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  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    Another day…..

    …… another Kevin. Number 2 in a series featuring Kevin, this time during a doggie “hello", he carries a never ending supply of dog biscuits to give a treat to all the dogs he meets on his travels. Once again a bit of background replacement using Aff...

    2Another day…..
  • Avatar : 213hardy

    Just a Thief

    Haven't really ventured far of late, with or with out the camera, mainly due to this sodding weather, best described as damp i think. Anyway another indoor shot, and an exercise in Dof. Haven't had my 35mm lens out for ages, so got it out today f...

    1Just a Thief
    • Posted by : 213hardy
    •  3 Jan 2016 9:45PM
    • Views : 846
  • Avatar : ZoeKemp

    Moto and Benson portraits

    My babies smiling as usual Moto in Bluebells Benson's seat Moto water baby Beautiful Benson Moto always smile Benson portrait Now for the fun portraits. Benson cooling off in shaded tent. Ou...

    14Moto and Benson portraits
    • Posted by : ZoeKemp
    •  17 May 2014 4:38PM
    • Views : 390
  • Avatar : conrad

    Missing My Model

    Now that my favourite model, my dear departed Ashley, is gone, I find myself looking around to see what others there are to photograph. On a boat trip during my summer holiday, there were several dogs on board. Couldn't get a clear shot of most of th...

    1Missing My Model
  • Avatar : conrad

    Emotional Value

    I think of my dear, departed Ashley every day. She was such a special dog, and such a special friend. Fortunately, there are so many photos of her to help me remember everything we did together. Funny thing is that I took quite a few photos of ...

    1Emotional Value
  • Avatar : conrad

    Reduced To This

    I'll let the picture speak for itself...

    1Reduced To This
  • Avatar : conrad

    Goodbye, Ashley

    Today I've done what has been unthinkable for so long, but became inevitable in the end: I've said goodby to my best canine friend ever, my dear Ashley. Read my previous two blog posts if you want to know why this was necessary, because I don't re...

    5Goodbye, Ashley
  • Avatar : conrad

    Ashley's Holiday

    The health of my best canine friend Ashley is going downhill so fast now that I've reluctantly concluded that it's time to say goodbye. But before that actually happens, I want to remember the good times. And those good times are so recent - even...

    1Ashley's Holiday
  • Avatar : conrad

    Ashley's Meds

    My poor doggy is like a pharmacy on four legs by now. Apart from the cancer that she beat but which seems to be returning now, the arthrosis, the allergies and skin condition, she has a number of new, additional problems now as well. And after announ...

    2Ashley's Meds
  • Avatar : conrad

    Painterly Ashley

    Still on the dog theme, but going in a different processing direction. I've been looking at the possibility of giving images a painterly feel. This is just an experiment - the image isn't ideal, due to (among other problems) the burnt out whites o...

    1Painterly Ashley
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  4 Apr 2012 3:00PM
    • Views : 10007
  • Avatar : conrad

    Isn't She Lovely

    And very cute. But a picture says more than thirteen words :P :

    1Isn't She Lovely
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  3 Apr 2012 10:23AM
    • Views : 982
  • Avatar : conrad

    Golden Girl

    I like to photograph many different things, but my favourite subject will always be my lovely canine friend and companion, Ashley, for as long as she's still here. And of course when we recently started having nicer weather, and the light was good...

    1Golden Girl
  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 126: Amber

    We managed our third meal out in a row tonight, hosted by two of our friends. This is their dog Amber. I think that this close-up shows her character rather well. I'm quite impressed at how well the Tamron shows all of the different textures too...

    1Day 126: Amber
  • Avatar : conrad


    Some photo titles are very popular on ephotozine. "Sunset" is an obvious one, of course. "Untitled" an unfortunate but understandable one. (And I thought "Untiled" was a funny typo. The photo was indeed untiled. And untitled...) Variations of "Are yo...

  • Avatar : bfgstew

    91 - 365

    Which Way? Whilst shopping in town this afternoon I spotted this old chap looking in a shop window, nothing out of the ordinary there, but then I spotted his faithful dog looking the otherway, which intrigued me into taking the shot. Later I disco...

    191 - 365
    • Posted by : bfgstew
    •  24 Nov 2011 4:49PM
    • Views : 6867