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  • Avatar : Fenfotos

    Southwold Harbour

    This week I am on holiday in Suffolk, so my Sunday morning walk with the dog was a circular walk around Southwold Common and Southwold Harbour. Still keeping to square format black and white images with no post processing. The walk started by the ...

    • Posted by : Fenfotos
    •  27 Sep 2021 6:22PM
    • Views : 245
  • Avatar : Nick_w

    58 “A year in the life”

    For a while I’ve lost my way in photography, life gets in the way. On my 57th birthday I had a bit of a lightbulb moment. Why not create a pure photographic project, a deviation from my “creative work’. 58 “a year in the life”, was born. I had, had ...

  • Avatar : Ozzie55

    365 Project: Day 4

    This weather is really grating on my nerves; turned this image into a negative

    • Posted by : Ozzie55
    •  4 Jan 2012 8:52PM
    • Views : 5856
  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 351 - How much?

    Sometimes there's a limit to what you need to do to promote something. In this case the price of the car wash service is stated five times. I was tempted to go up and ask how much the car wash service the sketch where the person goes into ...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 82 - Planets

    Just a bit of fun today, a macro shot of the surface of a lemon taken with an old 75mm enlarging lens on a 200mm extension tube. I thought it looked like the surface of a planet so shot at the edge and then merged a shot of the moon I took recently (...

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  23 Mar 2011 5:28PM
    • Views : 3001
  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 7 - The Olympus EP2

    Today I have been playing around with an Olympus EP2. It's the new rangefinder style comapct with interchangeable lenses, much smaller than an SLR. I don't know about you but the first day is spent fiddling around with the features, and i was eager t...

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  7 Jan 2011 4:58PM
    • Views : 8776
  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 3 - B&W Challenge Rose

    Today's entry for my Photo365 project was inspired by the ePHOTOzine Black & White group who've set there weekly B&W challenge with the theme flowers. I decided to dismantle the Christmas flower display that was wilted after a week of intense heat fr...