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  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Goodnight My Lovely Boy

    Our lovely boy, Frankie, finally gave up today after a two-month illness. We've been feeding him and giving meds through a tube to his stomach seven times a day for about a month which has been very stressful for all of us, but in the end he went the...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Done a Poo

    Frostie has just done his first poo for 5 days. :D It took an enema to get him going, but once home from the vet he couldn't wait to get upstairs to the litter tray where he produced a splendid sample. So, he does know where it is when desperate. ...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Testing the Waters

    Looking for three images for a camera club competition I thought it would be a good idea to gauge the reaction to various images. Where better than with EPZ - the votes/ awards given to a picture might be a good indication as to how they would do in ...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Not Quite There Yet

    Well, Frostie is not turning out as expected. He's been here since Thursday evening but all he seems to have done is sleep. All day. I've enticed him into the garden a couple of times by dragging a rope mouse around the lawn for him to chase, which...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Getting Better All the Time

    Well, here he is. He certainly knows how to make himself comfy and he's super-cute. Eating like a horse, can play all day and is looking very happy. :) [photo] [photo]

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Poor Frostie

    He's not happy, but at least he's getting medical attention, a lovely warm home and food - if he can be bothered to eat. He hasn't eaten very much at all the last few days but he nearly bit my arm off an hour ago when I hand fed him some nice ham. M...

  • Avatar : Arvorphoto

    Thought provoking

    Back in September 2016, I embarked on a crazy weekend which involved a 728 miles round trip in 47 hours which took me to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum, East Kirkby for the opportunity to photograph a Lancaster bomber at night. Backed up ...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Strange Goings On

    I don't know if this is a latest craze or what, but came across a group of people in the park today wearing plastic cups on their heads. Children and adults. Oh well, it was Boxing Day. [photo]

  • Avatar : SlowSong


    I am so happy. After the sadness of losing Frankie, we've now rehomed his little friend, Frostie, the pure white cat. No new pic yet but there are some earlier on in my blog. It turned out that the lady who owned him was wondering what to do as she...

  • Avatar : Rammer


    Why are lenses a sports competition? that is a question i should have asked in any discussion involving any lens, good or bad, does not matter. a multitude of other questions all spring up just as quickly if there is something, then there should ...

  • Avatar : Arvorphoto

    Travel back in time.......

    So as the wind howls outside and the rain hammers on the windows this morning, it's time to put pen to paper so to speak. 2018 has been overall a quiet year on the photography side due to work commitments. However in June, I had the opportunity to vi...

  • Avatar : RLF

    I know I was mad ... I was always mad.

    I went to the King Power Stadium last night to watch Manchester City play Leicester City in the Quarter Finals of the League Cup. I had to sit amonst all the Leicester fans because I was unable to purchae a ticket for the Manchester end. The game we...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Getting There

    Well, turns out little Frostie had a nasty abcess on his shoulder so he went straight to the vet today. He was so good in the basket and car, not a peep out of him. The vet immediately fell in love with him as he behaved impeccably and let her drai...

  • Avatar : brian1208

    A Beginning

    I'll try to post a few times a week, this time to give a little bit of background into how I started out into photography and where my interest has led me. This has informed my choices in the type of kit I use and how I use it So, in the beginning, ...

  • Avatar : brian1208

    I've just discovered the Blog function here

    This is just a first test to see how it works, I plan to write a few blogs about my experiences with different kit, changes to which have been required to cope with increasing age and loss of physical capability. I hope this may be of interest / help...