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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : fentiger

    Today's Upload

    I have just uploaded a photo to my portfolio it should do better than yesterday's (which managed 30 votes) as it is a flower. Being the worst judge of my own photographs I find it impossible to forecast how my work will be received. I usually get ...

  • Avatar : GaZn

    set yourself a task

    Yup another day at work and more to do over the weekend. left early today as I'd had enough then whilst waiting around I ended up in Jessops, only cos i was going to browse and shiny things. ended up spending £25, prob could of got it of web for £15 ...

    • Posted by : GaZn
    •  13 Jun 2008 11:30PM
    • Views : 284
  • Avatar : fentiger

    What to Write About?

    My second attempt and what do I write about ~ the frustrations of the how few members are prepared to give critique and how easily it is to get a false impression of how good (or bad) your photographs are? But that has been done to death in the forum...

    • Posted by : fentiger
    •  13 Jun 2008 8:18PM
    • Views : 396
  • Avatar : oldgreyheron

    First thoughts

    Ah, an opportunity to ramble, and not the first. How do we find time for this when we haven't time to click and comment? Why doesn't this have a spell check to stop those silly typos? A hectic week, and essentially non-photgraphic apart from a b...

  • Avatar : redjoker

    On a different Note

    Warning...this blog is for the intensly bored only lol Seeing as my Last Blog was all about my photography work, and also because my mind is frustrated with that side of my life at the moment, i thought id ramble on a bit about the other main side...

  • Avatar : john64

    The weekend starts here

    So, my wife has gone off on her hen weekend and won't be back until Sunday afternoon, by which time I'll have a nice juicy roast ready and waiting - boy will she be surprized. I've finished my working week, done the Tesco's run and cracked open t...

  • Avatar : dianah

    Expectant !

    I have already made the huge mistake of blogging in the wrong place..this is all totally new to me but I am getting there after saying yesterday it would be my first and last blog! Friday night and for once the house is quiet. My third grandchild is...

  • Avatar : redjoker

    Spring Clean

    I've decided to remove a lot of images from my PF (well they are in a hidden folder as i thought it was a bit rude to delete images that had comments and clicks, plus i may want to add them again soon) I'm the sort of person who needs to write thi...

    • Posted by : redjoker
    •  13 Jun 2008 4:51PM
    • Views : 245
  • Avatar : CathyI

    Nearly 1,700

    As in "I've currently got nearly 1,700 RAW files in Lightroom awaiting editing"! Crumbs... Lightroom is creaking under the strain - it's probably not designed for that many, is it? I'll run a sweep on how many more I can get in before the computer ex...

  • Avatar : helenlinda

    First crack at it

    I'm new to Blogs, so today, to mark being on this site for exactly a year, it seems a good thing to try something else new!! I've also joined Facebook this week now I'm running what could potentially be 3 addictions at the same time!! I...

  • Avatar : davidburleson

    Creating Ground-breaking Websites

    In today's internet, websites come and go in a blink on the eye. What's hot today, may not be hot tomorrow (Or what's not hot today, may be hot tomorrow). The key to creating a website that sticks around is creating fresh new ideas and always staying...

  • Avatar : KevinGoodchild

    RTFM ....

    Never was the adage “know your equipment” so essential than last night, venue chosen, model hired and feeling confident after experimenting with the D200 and the Nikon CLS set up on the children the previous weekend…….. I started off with natur...

  • Avatar : RachelMB

    My first blog - Chasers

    Thought I'd make use of this new blog feature. ;) When I got home from work yesterday I saw a Chaser out on our pond, so I sat outside for about half and hour taking photographs of a Blue Chaser and a Gold bodied one (still in my work uniform!). ...

    • Posted by : RachelMB
    •  13 Jun 2008 9:42AM
    • Views : 266
  • Avatar : Pete


    While everyone's clambering to buy petrol before it dries up...I feel less pressured as I cycle past on my short journey to work. The journey's about two miles. I arrive at work with a refreshing, but slightly tired feeling. I used to cycle to 11...

  • Avatar : conrad

    The Perfect Sunset

    The Perfect Sunset Ever since I took up my old hobby, photography, again, there has been a daily time of restlessness for me. When the sun starts to come near the end of it´s daily cycle, I start looking for interesting clouds, colours and shapes ...