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  • Avatar : redjoker

    another day..

    Didn't wake up till 1 today, call me lazy i don't care, think it was something to do with a rather disturbing dream i was having about being taken hostage, next thing i new id woken up and missed This Morning... anyway, had my weetabix and checked...

    • Posted by : redjoker
    •  18 Jun 2008 2:10PM
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  • Avatar : davidburleson

    Birthday Response

    Well, today is my birthday and I'm a bit surprised about the response I have received because of it. Jas has uploaded a pic of me on my day off as well -

  • Avatar : Pete

    What makes a good blog?

    Blogging has been going on for many years on the internet. It became popular for those who wanted to have a column/diary online...and has grown vastly. There are many web products that allow you to integrate a blog into your own web site or as a stan...

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    Wot I did on Tuesday

    WARNING - BLATENT CLICK FISHING IN THIS BLOG ;) Got up. Washed and cleaned teeth. Made lunch. Drove to work. Woke up. Ate lunch Surfed ePz for an hour or so, before reading the morning paper then doing a bit of work. (hope my boss doesn't re...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Firefox 3 installed and running

    Yes I helped Mozilla try and achieve the largest download in a day by downloading and installing their latest version of Firefox tonight. Just playing now and discovering the new features, Seems like bookmarking sites is one of the big new features w...

  • Avatar : john64

    Tuesday has been and gone

    Well that was Tuesday then. The alarm clock woke me a lot easier than I thought it would, considering I didn't get to bed until stupid-o'clock. I went to see Tesla last night in Dudley. Stonking time had by all. Spent most of my day at work with t...

  • Avatar : dianah

    Kencarrow Gardens is a must !

    My husband and I escaped from the rest of our family on Monday and went to Kencarrow Gardens near Liskeard for a wander. I really didn't expect much but if you are ever down here on holiday it is definitely worth a visit. Four acre garden belonging...

  • Avatar : conrad

    What A Difference One Letter Makes

    When the server upgrade was announced yesterday, I noticed that David Burleson of the ePHOTOzine Staff wrote the following about one of the new advantages: "You will be able to search for 3 letter words." Now, I had never noticed before that this was...

  • Avatar : AngelaR

    Something new

    Wow - this is something I've often thought about doing. I think it's going to turn into a confessional of all the things I should have been doing recently! I'm ashamed that I've not put anything up on EPz for such a long time, for just the reasons t...

  • Avatar : redjoker

    Another day Another sneezing fit

    Trying to battle with the hay fever today, ive had to shut all windows till the tablets kick in lol May have to go to the doctor and get something stronger, if only i wasn't extremely scared of needles... not alot to do today so i thought id go ou...

  • Avatar : CathyI

    The best EUR73 I've spent in a long time!

    I went to see Bruce Springsteen live for the first time last night and had an absolutely fabulous evening!!! Flipping ridiculous price to pay for "standing room only" if you think about it (they're probably still trying to pay off the construction bi...

    • Posted by : CathyI
    •  17 Jun 2008 10:29AM
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  • Avatar : rhousham


    The holiday season is coming round and I was wondering if anyone knows of any nice locations?. For like under £550. Am I giving away how much I get paid;) So any ideas guys. I was thinking of places in the south of france,spain, or even that bit ...

  • Avatar : KevinGoodchild

    I’m never going to be a photographer.

    During the middle of last year I had a reality check, I would never be a professional photographer. I think during the past 8 years of learning I kind of thought wouldn’t it be great to earn a living doing what you enjoy, whether it would be shoo...

  • Avatar : Strobe

    today's quote

    "Life is like a good black and white photograph, there's black, there's white, and lots of shades in between." -Karl Heiner

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    Cricket & Baywatch

    I played cricket last night in an inter-departmental competition at work. I'm not a cricketer in any way but its a bit of exercise and was a lovely evening. Some of the other gentlemen that took part last night looked like ex darts players from t...