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  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    Exclusive Panasonic hands on!

    I had a visit from Panasonic today. They came to ePz towers, had a look around our base of operations and gave us an exclusive hands on of the new GH1. I'm working on a written preview for the reviews section right now. The GH1 looks pretty exciti...

    • Posted by : MattGrayson
    •  30 Apr 2009 4:58PM
    • Views : 566
  • Avatar : conrad

    So Glad I Went Digital!

    Pete's 'When' blog made me think about cameras I used to have. Before my 20D, my cameras were film models, ranging from a folding Agfa camera which I hated, to a Keystone instamatic camera, several film SLR models, even an APS film SLR, and a ver...

  • Avatar : cmf

    New Beginnings

    Well it's my first go at blogging. I've only just joined ephotozine, I have to say it's a lot more helpful than a lot of the other photography forums in terms of feedback and C&C. I've found a lot of other sites are pretty cliquey and you have to put...

  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    New stuff

    Hi everyone, I've got the Olympus E-620 coming in tomorrow and ePHOTOzine are the first to get one! I'm currently working on the Ricoh CX1 and Nikon S630 compacts with a couple of Olympus compacts in the wings and other assorted stuff waiting for me...

  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    Nothing in life is free

    I drove past a gaming centre on my way to see Canon this morning and a poster shouted: "3 Free Play!" Now I may be wrong but how do you get free play if you have to pay for it? Speaking of this, I decided to stop in St. Pancras and try the free W...

    • Posted by : MattGrayson
    •  18 Feb 2009 9:23PM
    • Views : 639
  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    Nikon D3x

    I guess you're all excited to learn about the new Nikon guv'nor DSLR although I don't think it was much of a surprise to many of you. I went to London yesterday to take a look at the flagship D3x and because the cameras had final firmware installed, ...

  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    dark knight

    I went to see Dark Knight last night and thought it was awesome. Heath Ledger was better than I expected as the Joker although he had Jack Nicholson written all over him. Bale's voice roared as Batman but sometimes it was a little too growly and he ...

    • Posted by : MattGrayson
    •  3 Sep 2008 9:02AM
    • Views : 1988
  • Avatar : CathyI

    Nearly 1,700

    As in "I've currently got nearly 1,700 RAW files in Lightroom awaiting editing"! Crumbs... Lightroom is creaking under the strain - it's probably not designed for that many, is it? I'll run a sweep on how many more I can get in before the computer ex...