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  • Avatar : conrad

    Bleak Day Iphoneography

    It's hard to imagine now, with the blazing sunshine outside, but we did have quite a few bleak days during the winter, didn't we. On one of those days I passed this location and just had to stop and take a quick snap with my ever-ready iPhone. And...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  2 Apr 2013 11:21AM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Grey Skies Today

    Today the skies were mainly grey and uninteresting. And normally you wouldn't see me taking many photos on such a day. But having just bought a new app since it was on special offer for 79 eurocents, PhotoForge, I needed something to play with, s...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  8 Apr 2012 12:13AM
    • Views : 1444
  • Avatar : conrad

    Photo Trip or Doggy's Day Out?

    Last Saturday I decided to use an opportunity that came up for a little photo trip. My sons wanted a lift to the show in Cologne, Germany, and I wanted to take some photos that day. Since Cologne is just north of the region where the Rhine ...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  24 Aug 2011 2:33PM
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  • Avatar : Snaphappyannie

    December 2008

    I haven't seen this feature before - so here goes! Hope you all had a snap-happy Christmas? Down here in Devon, it's been perishingly cold. I almost went out with the camera today - but a toss of the coin, and I lost!! Not that dedicated, clear...

  • Avatar : conrad

    No EC* Material

    I attended an EOS Discovery Day last Saturday. Interesting event. I went to workshops/presentations about white balance, photographing moving subjects, portraiture. And of course there were presentations of the latest camera models, counters where yo...

  • Avatar : carolynviolet

    My first day on ePHOTOzine!

    Hello everyone! Today i joined ePHOTOzine. I found it by searching for simply "photography magazine" on google. I'm so very glad i did! This place is amazing. Within a few minutes i had worked out how to do things on the site (unlike others i hav...

  • Avatar : conrad

    A Photo A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

    Someone suggested recently that photography is not a matter of life and death. Quite true, that. But it's more important to me than just a hobby. It has kept me more or less sane and healthy ever since I took it up again, a few years ago. It keeps me...