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Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : conrad

    "Won't win any awards"

    I just read this comment in someone's description of a photo uploaded today. Interesting timing, because I had been meaning to write something about the subject. When I joined ephotozine, I didn't have a clue about almost anything, photography-wis...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Goodbye Skye

    The 2011 EPZ Skye Meet is drawing to a close for me - I came with Ian and Robbie, and they're returning home today (I'll fly back from Liverpool tomorrow). It's been a great week. I've enjoyed seeing the sights on Skye that were already familiar t...

  • Avatar : colmar

    21st January

    Hi Had a grand day at work, it was so deadly quiet and that allowed me time to peruse the galleries, forums and blogs of fellow epz'ers. A lot of interesting and informative stuff in the forums well worth a visit now and again. Cleaned all th...

  • Avatar : colmar

    18th January

    Hi A lot better today and raring to go .... anywhere ! The grey skies back and the cold seeping through. I do hope we can get a warm and sunny spring. One of those nice folks did a wee mod today for me, the level of that mod was superb albeit ...

  • Avatar : colmar

    17th January

    Hi Had a horrible Sunday as the head hurts ! I did however manage to feel a bit better later in the afternoon. After a couple of emails and a trawl through the epz galleries, I had a visit from a client. Some images for print and a discussion for...

    • Posted by : colmar
    •  17 Jan 2010 9:06PM
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  • Avatar : colmar

    22nd December

    Hi I am always a little amazed at some of the uploads on EPZ, what does not amaze me about it though it the plethora of good wishes between the members as we approach Christmas and New Year. The friendliness of people with a shared hobby/career i...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Trying To Get The Feeling Again

    If you recognise this as the title of a Barry Manilow song, don't worry, I'm not about to break out into song - let alone a Manilow song. (Although I liked his music a long time ago - I try not to remind myself exactly how long ago, it makes me feel ...

  • Avatar : conrad

    "We are all just prisoners here...

    ... of our own device!" (No, this is not a blog entry about the concert I recently attended - The Eagles, who else... - it's about ephotozine!) "Prepare to be hooked", I've seen several members comment in threads where newcomers introduce them...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Some of Life's Unanswered Questions

    1. Why do I see stunning skies and lovely light when I don't have my camera with me? 2. Can I trick fate (life, Murphy, the universe or God) into thinking I don't have my camera with me, when in reality I do? 3. Is there such a thing as a photo...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  8 Dec 2008 12:06PM
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  • Avatar : conrad

    Withdrawal Symptoms

    It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes I just don't have time for ePHOTOzine. Take last weekend, for instance. No time whatsoever to even look at EPZ. I had opened it in a Firefox tab, but didn't get around to browsing the gallery or the for...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  7 Oct 2008 11:25AM
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  • Avatar : Henchard

    Ephotozine now the Photographic Equivalent of the Daily Mail

    I used to like Ephotozine, a good place to meet fellow enthusiasts and get some good critique and helpful advice. Unfortunately (it seems TO ME - please note that this is my opinion) it has become the photographic equivalent of the Daily Mail. i.e. j...

  • Avatar : conrad

    "Nice" - A Word as an Outcast

    After the word "nice" has had a lot of use in the Gallery already, you can see it turning up on the Forum quite a lot nowadays too. Unfortunately, this word is not intended to be seen as positive there. On the contrary. It's being treated more an...

  • Avatar : conrad


    Well, that certainly got your attention, didn't it - using a Dutch title! (Double Dutch to you, no doubt...) ;-) Don't bother using Babelfish or something like that to find out what it means, that doesn't give the best translation - although it co...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  5 Jul 2008 7:43PM
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