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  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    If only we could remove the rubbish...

    Sometimes you take a photo of a place then after, realise there's a really annoying bit that spoils the photo and in the case of this shot, it's the overflowing rubbish bin towards the rear of the frame. We, meaning Nikita and I, attempted to remov...

  • Avatar : pablophotographer

    Agfa Iso-Rapid 1

    A 35mm Square format camera has been gifted to me. It dates from the Sixties and it uses proprietary loading canisters that take 35mm film. Due to the size of the canister the amount of exposures does not exceed 24, I was told It has a PARATOR 42m...

  • Avatar : dudler

    You develop your own films don’t you?

    If you have your own darkroom, or if you use film cameras regularly, there are always a few people who mention the attic. As in ‘Grandpa’s cameras are in the attic. I don’t even know if they have film in them!’ This leads me to ask if I can have a l...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    Dartmoor Photowalk 31 Burrator Res'r & Sheeps Tor

    This week we had sunshine and cloudless skies and we’ve been in a mini heatwave for some time so I decided to go and look at Burrator Reservoir to see how far down it was. I wondered if I might get some unusual shots of Longstone Manor ruins if it wa...

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    Bird Photography (On a Budget)

    Not everyone can afford extreme telephoto lenses for bird photography. Lower cost gear is perfectly effective and getting the best out of it will improve you as a photographer. We've all looked at fantastic bird images and thought that if we too had...

  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    The Church On Church Street

    This one is from my trip to the UK and it can be found standing behind the signpost I uploaded a while back in my blog's story. Churches just offer so much photographic potential and I turned this one black and white in Snapeed to really bring out ...

    • Posted by : NikitaMorris
    •  11 Aug 2022 10:39AM
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  • Avatar : Snaphappyannie

    Apologies for a gap in posting!

    Yes - I did catch the dreaded Covid - but thanks to a body-full of vaccine, it was no worse than a mild cold. I also contrived to get breast cancer. Hopefully, caught early and after a lumpectomy and 10 rounds of radiotherapy I’m keeping my fingers...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    Dartmoor Photowalk 30 Sourton Tors & Corn Ridge

    This week I was back on the North Moor heading for Lake Viaduct via Sourton Tors then on to Branscombe’s Loaf before heading back to the car via Sourton Tors again. No film or Medium Format this week just the Fuji X-T2s. Sourton Tors. Branscombe’...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Bits of Classic Cars

    It's always difficult in museums to cut out people and distracting items when trying to shoot the exhibits, but one answer is to go in close and concentrate on bits of the various items on display. These shots, using the Pentax K-5 and the 18-135mm P...

  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    Smile For The Camera

    At the sea caves again and it's a portrait, not the sea, taking centre stage this time. A rare photo of Tina (my wife and Nikita's mum) with the background thrown lovely out of focus. I did know how to do this with a camera years ago but with the G...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Mrs and Mrs Wilson

    As of yesterday daughter Hazel married Lynne Louise Wilson and they both became Mrs Wilson. It was a lovely wedding, full of warmth, love and happiness as our two love birds became as one. As the proud dad I wasn't the official photographer, it's not...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    Dartmoor Photowalk 29 Kings Tor & 2 Quarries

    This week I took the Bronica SQ-Ai out to Kings Tor via Merrivale Stone Rows then on to Swelltor and Foggintor Quarries. The weather was fine with some cloud perfect for Fuji Provia 100F. As usual I took my Fuji X-T2 for those on the move shots and t...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Following the Clues

    Having possession of much of the family archive, I have been steadily making my way through all the old black and white negatives, duly scanning and then adjusting those that can be saved. Some are great images, many are so blurred as to be almost in...

  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    A Tree Frozen In Time

    Trees are brilliant photographic subjects and this one, in particular, demanded its portrait to be taken as we couldn't take our eyes off it! It's like something from the pages of a fairytale storybook with its character and strong lines standing o...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Art, Composition and Open Windows

    I picked up a delightful vintage art book, a collection of the bygone age paintings of A R Quinton, made famous by a huge number of Salmon postcards. Quinton's paintings spoke to me on several levels. One is the obvious romantic level of the gorgeous...