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  • Avatar : mrswoolybill

    Idle thoughts 6 Placement

    Something else that we say a lot in the Critique Gallery Think about where you put your subject in the frame. Don't just plonk it in the middle. Central placement can give a sense of strength, stability, power. It is also liable to look static,...

  • Avatar : mrswoolybill

    Idle thoughts 2 Shutter speed

    Continuing my trawl through the things that I've spent a lot of time repeating in the Critique Gallery... A couple of years ago we were at the Sage Gateshead with a photographer friend. She's the leading light of a local camera club, expected ...

  • Avatar : mrswoolybill

    Idle thoughts 1 - Take control

    Yesterday's post was my first ever blog. Yes, Folks, I Was A Blog Virgin... Anyway I listed some of the things that we say most frequently in the Critique Gallery. Now I'm going to look at them individually. I'm starting in the kitchen. Bear...

  • Avatar : mrswoolybill

    Idle observations from inside the Critique Team

    I've been on the Critique Team nearly two years now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It's wonderful seeing people's enthusiasm blossom as they gain greater confidence and ability particularly new-comers to photography. We do see a lot of the sam...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Open to Suggestions

    I just had a look at my first upload ever on ePhotozine: Jousting Knights of Powderham. (Unbelievable, that was nine whole years ago, on the 6th of August 2004 - how time flies!) And I noticed something I'd forgotten about, but which was very helpful...

  • Avatar : pablophotographer

    What am I doing here?

    Hello fellow photographers, welcome to my blog. I have decided to blog because I would like to share with you, thoughts, opinions and critique on issues related to photography. Through my family I had a close relationship with visual art, and am...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Helpful, More Helpful, Most Helpful

    So we've been doing our best lately to leave helpful critique on photos in the Gallery. Some have liked the feature that allows others to nominate comments on photos as helpful critique, and they have exhausted themselves in writing whole novels,...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Modifiable = Critiqueable...?

    Still thinking about yesterday's blog entry, so this is more or less a sequel. I'm really getting into writing critiques now, more than before - it actually seems to become the thing to do now, thank heaven! On the forum, people have suggested tha...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  28 Jun 2008 7:23PM
    • Views : 424
  • Avatar : conrad

    Anyone Can Critique An Image!

    I decided to start this blog entry with a bold statement. as you can see. :-) But I happen to be convinced it's true: You don't have to be an expert to evaluate an image, because that's basically what is is, writing a critique. You take a critical...

  • Avatar : fentiger

    Tempus Fugit

    Unbelievable! It's nearly a week since I last wrote something to the blog. Where does the time go to ~ it's almost frightening. Nearly half way through the year and before long the Christmas hype wil start all over again. I had a frustrating week ...

    • Posted by : fentiger
    •  22 Jun 2008 8:29AM
    • Views : 339
  • Avatar : conrad

    Why No Response?

    We've had a lot of threads on the forum about clicks, comments and critiques in the photo gallery. With regards to comments and critiques, we have come to the conclusion that not everyone welcomes them. But some do. In fact, some want it so much ...

  • Avatar : fentiger

    What to Write About?

    My second attempt and what do I write about ~ the frustrations of the how few members are prepared to give critique and how easily it is to get a false impression of how good (or bad) your photographs are? But that has been done to death in the forum...

    • Posted by : fentiger
    •  13 Jun 2008 8:18PM
    • Views : 384