOVE IT!
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
19 Nov 2010 9:04PM

thank you for those extra and most unexpected crits and comments

Fraser thank you for coming back to this, well I guess I work to my own rules

I mean, I don't think "is the windmill facing in the frame" before I shoot it, I just want to capture the moment really.

and thanks for that about the histogram, but it probably wont sink in to my brain though. I'll just play till it feels right.

Willie thank you for that, I am liking all the dream interpretations, I tried to tone down the highlight in the next one but it was not easy.

Then I tried that hateful clone tool, Jeez I hate that thing…..didn't work.

The mods you have done Willie, thank you for those too. dya know, you're right I think, I love the slanted horizon it does add to the magic.

A lot of my shots of late are on the slant but I'm not so bothered now about that

I like mod 2… for that extra bit of zing you have given it.

I sharpened mine too (now theres a first)

Paul the HDR specialist !

thank you too for the mods, (bet you bashed those out quickly)! I just love the colour of mod 5 Paul. I managed one like that but forgot how I done it now Sad

I am so touched by all the comments and critts thank you so much all of you

I better go back now and shoot some more, perhaps I'll wait till it snows Wink

pauldawn 12 1 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2010 9:47PM

Quote:thank you too for the mods, (bet you bashed those out quickly)!


youre right Di, they were no more than some simple filters. anyway, just chucked another up - took a little more time with this one.
Source 10
19 Nov 2010 10:10PM
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
20 Nov 2010 8:59PM
Paul Wink

I just meant you're so good at these you can do them so quickly

where do the filters come from are they in photoshop?

and hey, I'm getting to like that light patch in the water now too

thanks too Source


cassiecat 13 39 46 England
20 Nov 2010 11:34PM
guess it all depends on the look you are after, whether you want the natural look, or something very enhanced. this has its own charm with the vibrant colours. but i'm on my own not being a fan of the wacky perspective.
Diana 14 2.0k 19 Netherlands
20 Nov 2010 11:58PM
thats another great mod thank you Lesley with great instructions on the upload too, I understand about the wackiness and your feelings about it and I respect that

just that my brain wont allow me to shoot level at the moment and its driving me pretty damed crazy …

so I'll have a go at those ideas and thanks for the PM too really appreciated

and yep it is photomatix I have been playing with

pauldawn 12 1 United Kingdom
22 Nov 2010 4:40PM


I just meant you're so good at these you can do them so quickly

where do the filters come from are they in photoshop?

and hey, I'm getting to like that light patch in the water now too

thanks too Source

hi di

go look for adobe lightroom - youll love it!



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