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  • Avatar : Angi_Wallace

    Still life progress

    Following on from my previous blogs re Still life photography which can be found via my website ( see July & October 2020 plus Feb 2021) I have continued to experiment and try to develop my own take on still life photography. This year I have conce...

  • Avatar : SueLeonard

    I think I've found my calling!

    I think I've found my calling! Well, at least for this particular time in my life. In the last few months I've been engaged in flower photography and loving it. Who would have thought. Here's just one of my images for you to enjoy.

    • Posted by : SueLeonard
    •  14 Oct 2021 2:14PM
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  • Avatar : KatieMariePhotos

    Please Help me

    So for my portfolio i have to edit the iptc and i need the common and scientific name of this flower but i got this shot whilst i was lost and i think its a wild flower so i dont know the names, so if anyone knows would you be amazing and let me kno...

  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    365 -3....... Digital art, school then park.

    Back to the still life today after finding a black background. Had quite a bit of success with this. The coloured version has a textured layer of cracked earth added to the vase along with a brimstone coloured fly paper, I like the tones it has prod...

  • Avatar : Dave_Henderson

    365 - 1 .... The first day.

    Well here goes, hope I'll be able to keep the challenge going for a year. My aim is to keep a record of daily events and happenings on the photographic side of things but if anything else out of routine occurs, it will be posted! I bought some fl...

  • Avatar : blastedkane

    The tale of tulips and mini people

    So blog point 2. I am hoping that if I can commit making the time for this then I can also find the time to complete a project 52.. time will tell I suppose... This week I have been continuing with the tulips theme that I started last week, howev...

    • Posted by : blastedkane
    •  8 Feb 2013 11:26PM
    • Views : 869
  • Avatar : conrad

    Typical for Amsterdam

    Every major city probably has flower stalls, but those in Amsterdam are different, because you can buy more than cut flowers there. They cater for more than just the local public that wants to take flowers home and put them in a vase. After all, Amst...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  12 Nov 2012 8:38AM
    • Views : 736
  • Avatar : topsyrm

    Week 26 of my 52

    A benchmark week, half way through the challenge. I spotted this on Wednesday so the pressure was then off. As always, comments welcome.

    • Posted by : topsyrm
    •  1 Jul 2012 8:28AM
    • Views : 329
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-169

    I went for a walk in the cemetery again today and was snapping a few things I thought I might use for my pic of the day. I climbed a hill and turned a corner to be confronted by a carpet of what I think are crocii, (well they aint daffs!). The pictu...

  • Avatar : Ozzie55

    365 Project: Day 1

    It's new years day and I eager to begin my 365 photo project with an image from around the area where I live. Oh well, change of plans straight away because of the weather; belting down rain all day, so had to find something inside to photograph. I...

    • Posted by : Ozzie55
    •  1 Jan 2012 8:32PM
    • Views : 6470
  • Avatar : discreetphoton

    Day 94: Bouquet

    Bouquet Flowers are difficult subjects. The closer you get, the more shots you find, and even a shift of a few millimetres can give a completely different composition. You’ll never get the same shot twice, and you really start to think about ...

  • Avatar : lianna

    Flower photography

    Ok, so blog number two... not sure how successful these are going to be but he who does not try..... and all that jazz.... I have spent many an hour looking through shots in the photography gallery thinking, now thats a cool shot, i like that angl...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 3 - B&W Challenge Rose

    Today's entry for my Photo365 project was inspired by the ePHOTOzine Black & White group who've set there weekly B&W challenge with the theme flowers. I decided to dismantle the Christmas flower display that was wilted after a week of intense heat fr...

  • Avatar : DianeFifield

    My photography

    I just love being out in the countryside and around by the coast with my camera by my side. We have such wonderful scenery in this country and fabulous flowers in our gardens so i will keep clicking away with my camera trying to do justice to what my...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Sharpness Overrated?

    A discussion on the forum* and an article in Naturfoto** made me think about the need to have your photographic subject pin sharp. Is that really necessary? I'm beginning to think it isn't. You might think it is, because in the gallery you may us...