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  • Avatar : wamp

    Blog & Location Ideas

    My blog and ideas for locations through out Cheshire, Peak District and the Lake District can be found on my blog on my website

    • Posted by : wamp
    •  21 Jun 2008 9:49PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Being Self-critical Or Just Plain Rubbish

    Today I experienced what seems to have become a pattern: I go to a wonderful location or event. I shoot several Gigabytes worth of images. I copy them to the computer. I look at the photos. I delete most of them. Sound familiar? If it does...

  • Avatar : dianah

    Violin ..How difficult is it ?

    Our little church school of only 62 children has been awarded the status of School of Creativity. We are really honoured as there have only been 30 schools chosen in England. I teach music to all ages as well as teaching all the infants. We have bee...

  • Avatar : harrattp

    Sensor Cleaning

    It would seem I have some dust on my Nikon D3 and therefore it is time for a sensor cleaning session. Have any members got any suggestions for the best equipment to be used? Paul

    • Posted by : harrattp
    •  21 Jun 2008 9:19PM
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  • Avatar : oldgreyheron

    Activity on EPZ

    Is it just me or is there less activity here at present? Perhaps the magnificent nearly-summer weather is tempting members away.

  • Avatar : NickParry


    "It is a Fundamental Truth that a woman wearing only a pair of socks looks incredibly sexy, whereas a man wearing only a pair of socks looks absolutely ridiculous...."

  • Avatar : redjoker

    To read or not to read?

    I feel like i say this everyday, perhaps because i do, but i havent done much today! watched some royal Ascot this afternoon, picked lots of losing horses i might add, just like to watch it because of them really, if i won millions id buy a horse...

    • Posted by : redjoker
    •  21 Jun 2008 6:02PM
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  • Avatar : KarenFB

    Pooh Corner

    I feel a bit like Eeyore! I sit by the window, staring out at the rain, moaning about the lack of bugs and butterflies. Well, today I've had enough - I'm going to be a Tigger!!! I'll dress up, get the biggest umbrella I can find and get out there!...

  • Avatar : kokobrown

    Ringing Ears!

    Well I have tinitus or whatever its called! started drinking green tea....omg the ringing has dulled right down!! its amazing!! Laura x

  • Avatar : pepperst

    One is an artist dear!

    Well after the cock up that was trying to organise an exhibition with the Welsh Rugby Union, only doing your job for you guys promoting grass roots rugby an all, it appears I am now doing two at once elsewhere. One is with the college, arrogent ar...

  • Avatar : john64

    Bears v Pears

    It's Friday lunchtime. Only three-and-a-half hours until I shoot through the door and out to the car park for my drive to Edgbaston. I'm off to see the Warwickshire Bears take on the Worcestershire Royals - Twenty 20 cricket. The Bears have had a ...

  • Avatar : redjoker

    Friday at last!

    Woke up to 11 today, bit better i think! just been looking through ebay as we are selling a few things, (including the Sony Cybershot!!!) as my boyfriend wants to buy ( well already has brought) a Nintendo Wii.... going flat shopping again tomorro...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Why No Response?

    We've had a lot of threads on the forum about clicks, comments and critiques in the photo gallery. With regards to comments and critiques, we have come to the conclusion that not everyone welcomes them. But some do. In fact, some want it so much ...

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    This weekend ......

    So what will you be doing this weekend? WIth the weather forcast for my area as damp to wet I think my weekend will be taken up by the bathroom saga again. For those following my this pointless story of my forthcoming DIY disaster, yesterday I ...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Happiest Photographic moment

    What's your happiest photography moment? I have a couple. The first time I was published. I got a photo and news piece written up in the main Sheffield paper about me gaining an LRPS. The second was when I got my first call from Amateur Ph...