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  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Getting Better All the Time

    Well, here he is. He certainly knows how to make himself comfy and he's super-cute. Eating like a horse, can play all day and is looking very happy. :) [photo] [photo]

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Try a Bit Later

    Half way through the ironing I decided to have a break and do something on the computer. Half an hour later I thought I'd better get back to work but something stopped.me. Such a naughty boy. :) [photo]

  • Avatar : SlowSong


    If you want people to put rubbish in the proper place, make it easy, as they have done at the Olympic Park, Stratford. :) [photo]

  • Avatar : Rammer


    Why are lenses a sports competition? that is a question i should have asked in any discussion involving any lens, good or bad, does not matter. a multitude of other questions all spring up just as quickly if there is something, then there should ...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    White? Cat

    Don't ever get a white cat. They may be cute and fluffy when they've had a wash, but they usually look grubby, like Frostie here. Typical boy. :) [photo]

  • Avatar : brian1208

    To continue

    I see my last blog was on 3rd Feb, so much for trying to post regularly. I thought I would try to break down what I shoot and why by activity so am starting by discussing the activity that tends to occupy much of my time and produces by far the most ...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Spring Renewal at Arley Hall

    Every year we sign up for a Season Ticket at Arley Hall and Gardens. It's well worth it for me as I routinely go there to shoot a variety of sample images for lens and camera reviews. The renewal date was 31st March, so we went down today to renew. A...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Frostie at the Dog and Duck and with Fat Tabby

    Frostie is being extra cute these days. This doggy doorstop was my lovely old cat Gracie's favourite companion, and it looks as if Frostie is going the same way. He loves his duck toy too, so he spends a lot of time on the rug with them both. He a...

  • Avatar : brian1208

    A Beginning

    I'll try to post a few times a week, this time to give a little bit of background into how I started out into photography and where my interest has led me. This has informed my choices in the type of kit I use and how I use it So, in the beginning, ...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    The Photography Show 2019

    And yet another fine show from TPS, with lots to see and the chance to meet up with a couple of old friends and a few new ones. Sue and I travelled down by car (essential really to pay for parking online) and took the bus into the NEC. TPS was actual...

  • Avatar : brian1208

    A bit more on shooting water based activities

    I thought that today I would talk a bit more about where I shoot along our local coastline, the types of sporting activities that I cover and maybe branch out into a bit of "Art". As I've got older my mobility and willingness to drive long distance...

  • Avatar : johnriley1uk

    Pictures At an Exhibition

    We are just back from visiting the Martin Parr exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. There are a lot of images to view and overall they make a very exciting and interesting exhibition. Well worth the visit. A couple of things come to mind, firstly ...

  • Avatar : dark_lord

    Magical Trees

    A couple of characterful trees in a small piece of woodland lend themselves very well to enhanced lighting. There is a small area of local woodland that I go to from time to time that has a number of old trees. A couple of old beech trees have intere...

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    All Worn Out

    Frostie loves his ducky toy and we have to play duck-on-elastic every evening, and sometimes during lunch too. This was him last night after a session, and ducky looks as pooped as Frostie. :) [photo]

  • Avatar : SlowSong

    Back to Normal?

    Hope I'm not tempting fate, but Frostie's now had all his inoculations and treatments for various things, and hopefully we can now put the cat carrier away for a year. Some hope, but fingers crossed. Here he is under his favourite table with his toy...