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  • Avatar : Arvorphoto

    Rural Idyll

    October 2016 saw me spend three days dodging cow pats in farmers fields whilst nursing a bad back and with some patience, waiting for clouds to pass. That said, the weather for mid October was exceptional really very warm and pleasant. This was a ...

    • Posted by : Arvorphoto
    •  18 Dec 2018 11:51AM
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  • Avatar : Arvorphoto


    One thing about photography in many genres, is the need for patience and by the bucket load sometimes. Invariably this revolves around the weather, the great British weather. It is the maker of many a photo though. You can take out many elements tha...

    • Posted by : Arvorphoto
    •  17 Dec 2018 4:42PM
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  • Avatar : Arvorphoto

    Thought provoking

    Back in September 2016, I embarked on a crazy weekend which involved a 728 miles round trip in 47 hours which took me to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum, East Kirkby for the opportunity to photograph a Lancaster bomber at night. Backed up ...

  • Avatar : angryrebel


    I have moved to Hadleigh Suffolk because I can get into several my wheelchair.

    • Posted by : angryrebel
    •  16 Dec 2018 3:02PM
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  • Avatar : Arvorphoto

    Travel back in time.......

    So as the wind howls outside and the rain hammers on the windows this morning, it's time to put pen to paper so to speak. 2018 has been overall a quiet year on the photography side due to work commitments. However in June, I had the opportunity to vi...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Goodnight My Lovely Boy

    Our lovely boy, Frankie, finally gave up today after a two-month illness. We've been feeding him and giving meds through a tube to his stomach seven times a day for about a month which has been very stressful for all of us, but in the end he went the...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Remnants from the Damaged Archive

    It was 1971 when I first saw a live show from Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, and from then onwards I must have seen another 50 or more, helped a lot by being part of the team that ran the fan club. Great days, just about to come to an end with F...

    • Posted by : johnriley1uk
    •  24 Nov 2018 12:16AM
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  • Avatar : cattyal

    Camera Bag

    I've been in bag making mode lately - I wanted a new camera bag but not your usual obvious camera bag. For a long time I've used an insert which I've put in a regular tote bag but I decided it was time to make my own bag. The first one came out o...

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    In-Camera Movement

    For the vast majority of photographs the camera needs to be still at the moment of exposure. There are situations, such as sports photography, where the camera has to move to follow the subject (think panning the camera as a racing car goes past). In...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Lest We Forget

    We visited the magnificent exhibition at Leigh Parish Church. Here are a selection of images I made, shot on the Pentax K-1 with HD Pentax-D FA 28-105mm WR lens. The pictures can speak for themselves.

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    RHS Bridgewater - A Grand Tour

    RHS Bridgewater is very much a work in progress, turning what was the Worsley New Hall estate, and later Worsley Hall Garden Centre, into a huge RHS Garden. We have always been fascinated to see the hidden parts of the estate, so when the new project...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    While the Cat's Away

    Cheeky black cat from down the road settling down in my bay tree pot. Mind you, I think the bay tree's had it so he's welcome. He was very comfy. :) Frankie got his results today and although it's quite serious, it's not lymphoma, and the situat...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    NYMR - Full Steam Ahead!

    The North Yorkshire Moors Railway offers lots of potential for photography. Love all that steam and, of course, all the vintage settings and rolling stock. It's a huge playground and our toy trains are full size! So here's a selection of images shot ...

  • Avatar : RLF

    Remembrance Tribute

    Hi everyone, I've just been shopping near to a small village called Sileby (near Leicester). I noticed some single dinner plate sized poppies dotted about the village and asked an old lady (who was writing a name on one) why they seemed to be so rand...

    • Posted by : RLF
    •  7 Nov 2018 1:02PM
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  • Avatar : SlowSong

    A Lovely Day to go Outside ............

    .... but unfortunately poor Frankie is confined to barracks. Here he is looking longingly through the window. :(