Wild dogs

By ColleenA
Good morning.
Thank you for your great response to my Vultures and especially to Rob (bobsblues) and Fred263 for their UA's ....much appreciated.....
Today I have a story about one of Africas most endangered mammals.....The Wild dog (Lycaen pictus) also known as The painted dog.

African wild dogs are specialized predators typically residing in packs of between 10-20 dogs. They are identified by their large round ears (V2) blotchy brown,black and white bodies, white tipped tails, long legs, slender bodies and distinctive stripe extending from behind the head. Wild dogs are chiefly diurnal, active during the day...hunting morning or late afternoon.
When it comes to reproduction it is only the Alpha male and female who mate. ( Hence the reason for stepping in to save her) Whelping takes place between march and July when hunting is easiest. The gestation period is 69-73 days culminating in 2-10 pups.
During hunting they rely on sight so avoid tall or thick grass,
The entire pack hunts together, they will attack their victims of all sizes from large eland to small hares, although impala is their favourite food source. Larger packs have been known to take zebra and wildebeest.
Their organized method of hunting enables them to bring down there prey quickly, sometimes in a few seconds. The prey is immediately fed upon sometimes while the prey is still alive.
Wild dogs are intensely social animals spending almost all of their time in close association with each other.
Several threats to wild dogs include conflict with humans, habitat fragmentation and infectious disease.
Only 1-4 are mine...the rest taken by our ranger, sorry for the large upload but wanted to share the story...mine were captured a year ago, before I knew how to use a camera. V9 is her young pups standing anxiously watching the operation
Have a nice day...

Tags: Wildlife and nature Wild dogs

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This is quire a set, Colleen. A few are indeed really hard to look at, and we need not to avoid reality.

Thanks for the set, and for the clommentary.


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ddolfelin Plus
6 103 3 Wales
4 Feb 2014 4:29AM
Well done, Colleen.
One picture would have been great but you have provided a whole story.
Looks like it might well have pulled through!
An amazing story and images. Such a very interesting and informative writeup,.. My favourites are V2 and V3..
Fantastic images of YOURS and very educational the rest..Grin Not something we would normally have access to...hence the UA.. Very impressed!

Lynette Grin
Bantu 4 7 1 India
4 Feb 2014 4:42AM
Excellent capture of images,please add little background story.
ColleenA Plus
5 362 6 Australia
4 Feb 2014 4:59AM

Quote:Excellent capture of images,please add little background story.

Our Ranger was out on a Game drive with guests when they came across the Wild dogs and noticed the Alpha female had a wire snare around her neck. As they are endangered and if she died the whole future of the pack would be in jeopardy. Our ranger then called a vet from the nearest town who came out immediately. It took a while to get close enough to dart her. They then set about trying to clean the wound and remove the wire. It was a huge task to satire her neck closed. They gave her strong anti biotic injections and hopefully she has recovered. I have many more images I can upload if anyone is interested.
ugly Plus
10 9 57 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 6:23AM
I almost put a Painted wild dog on this morning.

A very nice capture.
Well done.

Andysnapper 10 109 25 England
4 Feb 2014 6:38AM
A sad tale Colleen and hopefully one with a happy ending. Well captured and documented.

gss 4 1 Romania
4 Feb 2014 6:54AM
It's very hard to look at this set. Good end for this female, but how many others are suffering? Wild dogs seem to have the same fate like stray dogs
andylea 9 37 1 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:01AM
brilliant set colleen wonderful detail belting light and tones v1 and v3 for me today two crackers nice ones Wink
CarolG 11 199 20 Greece
4 Feb 2014 7:03AM
A fine set, Colleen, and some very sad to see. Man has so much to answer for. Carol
Caziwinkles 5 3 1 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:05AM
Such a very sad tale Colleen - I was horrified at the wound - but compelled to look - I do hope she has recovered well and her pups back with her.

Nigeve1 Plus
5 1.4k 101 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:06AM
Fascinating reportage, great images and text, I like V1 best of all.
LynneJoyce Plus
9 20 99 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:16AM
Well done to the rangers and the vet for their intervention. Love this set and the fascinating commentary. I do hope that the alpha female survived and thrived.
mistere Plus
4 4 3 England
4 Feb 2014 7:23AM
Great set collen, very disturbing to see the rangers images, V1 ans3 are super photographs.
Sorry i missed yesterdays, internet still playing up. Will catch up later.

SUE118 Plus
9 8 1 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:27AM
A great write up and excellent images even the ones of the sick dog, I do hope she pulled through. I do love their ears.
Mollycat Plus
4 11 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:45AM
Interesting piece of reporting Colleen. So many endangered species, at least this one could be saved, hopefully. Thanks for sharing. Peter.
gwynn56 6 87 England
4 Feb 2014 7:50AM
wonder if the snare was meant to catch a dog or something else , either way it cruel
Nikonuser1 Plus
5 152 16 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:56AM
Great piece of reporting Colleen, a happy end I hope, to what could have been a very different outcome.


Quote:Fascinating reportage, great images and text, I like V1 best of all.

I agree with the above.
4 Feb 2014 8:14AM
Interesting and informative set of images Colleen, I hate snares,
User_Removed 13 386 2 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 8:33AM
Outstanding captures with an excellent description.
ali63 Plus
6 775 1 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 8:36AM
Stunning captures, poor thing it must have been in sheer agony,

Ali Grin
4 Feb 2014 9:09AM
Excellent photography Colleen and such a sad story.

Jenny Smile
Mike_Young Plus
11 12 9 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 9:09AM
A brilliant set of images Colleen, with super narrative, of course some are very upsetting, but it is imperative that this sort of problem is publicised. Well done for showing these images of this beautiful creature.
ColleenA Plus
5 362 6 Australia
4 Feb 2014 9:36AM

Quote:A great write up and excellent images even the ones of the sick dog, I do hope she pulled through. I do love their ears.

I have just had an update from our Ranger, he says the last time he saw her she was running around ok but the wound had split open a bit, the Vet had expected that....same as domestic dogs they will always lick the wound. He said the other dogs should keep it clean from infection as they constantly groom each other. He thinks they have left the Reserve again into an adjoining reserve...this Pack is very mobile and travel vast distances. Hopefully they may make their way down South again when we are there in March.
4 Feb 2014 9:47AM
Excellent pictures. They would make a very good examples in any talk about the cruelty we give out to wildlife. My favourite is V2
4 Feb 2014 11:00AM
Wow Colleen - amazing set of shots.
First of all - lucky you to see wild dogs, I've never seen them, but for me that's a good enough reason to keep going back to Africa in the hope that one day I will!!
Secondly for someone who says she didn't know how to use a camera, you were doing amazingly well and got better results than many who do claim to know what they are doing!
Lastly I'm glad the wounded female was okay, that's a good end to the rather dramatic story (well told by the way).
Great job altogether!!!
AnnJ Plus
6 5 Scotland
4 Feb 2014 11:16AM
Well done Colleen, people need to be aware of these awful snares. Ann.
4 Feb 2014 11:26AM
Hope the victim had a good recovery.
Irishkate Plus
7 41 114 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 11:28AM
Great story telling - amazing the lengths humans go to, to help animals
who have been injured in such dangerous environment. I wonder if those animals
feel that man isn't so bad after all. Do they ever attack the Rangers?
Kate GrinGrinGrin
ColleenA Plus
5 362 6 Australia
4 Feb 2014 11:35AM

Quote:Great story telling - amazing the lengths humans go to, to help animals
who have been injured in such dangerous environment. I wonder if those animals
feel that man isn't so bad after all. Do they ever attack the Rangers?
Kate GrinGrinGrin

No they don't Kate, because the rangers respect them and their space they in turn respect them . The other dogs all sat one side watching the operation and not one of them tried to attack, it's almost as if they were aware of the damage to their leader and were happy for the help at hand.
SlowSong Plus
9 7.4k 30 England
4 Feb 2014 12:02PM
Thank goodness they stepped in and helped her out. These wild dogs are such wonderful family animals and it'd be such a shame to lose even one. A top set Colleen, wonderful to look at and excellent info.
viscostatic 11 36 5 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 12:12PM
Excellent photos from you Colleen but the others very disturbing.

alansnap 14 577 26 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 12:48PM
An excellent series, your's and the ranger's. She obviously suffered a lot and she was very fortunate that the ranger found her while something could be done. Wild dogs are not the prettiest animals around, but I do admire their hunting abilities. They are much more successful in bringing down prey than any other African predator. They have a fascinating pack life, and they will look after injured pack members too. I have seen films of amazing recoveries by wild dogs, so I hope this one did well. I have only ever been able to see some in a reserve near Pretoria, and I'd love to see them in the wild sometime.
Rende 11 38 4 Netherlands
4 Feb 2014 1:10PM
Fascinating series and images Colleen.
rontear Plus
15 8 8 England
4 Feb 2014 2:00PM
My favourite African mammal Colleen !! Such beautiful creatures. A very sombre set of images ( glad the Alpha female survived, snares are indiscriminate and illegal !!) showing the struggle that these animals have in Africa. I have seen them in Botswana ( I have images of them, they are on EPZ early uploads take a look and they are on my web site too !)
My award for today for such a photographic essay.Smile
Lillian Plus
8 22 17 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 2:06PM
Fully agree with everything that has been said Colleen, and congratulate
you on such a great set of images to go with your write up
these have always been one of my favourite dogs from the wild
so I thank you for bringing this to our attention..as guess you were in a quandary
about showing the set even
Mike_Smith Plus
10 482 1 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 2:10PM
Fantastic set of shots Colleen, and i enjoyed reading your write up. You have got to admire the way they hunt. I hate snares people put them down here for Fox and Rabbits, i just think its a terrible way for any animal to die
TrevBatWCC Plus
9 12 12 England
4 Feb 2014 3:07PM
How very sad about the way they have been snared and trapped Sad But an interesting collection of images here, Colleen, with an interesting write-up too.
Trev Smile
NDODS 7 5.1k 125 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 3:53PM
A quite fascinating and well written narrative supported by what can only be described as a superb set of high quality wildlife images, each one a real pleasure to view. Thanks for bringing wildlife into my little space Colleen...

It is sad that they are getting persecuted...

Regards NathanGrinGrinGrin
4 Feb 2014 4:09PM
An amazing story and fabulous set of images, love these dogs
myrab 11 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 5:47PM
A lovely set of images of a very sad story, but thankfully with a happy ending.

EileenH 4 1 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 6:19PM
Nice images ,but very sadSmile

richmowil Plus
9 352 2 England
4 Feb 2014 6:23PM
An Extremely interesting and informative set of images/narrative Colleen!! Thnaks for sharing it with us!!
4 Feb 2014 6:46PM
A fabulous set Colleen, yours and the rangers. I hate the human race with a passion sometimes, how people can harm the beautiful animals we have been graced with baffles me. Can I put them in a snare and see how they'd like to suffer or better still shoot the B******ds?!

capto Plus
6 5.2k 8 United Kingdom
4 Feb 2014 7:41PM
A grim story, but well told.Smile

4 Feb 2014 8:35PM
what an awful tale but important to share.
4 Feb 2014 8:45PM
Oh Colleen what shocking images but ones that need to be seen. I cant say they are lovely shots but well photographed. very important.

Best wishes Patty
Brilliant set Colleen. So glad that she is hopefully doing well. Great write up. So interesting. Have my UA to go with the rest. Superb. Cathy
4 Feb 2014 11:11PM
A brilliant set of images Colleen and an amazing story as well.
mikbee 11 3 8 Scotland
4 Feb 2014 11:39PM
Graphic indeed Colleen,
but that's nature for you !!
Interesting set.
Some magic captures in this eleven with V1 outstanding which really tells a story. Well done Colleen.
5 Feb 2014 1:50AM
Beautiful photos, but as a dog lover it saddens me, never-the-less, good photo-journalism and a story that is worth recording.
5 Feb 2014 6:08PM
Wow! this is amazing! A great set of images Colleen, even though some are graphic, but needed to tell the story. Great capture and awesome images. They are all great.
Glostopcat 12 255 2 England
5 Feb 2014 8:19PM
A tremendous set of wildlife images Colleen, glad to hear that the packs main female recovered from those terrible injuries caused by the snare
Jasper87 Plus
8 2.0k 150 England
6 Feb 2014 9:28AM
Well captured and collated reportage, Colleen.

Chinga Plus
7 3 1 United Kingdom
6 Feb 2014 11:09PM
My word! They are amazing... Very good sequence & Subjects Colleen. IB
dark_lord Plus
14 2.1k 537 England
9 Feb 2014 5:51PM
I said i'd get round to catching up. A good reportage series well put together, doesn't matter much if a few aren't yours, you still had to choose them to tell the story.
It's good to see 'behind the scenes', what happens in the game park and conservation generally as well as 'nice portrait' images.

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