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  • Avatar : Arvorphoto

    Never give up

    Never give up I have many times been the last person to leave after a sunset. So often I have seen photographers depart as soon as the sun has set, only for them to miss an outstanding light show care of Mother Nature. And yet on this evening, I wa...

    • Posted by : Arvorphoto
    •  18 Jun 2019 9:18AM
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  • Avatar : Southend

    Trying Out PicFair

    [link removed - not relevant and self-promoting] I would be interested in other peoples experiences. WG

    • Posted by : Southend
    •  16 Jun 2019 5:25PM
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  • Avatar : SlowSong

    A Try Out

    Having sorted out all my kit this week I've been experimenting with my old Canon 400D and various lenses. I like the little 400D as it's very quiet and lighweight, although it doesn't have all the bells and whistles current models have. Anyway, thi...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Sammy the Snail

    Just a little critter found on the window sill. He was very cute. :) It'd just eaten a laburnum petal. :):):)

    • Posted by : SlowSong
    •  4 Jun 2019 7:50PM
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  • Avatar : pablophotographer

    President visits Queen

    It was all over the media. From a photographic point of view I understand that many of our colleagues were using their DSLR's. You may not seen them but you could not miss the distinct sound of the mirrors flipping like the monotonous song of machine...

  • Avatar : pablophotographer

    Mobile Monday and Me

    Well today was the first day of the Mobile Monday task set kindly by our Critique Gallery mentor, and fellow photographer dudler. I was thrilled to participate. It was announced last week and I had the picture for it two days later, I was so eager t...

  • Avatar : lemontart

    Another year older

    What a year, spending more and more time in a wheelchair, set up a few new collections and disabledboaters has taken off with more work with CRT. Throw in my floating home been hit by a tree last September and still not fully restored, it has been a ...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    True Colours

    OK, so Frostie's been a Very Naughty Boy. Anyone need a mouser??? He catches mice in the garden, plays with them, then I'm absolutely positive he eats them. He comes home licking his lips and looking a bit droopy. He then sleeps it off for a few h...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    ADAPS Year Book 2019-2020

    Another year has gone by and another ADAPS Year Book is published. As before, I have collected in images from club members and selected two each for inclusion in the book. We select five members to be "Featured" and they get a short biography and thi...

  • Avatar : pablophotographer


    Or as Confucius said "on a day like this, the more you talk, the less I want to listen" One's cleverness is not squared by square frames. The best way to frame is by using your brain to its full capacity understanding the particularity of your subjec...

  • Avatar : MentorRon

    Digital Camera Image Formats

    In this day and age, I cannot understand why most cameras come with 4:3 as their default aspect ratio, and sometimes even their LCD shape too. To me it shouldn't exist any more, as that I believe came to be because they originally adopted the SD TV r...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    An Aeronautical Playground

    Railway museums, tram museums, bus museums and even aircraft museums have their fair share of treasures, some restored lovingly, some being restored, some looking like a bleak prospect. Elvington Air Museum is a classic example of such a museum. Last...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    The Last of the Few

    We were at Elvington Air Museum, near York, on Sunday. There was an event running, 1940s themed, and there were plenty of people dressing up, dancing, singing and generally enjoying a superb day. There were also, on a more serious note, some of the l...

    • Posted by : johnriley1uk
    •  13 May 2019 5:44PM
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  • Avatar : RLF


    I donít drink champagne... it will have to be cider! So excited about the result. I only wish my parents were here to witness the back to back Premierships.

    • Posted by : RLF
    •  12 May 2019 5:04PM
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  • Avatar : joshwa

    Contax i4r - Classic Digital Camera

    The Contax i4r was a "designer" or "boutique" digital camera, announced, and released 15 years ago in 2004, the unique looking digital camera, by Kyocera, looks more like a perfume bottle than a digital camera, yet slide out the flash unit, and you...