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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : dwilkin

    Bunch of Muppets!

    Finally - three weeks later - got my B&W photos back from Jessops after the London One Camera, One Lens meet. Popped the CDs in the PC to take a quick look, and every single shot on three CDs has been scanned upside-down! I'd complain, but I don'...

  • Avatar : mark2uk


    Got a Wii fit yesterday. Missus made me turn off the football so we could try it out. Very clever, and great fun. The balance board gives a little yelp when you stand on it. I'm overweight :) I have set a goal to lose 1 stone in 3 months....

  • Avatar : john64

    A whirlwind week

    I haven't had a chance to sit down and type away for a few days. Yeah, okay, no need for the cheers :-) Sunday afternoon/evening was spent at Edgbaston watching the cricket, Monday evening was a chance to get out and do a bit of much needed work ...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Sharpness Overrated?

    A discussion on the forum* and an article in Naturfoto** made me think about the need to have your photographic subject pin sharp. Is that really necessary? I'm beginning to think it isn't. You might think it is, because in the gallery you may us...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Guide to Great Photography II

    Did I say I would never, ever do another version? I think I did? Well the other day I started pencilling the way I'd do it again, if I did do it, not that I will...erm I think I may be losing my mind, even considering this...but who knows. ...

  • Avatar : Gary_Williams

    Blog - The beginning

    Just got back from a 10 day trip through France - As always spent far too long driving, and not enough time with camera in hand. Still have the images on my media storage device & laptop - work has stopped me from working on any, or preparing any fo...

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    I'm an addict.....

    As well as chocolate, beer and photography (gave up the ciggies 3 years ago), I have realised I am addicted to watching football on the telly, more specifically the Euro 2008 competition where there is no home nation team presence. I love football...

  • Avatar : fentiger

    Multiple Uploads

    Yesterday I did a multiple upload of four photos for the first time and the interest was way down on single uploads. Is this the experience of others I wonder? I also wonder whether anybody else on ePz find the upload system somewhat illogical. Yo...

  • Avatar : kokobrown


    How amazing is chocolate spread on toast? soo bad for you though.. havent had it in years but had a wee craving lol!! i dont want to eat it but i cant throw it out..so if i eat it all tonight then i can start healthy tommorow and wont have wast...

  • Avatar : navigatornick

    Home again

    So, another week of this year's holiday allocation is gone but we had a great time - pity about the pics. I clearly have not mastered the technique of a Marrakesh photoshoot in glaring sunshine coupled with deep shade and 38 degress of heat whilst tr...

  • Avatar : Photogene

    Skin softening technique photoshop CS2/CS3

    Here's a technique for softening the skin tones in a portrait. What you need to do first is duplicate your background layer in the layers pallette, by holding down the control key on your keyboard, and then pressing J (for the macintosh this would...

  • Avatar : IanA

    This is your Wildlife

    Phew, what a weekend! Only now getting time to catch my breath... 700 visitors to the Pegwell country Park for the KWT 50th anniversary event and it seemed like most of them stopped to ask questions about digital wildlife photography! The great thi...

  • Avatar : graceland


    [i][Weather Here in Gloucester Uk Is About 75 f Nice Sunny Mid summers Day /i]

    • Posted by : graceland
    •  24 Jun 2008 5:09PM
    • Views : 321
  • Avatar : conrad

    A Photo A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

    Someone suggested recently that photography is not a matter of life and death. Quite true, that. But it's more important to me than just a hobby. It has kept me more or less sane and healthy ever since I took it up again, a few years ago. It keeps me...

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    To the drawing board....

    Next stage of the bathroom - draw it all up! Been a while since I put the old technical drawing skills away but needs must. Finally managed to convince Helen that she needs some sort of formal plan rather than just walking into the bath store a...

    • Posted by : mark2uk
    •  24 Jun 2008 9:04AM
    • Views : 635