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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 128: Softness

    I've been trying to get my fiancee to sit for me for a while. I got home from work today to find that she had dressed herself up, put make-up on, and planned a lovely home-cooked meal to mark the end of the year. After that, she suggested lettin...

  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 126: Amber

    We managed our third meal out in a row tonight, hosted by two of our friends. This is their dog Amber. I think that this close-up shows her character rather well. I'm quite impressed at how well the Tamron shows all of the different textures too...

  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-74

    Plagiarism is alive and well. Taking inspiration from A.N.Other :P My eye Larger version here

  • Avatar : bfgstew

    Flash in the eye

    Posted this in the gallery but also want you other bloggers to see. A shot of my eye using the homemade ringflash. Set in manual at 1/64th power and camera on 1/250thsec @ f9 hand held.

  • Avatar : conrad

    The Eyeborg Project

    This may be my shortest blog ever on EPZ. I'll only say that if I had one artificial eye, I would think this was a great way of using it: The Eyeborg Project. It's the (near) future, mark my words! (Well, if you have an artificial eye, that i...