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  • Avatar : SamDownie


    I took up photography after retirement, starting with a Nikon D40. A one day course at the Nikon Centre in central London gave me a good insight into how to use a DSLR camera. I have since owned a Nikon D5500 and now am using a Nikon D7500. I like th...

    • Posted by : SamDownie
    •  15 Jun 2021 4:37PM
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  • Avatar : conrad


    So... I left my camera battery charger somewhere else. But no problem, there's always my phone. I use it as a back-up camera. Right. Well, I broke my phone the day before yesterday, I dropped it on a tiled floor. But I ordered a new phone, and it a...

  • Avatar : debbiegee

    new camera?

    I am going to be upgrading my camera soon and was wondering what camera others would recommend? I currently have a canon 1100d and will probably stay with canon as I have bought a few lenses and hope they will fit the next camera! I am thinking abo...

    • Posted by : debbiegee
    •  13 Jan 2016 7:19PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Decisions, decisions...

    Several years ago I found an infrared-conversion Canon Powershot G2 on eBay. I've had a lot of fun using it - it's a lot easier than putting your camera on a tripod, shutting out almost all of the light with an infrared filter, hoping for the bes...

    1Decisions, decisions...
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  2 Jul 2014 11:17AM
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  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 73!

    Very busy at work today transferring in cameras.. although some numpty thought it would be except able to send a camera body like this needless to say it got returned straight back! Not the first one either I've received one without a cap and ...

    2The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 73!
  • Avatar : conrad

    The No-Photo Photo Blog Post :P

    I've been carrying around my camera for weeks now, convinced that with the conditions of the season I would be able to shoot some nice pictures. But no - no pictures! Well, not with my regular camera, that is. I did take a few quickies with my iPhone...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  25 Nov 2013 2:36PM
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  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    365 - 11 - A moment in time

    Borrowed this old fifties 120mm box camera for a while. I'll use it in the near future (as a prop) when I can get hold of some old junk to go along with it. In the mean time, the pic beside the camera is of me, after the first week of nine years serv...

    1365 - 11 - A moment in time
  • Avatar : conrad

    The Other Side Of The Camera

    Since my youth, taking photos has almost always meant being behind the camera. I started taking photos because I wanted to have memories of outings, holidays and family gatherings, and it was me who captured pictures of the other family members, and ...

    1The Other Side Of The Camera
  • Avatar : conrad

    Barrels of Fun

    I've been looking at some really nice buildings lately, one more stately and opulent than the other. But although the rooms where the rich owners used to live are very impressive, I rather like the cellars - you can have barrels of fun there with a c...

    1Barrels of Fun
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  13 May 2013 5:34PM
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  • Avatar : ZoeKemp

    Finding Natural Abstract

    You would be surprised at where you can find a abstract made by nature. I found these abstracts (click blue writing to find more photographs natural abstracts ) while out walking with my Dog. they are all captured in frozen muddy puddles. the ice...

    1Finding  Natural Abstract
    • Posted by : ZoeKemp
    •  16 Jan 2013 3:30PM
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  • Avatar : Leilani

    How I Started

    When I was a little girl, about eleven at the time I was given a camera by my Mum. It was a Kodak Pocket Camera. This particular day, we were in Boots the chemist and I must have been cooing over it…You should of seen my face I was as a happy as ca...

    1How I Started
    • Posted by : Leilani
    •  26 Jul 2012 1:11AM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Just Testing Some Photo Apps On My New iPhone

    I temporarily have two phones - I still use my Nokia E71, for which the contract hasn't run out yet (it will soon, though), and my new phone has already arrived, a brand new iPhone 4s. And of course I've started trying out some apps on it, I couldn't...

    3Just Testing Some Photo Apps On My New iPhone
  • Avatar : conrad


    I took another walk in the woods today - there was more light than last time, and I thought taking both my camera and my dog out might be a good combination. :-) And indeed, the light through the trees and on the autumn leaves was great, there wer...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    Just put a deposit on a Nikon D2x

    Well as i have had this problem with my nikon d70 and the shutter jamming and now has broke , ive decided to send it off for a quote and if its below a 3 figure to repair it then i will get it repaired and then sell it , if not im flogging it for spa...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 295 - They're watching

    A quick snap of my web cam I got fixed up to start testing hangout style options for future epz connectivity. I was also playing with a 50mm f/1.4 lens at full aperture. More of this type to come. I processed in Lightroom and gave it the B&W creati...

    1Photo365 - 295 - They're watching
    • Posted by : Pete
    •  22 Oct 2011 10:11AM
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