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  • Avatar : GeorgeRusky

    Clicks and Comments. Part Two. Please, Read, if You Have Time :-)

    Dear Readers I’m back with my simple C&C observations that I had been collecting for more than three years of epz membership. From the comments of my friends and not only, I understood that the clicks and comments is a popular subject that had been...

  • Avatar : GeorgeRusky

    Clicks and Comments

    Hello Dear Readers I would like to share with you some of the ideas on ‘clicks and comments.’ Haven’t you thought about this subject, at least once? Part One. Clicks. First, let me offer my definitions of a click. A click is a free will of...

  • Avatar : Michael Campbell

    I need more votes for my pictures and comments!

    I require some comments for my pictures so that I don't dry up. I submit pictures but I am bewildered when I have no comments made about them. I don't believe I am a Mark Cleghorn(Yet!) but I also not a monkey with a camera with the lens cap left ...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Gracious, Generous & Open-minded EPZ Members

    One thing that impressed me right from the start about the EPZ membership in general, was that the members had quite varied backgrounds - there were both pro photographers and amateurs at every level. I was even more impressed when I noticed that ...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  15 Oct 2008 12:13PM
    • Views : 248
  • Avatar : conrad

    Scaring People Off?

    Today someone wrote: "There are many here on this site though, that I feel have become rather nervous of making any statement about an upload for fear of being torn apart in the forums. A great shame." (I hope the person who wrote this doesn't mind m...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Helpful, More Helpful, Most Helpful

    So we've been doing our best lately to leave helpful critique on photos in the Gallery. Some have liked the feature that allows others to nominate comments on photos as helpful critique, and they have exhausted themselves in writing whole novels,...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Not EPZable

    A distinguished (but of late sadly absent) member of this site once told me that of the photos he takes which he feels have plenty of merit, not all make it to the ePHOTOzine Gallery - in fact, most don't get uploaded. When I asked him why, his reply...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Please Check Back Sometime Soon!

    It always amazes me that some members (in fact, quite a few members, I've noticed) seem to upload or comment without checking back to see if there any reactions. This happens both in the gallery and on the forum. Someone starts a thread, asks a qu...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Modifiable = Critiqueable...?

    Still thinking about yesterday's blog entry, so this is more or less a sequel. I'm really getting into writing critiques now, more than before - it actually seems to become the thing to do now, thank heaven! On the forum, people have suggested tha...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  28 Jun 2008 7:23PM
    • Views : 424
  • Avatar : conrad

    Anyone Can Critique An Image!

    I decided to start this blog entry with a bold statement. as you can see. :-) But I happen to be convinced it's true: You don't have to be an expert to evaluate an image, because that's basically what is is, writing a critique. You take a critical...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Why No Response?

    We've had a lot of threads on the forum about clicks, comments and critiques in the photo gallery. With regards to comments and critiques, we have come to the conclusion that not everyone welcomes them. But some do. In fact, some want it so much ...