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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 30 The Miniscule Sausage Area

    This week I was alone so I decided to try to find some bouldering areas on Dartmoor, The Miniscule Sausage Area and Cuckoo Rock. The Miniscule Sausage Area is not marked on the map, it is also known as Snappers Tor which is also not marked on the map...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    The Mark Scollon Memory Walk

    This happened today at 1pm, organised by sister-in-law Diane, and we walked around Pennington Flash as a tribute to Sue's late brother Mark. There was quite a group gathered, and I made a group shot to commemorate the event. After the walk, the magn...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Places - Kirklinton Hall

    Kirklinto Hall is near Carlisle and another place worth a photographic visit. It is under a slow restoration, so return visits every now and again may see some progression. Our visit was way back in 2018, so here are some pictures from then. Hopefull...

  • Avatar : dudler

    Lending your understanding

    I came across a lovely description of the MR James’s voice while reading a lesson in church as being delightful: he “lend you his understanding” of the text. Even 100 years ago, this was quite an achievement for most listeners with a lesson from th...

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    Image Enhancement – Still Seen As 'Cheating'?

    It's a long held belief that using software to enhance an image is the devil's own work. I'm not talking about creating misleading, fake or fraudulent imagery but using simple basic adjustments that many images benefit from. The idea for this blog c...

  • Avatar : dudler

    Goodbye to all that?

    I’m not sure how many blogs I have written since the start of the pandemic, but I suspect at around 400. And looking for signs that normality might be returning, I’m particularly pleased that I shall be writing full-size articles for EPZ again. Yo...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Street in Liverpool and St Nazaire

    And actually in Honfleur as well. Street photography, wherever it is, can be great fun to do. Gathering interesting and/or quirky pictures of people is great, and by and large the subjects tend to be quite happy about it. There are plenty of books on...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    The Wild and Wacky World of JPEG

    Without getting into the RAW vs JPEG arguments, for those who use JPEG capture there are a number of picture styles available, as well as all sorts of digital filters. This is subtly different to shooting RAW and then aplying filters, because it impl...

  • Avatar : dudler

    A sinking feeling

    As a member of a model and photographer networking website, I often look at the portfolios of people who have liked one of my pictures. And sometimes it’s a dispiriting experience: there are quite a lot of people who have never got past either flas...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Places - Roundhay Park, Leeds

    Thank heavens for SatNavs, the one and only way to defeat the Mangled Machinations of the road designers in Leeds.....after a not impossible journey we arrived at Roudhay Park, more specifically at Tropical World, with Granddaughter Amelia in tow. We...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    52 for 2021 Week 29

    This week’s jaunt took in the Prehistoric Stone Rows at Merrivale then we climbed Kings Tor before moving on to the hidden jewel that is Swelltor Quarries before moving on to the more popular Foggintor Quarries. We parked at the Rundlestone car pa...

  • Avatar : Robert51

    The tie in between images, songs and one liners.

    This is something I have to admit I do a lot and I was wondering is others are so inclined. I will often see an image and a song, lyric or song title pops into my head. This is very much the same feeling with one liners from tv or films and I was won...

    • Posted by : Robert51
    •  25 Jul 2021 8:27AM
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  • Avatar : dudler

    It’s all about me

    Anyone who writes articles or blogs will realise but it’s all about them. Of course, it’s the same with pictures – every picture we take reflects our own likes and dislikes, our prejudices and preferences. I keep going back to the late Roger Hicks’...

  • Avatar : dudler


    The title of a British TV series about vampire hunting – vampires are allergic to UV being the basis for the whole thing. Subsequently used elsewhere as a title… My full spectrum Sony will record UV, but it needs two filters to do it – one to exclu...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    A Selection of Landscapes

    Last night we had an ADAPS Zoom meeting, sharing images this week, with the subject being Landscapes. It's an idea that has served well during lockdown, although the end is in sight now as the clubrooms get their Deep Clean ready for real, live photo...