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    Project 365-152

    His majesty, master of all he surveys. Bigger seagull here

    1Project 365-152
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    Project 365-151

    Practicing with my lights and I was also looking to practice in CS5 with textures but felt I liked this as it was. Bigger carrots

    1Project 365-151
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    Project 365-148

    So many questions today, what can I do for the pic of the day? Where? How? Why? Bigger Question here

    1Project 365-148
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    Project 365-146

    I was planning on going out today but it was so miserable out I decided to stay indoors. I grabbed a willing model, took some piccies and tried out this effect in Photoshop that I'd come across on the web. and in the group too

    1Project 365-146
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    Project 365-144

    Found this down the back of the sofa, I've put it towards a D4, off to check the armchair now, you never know your luck! :D Bigger coin

    1Project 365-144
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    Project 365-138

    Just a simple shot of tonights stunning sunset through a tree. Bigger sunset

    1Project 365-138
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    Project 365-137

    Taken on todays epz Brighton meet. One of the subjects to photograph was 'Speed'. This is the waltzer on Brighton Pier. Bigger

    1Project 365-137
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    Project 365-131

    I'm a little disappointed with this one because it's not as sharp as I would like. I have had my eye on this wall for sometime and always hang about waiting for an opportunity. Today there were several cars parked just out of shot and I had my 50mm p...

    1Project 365-131
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    Project 365-122

    One third of the way through and hopefully the new year will give me fresh impetus. Yesterday I tried some water drops after work, they didn't turn out well, more like water drabs. Today I had more time and tried again. I have one or two images I...

    1Project 365-122
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    Project 365-118

    I've had this picture in my mind for some time now but the elements have always conspired against me, either the tide wasn't right, the sea was too rough, I was working etc, etc. Today however was the colsest I have been to getting what I wanted, the...

    1Project 365-118
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    Project 365-87

    Back to the 'foodabet' today and I am effing :) F is for Fish (Tomorrow's brekkie :P) Larger version in the 365 Group

    1Project 365-87
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    Project 365-82

    Day 82 of the 365 and day 3 of the sub-project of the 'foodabet'. C is for Cabbage For these shots I have been using a 150w studio light with softbox attached placed to the left and pointed directly up towards a low ceiling. I have a silver re...

    1Project 365-82
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    Project 365-81

    Day two of the 'foodabet' and B is for bananas. Larger version here.

    1Project 365-81
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    Project 365-74

    Plagiarism is alive and well. Taking inspiration from A.N.Other :P My eye Larger version here

    1Project 365-74
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    Project 365-73

    Taken on the Rye meet this afternoon. The light was against us; dull, flat and uninspiring. Took this one with my chin on the floor. Larger version in the group

    1Project 365-73