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  • Avatar : Bonvilston


    As many of you will already know I have felt bitter about being kicked off another photosharing site for not producing images that were photographic enough. I am getting over that now - not least because of the much more welcoming and open minded at...

    • Posted by : Bonvilston
    •  22 Nov 2015 4:07PM
    • Views : 961
  • Avatar : celtxian

    The joy of vintage!

    Recently I have been rediscovering vintage lenses form the pre-digital 'golden age' of photography (as some would see it!). By this I mean attaching old lenses to my shiny new Sony a6000 digital camera body with the use of adapters. Granted this mean...

    • Posted by : celtxian
    •  1 Oct 2015 3:43PM
    • Views : 924
  • Avatar : Bonvilston


    I would love to sell some of my work. :D. My work doesn't sell. :( I have listened to lots of people on various photography & artwork websites. The same messages come across over and over again. 1. You must be constantly active on Social Med...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of a Young Photographer Part 3!

    Got a job being a photographer for the company Manhiem? Photographing Honda dealerships cars, hehe combing my love for cars and photography... pretty awesome!. Rather stressed and busy at the moment one more exam to go, today i had my 2.30h media ...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 96!

    EEEK ! ONE WEEK LEFT OF MY EXAM! Right in the middle of my A2 photography exam at the moment, i have done 4 out of the 15 hours so far and i still need to mount the rest of my photographs and write my final essay so it should be do bad. I decided...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 91!

    Been super busy either working with my new store opening, or revising for my up coming mock week (next week) and then my actual exams less than a month after that. I have managed to do some photography work for my upcoming 15 hour photography exa...

  • Avatar : joshwa

    Gone retro again... Sony Cyber-shot R1

    The announcement of the new Sony Cybershot RX10* this week piqued my interest in the Sony Cybershot R1 again... and I went and bought one from that auction site, it arrived promptly and works very well, for a 2005 digital camera. For those that d...

  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of an Alevel Photography Student Part 55

    I Apologize for any mistakes in this blog, writing it on a windows phone. Anyway, today has been an okay day, but pretty pants day photography wise. Started to watch scream in Media not the nices of horror films, I really dont like horror films just ...

  • Avatar : nineteen68

    up date

    I have that many blogs I never keep up with all. The light projection project is underway. Ive been experimenting with a variety of images inc video. The feedback Ive received on ephotozine has been incredible and very helpful. I do have a de...

    • Posted by : nineteen68
    •  22 Apr 2013 9:31PM
    • Views : 1404
  • Avatar : AngelaSeager

    Colourful Digital Chandelier

    An amazing sight when you enter the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, whereby visitor's photos appear on the screens.....not mine tho'....too shy....

    • Posted by : AngelaSeager
    •  22 Apr 2013 12:09PM
    • Views : 2240
  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    The Blog of an Alevel Student Part 22

    Picture time! I havent really had time to evaluate my work because of being at the shop in my time off college, so im planning to evaluate them tomorrow. However i did spend a good hour an a half in the darkroom yesterday printing some prints. I a...

  • Avatar : cathal

    Progress, regress, and number seven

    After an extended and unplanned period of employment in areas removed from my chosen career path, and bouts of unemployment, I have finally made my way back to working within the IT industry. It has been a journey of seven years and, understandably, ...

    • Posted by : cathal
    •  24 May 2010 11:28PM
    • Views : 21203
  • Avatar : cathal

    The child and the dinosaur

    “What’s that?” he asked, pointing to a roll of recently developed 35mm film hanging in the shower, where it had dried over night. To his six year old eyes, it was quite a sight. A grey celluloid strip of negative pictures suspended by a hook at one e...

  • Avatar : cathal

    Medium format, and the agony of choice

    Photographers are an argumentative bunch! Before digital photographers argued about sensor size, the debate was equally lively regarding film sizes. Its best summarised by 35mm being the format for those who valued convenience, while those who valued...

    • Posted by : cathal
    •  25 Sep 2009 1:59PM
    • Views : 1016
  • Avatar : Luciajo

    Whats happened so far

    I've been on this site for nearly 3 weeks its great, I've entered some competitions,and challenges, check out the snails!! plus i've created a challenge its called" Space" have a go! Thanks members for your comments they really give me a boost!!! Luc...