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  • Avatar : KatieMariePhotos

    New Camera

    I aint wrote on here in a while but i've actually just bought a new DSLR which is the Nikon D3200 anyone know if its any good or not ? . Since i started doing Photography i have been using bridge cameras so this is a big step for me. I will be going ...

  • Avatar : lemontart

    Moved to RAW

    Finally braved up and started shooting raw - loved results on my new compact - now to play with my bridge camera before moving onto doing same with my dslr ...........well small steps forward

    • Posted by : lemontart
    •  24 Mar 2014 11:55AM
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  • Avatar : HiroRicson

    Hoping and Pursuing to be better self

    Ever since I was a child I was a wanderer and a boy that has a big curiosity on the things that moves around me. I always explore my home, the woods or even the storehouse exploring what new things spurs out in the corridors, checking things that are...

    • Posted by : HiroRicson
    •  11 Aug 2012 10:45AM
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  • Avatar : AliceLuisePhotography

    Nikon DSLR for life!

    I actually love my dlsr , there is so much you can do then with rather than with ordinary compacts and the stupid auto focus. I particully like the fact you can use different lens for different shots rather than just being able to zoom in so far and ...

  • Avatar : prashanna

    My first Photography blog!

    Haha.. It feels funny to be writing my first blog entry on photography. I have only very recently started photo-taking seriously and it is starting become very addictive!! My first camera was Canon Powershot SX1 IS, which by the way was pretty good...

    • Posted by : prashanna
    •  24 Nov 2010 12:54PM
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  • Avatar : sudippal

    Idea needed on buying first DSLR camera

    Dear All, I am from India. Presently hold compact digitals. And planning to buy DSLR. I was deciding on Canon EOS1000D with 18-55 MM IS lens, and also Sigma 70-300 MM APO DG Macro. But till now could not decide on whether should I go and invest in...

  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    New stuff

    Hi everyone, I've got the Olympus E-620 coming in tomorrow and ePHOTOzine are the first to get one! I'm currently working on the Ricoh CX1 and Nikon S630 compacts with a couple of Olympus compacts in the wings and other assorted stuff waiting for me...

  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    Nikon D3x

    I guess you're all excited to learn about the new Nikon guv'nor DSLR although I don't think it was much of a surprise to many of you. I went to London yesterday to take a look at the flagship D3x and because the cameras had final firmware installed, ...

  • Avatar : conrad

    No Signs Of Life

    I prefer to always have a camera with me. Admitted, it isn't always practical, but I do try. Because when I'm out and about without a camera, there's always a reason to regret I didn't take one. Before I went digital, I had a Canon EOS IX (Canon's...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  24 Jul 2008 9:48PM
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