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  • Avatar : thelearningcurvephoto

    Toronto 2015 Womens Individual Time Trial

    Continuing with some pics from the 'Finally Getting Around To' folder which is buried deep in the back of an external hard drive..... The Womens 19.5 km Individual Time Trial during the Toronto 2015 Games. All photos are original photography using ...

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    On yer bike....

    Continued from previous blog....... Cycled home - nearly. Managed 16 miles then started to overheat, couldn't cool down. Phoned the missus and she came and picked me and the bike up. Not bad though managed 37 miles on the hottest day of the y...

    • Posted by : mark2uk
    •  2 Jul 2008 8:14AM
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  • Avatar : mark2uk

    Bike to work...

    I have been known to get out of bed at the crack of a sparrows fart and head off out with the camera to see what I can find. This morning however the sparrow farted and I got my bike out of the garage. I cycled to work this morning. So what...

  • Avatar : mark2uk

    Where did it go?

    Back at work all ready. Seems like it was only Friday morning a couple of hours ago. This weekend has been an expensive one but not much has been achieved. I am lucky enough to finish work at 12:30 on a Friday, and so is the missus. So together...

    • Posted by : mark2uk
    •  30 Jun 2008 7:23AM
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  • Avatar : Pete


    While everyone's clambering to buy petrol before it dries up...I feel less pressured as I cycle past on my short journey to work. The journey's about two miles. I arrive at work with a refreshing, but slightly tired feeling. I used to cycle to 11...