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Members' Photography Blogs

Welcome to the ePHOTOzine Members' blogs where you can find all the blog entries from our members.


  • Avatar : conrad

    Three Different Takes

    This time three different versions of the same image. I came across a few more apps, and although there are overlaps with others I already have, I decided to give After Focus a go. It offers the possibility of deciding about the focus after you've...

  • Avatar : conrad


    Last night my daughter had a stall at a Christmas fair, and I thought I'd go and have a look, and decided to take my camera. Since I don't like the harshness of flash light very much, I thought it would be a good idea to take my fastest lens, a 5...

  • Avatar : bfgstew

    3-365 phot project

    3 of 365. We have a clown sits on our mid landing and it can in the right light look quite scary. This was taken looking down the stairs at it, using the bannister a lead in and a very large aperture to throw it out of focus, another of my out o...

    • Posted by : bfgstew
    •  27 Aug 2011 2:37PM
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  • Avatar : bfgstew

    Photo project 2-365

    No2 of 365, Me making a cuppa at work at about 2:30am, decided to open the lens right up and focus on the nut on the workbench and throw me totally out of focus, set on timer so I could get in frame nicely while the camera was p...

    • Posted by : bfgstew
    •  26 Aug 2011 3:12PM
    • Views : 239
  • Avatar : xanda

    Episode 15

    They say that a bad workman always blames his tools so, not wishing to appear a bad workman, I convinced myself that the number of out of focus photos I was getting was my fault - the result of a somewhat relaxed technique. So I tried harder in a del...

    • Posted by : xanda
    •  24 Apr 2009 2:09PM
    • Views : 284
  • Avatar : conrad

    Silly Little LCD Screen

    A columnist for Black & White Photography magazine once wrote a piece about digital cameras and their LCD screens. When referring to the LCD screen of a digicam he had tried, he called it a 'silly little LCD screen'. I myself am torn between his v...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  23 Jun 2008 12:04PM
    • Views : 217