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Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : Photogene

    Adding a colour vignette to an image photoshop CS2/CS3

    Adding a coloured vignette to an image in photoshop CS2/CS3. While holding down the alt key, click on the add new layer icon in the layers palette, (it's the icon to the left of the little bin icon) a dialogue box will then pop up, in the mode dro...

    • Posted by : Photogene
    •  23 Jun 2008 10:42PM
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  • Avatar : Photogene

    Non destructive dodge and burn technique photoshop CS2/CS3.

    Instead of writing about my day to day activities, which would make for a boring read, I thought I'd use this new blog feature. to write some photoshop CS2 tutorials. Here's a non destructive way to do dodging and burning on an image in photoshop ...

  • Avatar : redjoker


    Off to kent tomorrow until next monday so no ephoto for a week! and non of my wonderful blogs to read! will you survive? i think so but its ok ill be back! lol gunna take the camera because i know if i dont ill be kicking myself all week, il...

    • Posted by : redjoker
    •  23 Jun 2008 9:28PM
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  • Avatar : helenlinda

    One World Week

    Well all the effort to draw together our one world week came off really well on Friday with a parade around the park. Every class had a huge flag and children came dressed in the colours of the flag, and marched round the park behind it. In addition ...

  • Avatar : graceland

    Life !!

    Hobbies Garden Growing veg for the family Today My plot is all planted and weed free !!

  • Avatar : dianah

    Grandchild 3 !!! Almost !

    Today Susie and I went to the hospital for another check up as she is now nine days late! She bounced in and I sat in horror in the Accident and Emergency room ..apparantly that is where all the midwives hang out, but I wasn't impressed as there we...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Silly Little LCD Screen

    A columnist for Black & White Photography magazine once wrote a piece about digital cameras and their LCD screens. When referring to the LCD screen of a digicam he had tried, he called it a 'silly little LCD screen'. I myself am torn between his v...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  23 Jun 2008 12:04PM
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  • Avatar : NickParry

    Models and Mondays

    Most models I book turn up, and are quite professional. Yet, for the second Monday running another model has cancelled. It is a pain when you have arranged locations, charged batteries etc. These last two models will now be added to my blacklist.

    • Posted by : NickParry
    •  23 Jun 2008 10:02AM
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  • Avatar : KarenFB


    Yesterday was dry, if a bit breezy, so we went up to Cadbury Castle (rather a grand name for a hump in a field), which is an Iron Age hill fort. The shots of the hump are fine (apart from being boring and 2D - humps don't make very good images)....

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    Walls come tumbling down....

    Hello avid blog readers (or nosey people who want to see what others get up to). This weekend was a monumental weekend in the development of the new bathroom. Started off fairly innocuously.......... Removed all the tiles from the remaining wall...

  • Avatar : conrad

    What Not To Shoot

    When I was typing the title, it made me think of Trinny and Susanna and their program 'What Not To Wear'. But this isn't about clothes, it's about photos - of course. Yesterday, as I passed up several opportunities for taking photos, I was thinkin...

  • Avatar : AngelaR

    Peaceful Sunday afternoon

    Here we are with a glorious sunny day, white clouds scudding across the blue sky and the peace is broken! We have the local police helicopter hovering over us!! The problem is likely to be the local Prison half a mile behind our house - sirens erup...

    • Posted by : AngelaR
    •  22 Jun 2008 3:53PM
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  • Avatar : redjoker


    Right, i have a plan, i have a lot of spare time at the moment so im going to do something with it im going to learn Photoshop and become at least half decent at it I've tried so many times and just given up because it totally confuses me but i...

  • Avatar : hook

    My Blog

    I hope you like what you see on my web page. this is my second year on e-photozine and i think i have learned alot from all the other photographers on this site. I am tending to start to to shoot more portraits and im also in the process of setting...

    • Posted by : hook
    •  22 Jun 2008 12:58PM
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  • Avatar : john64

    Warning: Cameras and rain don't mix.

    When the alarm went off yesterday morning at seven, I jumped out of bed in excitement. I was off to the MotoGP at Donington... then I drew back the curtain and saw the weather. It was just a litte bit grim here in Middle-England. I got there in p...