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  • Avatar : colmar

    11th February

    Hi I looked out the door numerous times last night and snow and lots of it... Mari up at 3 am for work and she braved the conditions and made it eventually to work. She took her camera with her and as per the upload for the 12th one of the many i...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  12 Feb 2010 12:23AM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    3rd February

    Hi I went into work last night to surprise a colleague as it was her birthday, we had the proverbial collection and managed to raise enough for a new printer. Her face was a picture when she opened the gift, badly needing a new printer she app...

  • Avatar : colmar

    2nd February

    Hi Had a quiet day and was looking forward greatly to watching my football team live on the box, specially with the excitment of the last 24 hours and all the new faces at Celtic. The game almost ready to kick off and the telephone goes .... oh...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  3 Feb 2010 9:17AM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    1st February

    Hi Well off work on holiday, and yet had to go in for a short time, it gave me the excuse to get out after that and have a wander along Hythe seafront and back via the Royal Military Canal. So many opportunities to capture some fine shots. The sun...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  1 Feb 2010 10:23PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    30th and 31st January

    Hi An eventful couple of days. Busy with editing the footy images am grateful to a few folks for help and advice of shooting such a thing. Will return again to hopefully catch even more and better images. The next job was to clean the gear and...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  1 Feb 2010 11:52AM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    28th January

    Hi A day editing yesterday's portrait sitting, images loaded to disc and memory stick and delivered this afternoon, job done. Client happy , and so was I to be honest. Have another shoot tomorrow afternoon and another first for me sports, foo...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  28 Jan 2010 11:18PM
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  • Avatar : heids

    My first

    Seems everyone is doing it so why not me? I've only just started trying out my hand at photography thanks to Colin (colmar), I have a compact fujifilm A180 camera which I got for Christmas. My youngest daughter is doing a photography course at coll...

  • Avatar : colmar

    27th January

    Hi The nightshift is over the day been a restful and relaxing one. Two days ago I uploaded an image To date this has received 86 votes and numerous of those voting also commented. The views expressed by one person about the above der...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  27 Jan 2010 10:30PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    23rd January

    Hi Until we started the market stall on a Sunday, the weather had no real effect on our plans, if we had planned for a day out and about and the weather changed the plans , no problem we could always rearrange it , but now we look at the forecast ...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  24 Jan 2010 6:50AM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    22nd January

    Hi An image uploaded today and part of a set got me thinking of childhood and things I now miss about Scotland. that thing you click to see the image Now although Big Dan, Gnasher and Dennis were not exclusive to Scotland, the publisher is a D...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  22 Jan 2010 9:29PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    21st January

    Hi Had a grand day at work, it was so deadly quiet and that allowed me time to peruse the galleries, forums and blogs of fellow epz'ers. A lot of interesting and informative stuff in the forums well worth a visit now and again. Cleaned all th...

  • Avatar : colmar

    20th January

    Hi Well we did manage out, it was cold and grey and eventually rain came down. We headed off to Brockhill Country Park near Sandling. The park is superb for a variety of reasons. It has an abundance of local flora and fauna, loads of different bir...

  • Avatar : colmar

    19th January

    Hi Not a lot to do today , a relaxing sort of day and plenty of time to edit and "play" in both lightroom and photoshop. At times it is almost as much fun as capturing images .... almost ! Pleased that a new friend here on EPZ managed to succee...

  • Avatar : colmar

    18th January

    Hi A lot better today and raring to go .... anywhere ! The grey skies back and the cold seeping through. I do hope we can get a warm and sunny spring. One of those nice folks did a wee mod today for me, the level of that mod was superb albeit ...

  • Avatar : colmar

    17th January

    Hi Had a horrible Sunday as the head hurts ! I did however manage to feel a bit better later in the afternoon. After a couple of emails and a trawl through the epz galleries, I had a visit from a client. Some images for print and a discussion for...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  17 Jan 2010 9:06PM
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