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  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 124: Happy birthday

    My fiancée's birthday was a wonderful evening, surrounded by a small group of friends, plenty of wine and great conversation. Just what we had hoped for, and needed. Thanks to everyone who came. Nikon D300; Tamron 18-270mm PZD @ 18mm; ISO 640...

  • Avatar : colmar

    3rd February

    Hi I went into work last night to surprise a colleague as it was her birthday, we had the proverbial collection and managed to raise enough for a new printer. Her face was a picture when she opened the gift, badly needing a new printer she app...

  • Avatar : colmar

    21st December

    Hi Well I was so out of it yesterday I could not even manage to do the blog.... well not on time anyways, slept most of the day and despite a phone call from work asking me to go in , which I had to say no to I basically slept all day and into th...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  22 Dec 2009 8:49AM
    • Views : 243
  • Avatar : User_Removed

    Happy Birthday to me....

    And before you ask.. don't :) Not going to do any work today and I'm also going to eat lots :D

  • Avatar : RachelMB


    It's my birthday today! :D Yay. We're going to the Aquarium in Plymouth, which will be fun. :) I'm not allowed to open my presents until tonight though! Mum says I can open one present this morning, because I already know that my parents bought me a...

  • Avatar : davidburleson

    Birthday Response

    Well, today is my birthday and I'm a bit surprised about the response I have received because of it. Jas has uploaded a pic of me on my day off as well -

  • Avatar : fentiger

    Today's Upload

    I have just uploaded a photo to my portfolio it should do better than yesterday's (which managed 30 votes) as it is a flower. Being the worst judge of my own photographs I find it impossible to forecast how my work will be received. I usually get ...