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  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    The Timeless Mists

    We arrived at Flamborough Head around 10:30am and as soon as we did, we were engulfed in the wildly fluctuating sea mists. The mournful cry of the seahorn echoed across the cliff tops, but there was no light from the lighthouse. The mists came and we...

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    Apocalypse Now

    Replacing skies is one of the latest fads with some of the newest software making it an effortless task, but the idea is almost as old as photography itself. I was just going to call this blog 'Replacement Skies, but that was too boring and the cur...

  • Avatar : dudler

    Graduated filters

    This is for Hannah, and anyone else who has come across the casual way that a lot of togs talk about one or two types of filter that landscaper photographers use a lot: graduated filters and neutral density filters. A graduated filter is one that i...

  • Avatar : topsyrm

    Dartmoor Walk 15 Beardown Man via Lydford Tor

    This week I finally went out to Beardown Man to see the great Menhir the weather was good for such a walk, clear with good clouds and not too hot. I went via Beardown Tors and Lydford Tor, out to Devilís Tor which is where the great Menhir stands. As...

  • Avatar : dudler

    Drive carefully - and port to port

    I remember the maritime rule from a Sixties TV series called Misleading Cases, adapted from stories by AP Herbert. The central character delighted in exploiting the quirks of British law. In the case in question, he explained that a flooded road had...

  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    Paphos Coastal Quietness

    Paphos with no tourists gave me the opportunity to capture the curve of the bay that's usually busy with people. Nothing special, just aim and shoot but what a lovely photo. It's also a lovely location for a stroll up and around the harbour with an...

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    Texture Screens and Overlays

    Adding textures to images is a creative tool and isn't something new, so why not personalise your work. You may have seen, and indeed liked, images that have an overlaid texture. Whether you readily identified the technique or wondered how to create...

  • Avatar : ugly

    BOISHAKHI International Photographic Salon

    Well not as Good as I was hoping it a result Only one image got accepted Section Name: NATURE (PSA ND) The image was LILAC BREASTED ROLLER IN FLIGHT

    • Posted by : ugly
    •  18 Apr 2022 8:39PM
    • Views : 110
  • Avatar : topsyrm

    Dartmoor Walk 14 Ditsworthy Warren House Plus.....

    This week I was planning to go out to Beardown Man to see the great Menhir but the weather had other ideas, there was fog and drizzle form the start and I couldnít see more than 50 yards on the high ground so I headed for the lower ground of the Gutt...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Back to Normal?

    Covent Garden was heaving with visitors yesterday. In fact, London seemed to be as full of people as usual everywhere I went, many from abroad too.

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    Ask the Family

    Cast your mind back nearly fifty years to a BBC early evening television show. I was an intellectual game show but it could inspire photography. This show aired at something like 7 pm after the news magazine programme Nationwide. I think those detai...

  • Avatar : NikitaMorris

    Sea, Sun and a Castle

    As the weather is returning to what you come to expect in Cyprus, we headed for a walk into town along the Lighthouse Beach coastal path and when you have scenery as good as this, not much has to be said really! Sun, sea clouds and a castle... wha...

  • Avatar : dudler

    More thoughts from the Guest Editor chair

    There are positive consequences of being Guest Editor, as well as a requirement to spend time online. Iíve adopted the approach that dark_lord mentioned in a response to my earlier blog, and I look at the images full size, not just the thumbnails. A...

  • Avatar : pablophotographer

    I for icon

    It is worth exploring the fellow photographers from the Orient and the Far East. My intention to share some names with you is still strong. Yet, during the Holly Week of Passion for some of the world population the sight of an image sparked a pecul...

  • Avatar : dudler

    GEA - day 2

    Iíve decided how to deal with the idea that one shouldnít just give awards to oneís friends. Along with GE awards for pictures that I think meet the highest standards, Iím using my own user awards for pictures that are a bit more niche. I donít kn...