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  • Avatar : conrad

    You've Got Mail

    I just can't resist an interesting-sounding photography app for my iPhone, and especially not when it's free. And even more when it's normally a paid app, and temporarily free! And the Dutch iPhone Club keeps me well informed, so I regularly come acr...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  10 Apr 2012 7:19PM
    • Views : 924
  • Avatar : conrad

    Fisheye Lite

    Some more app testing going on here. I'm still on the free ones, although I've now also downloaded a number of paid ones, including of course the famous Hipstamatic app. But let's do another free app first: Fisheye Lite. This is just a set of dist...

  • Avatar : conrad

    Just Testing Some Photo Apps On My New iPhone

    I temporarily have two phones - I still use my Nokia E71, for which the contract hasn't run out yet (it will soon, though), and my new phone has already arrived, a brand new iPhone 4s. And of course I've started trying out some apps on it, I couldn't...

  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    Nothing in life is free

    I drove past a gaming centre on my way to see Canon this morning and a poster shouted: "3 Free Play!" Now I may be wrong but how do you get free play if you have to pay for it? Speaking of this, I decided to stop in St. Pancras and try the free W...

    • Posted by : MattGrayson
    •  18 Feb 2009 9:23PM
    • Views : 642
  • Avatar : conrad

    Well, We're Off For A Few Days

    Off to Stavanger, Norway, to be exact. Isn't it great when you can do that and have someone else pay for it? I love it, even if it's just the idea of having a pleasure trip that's all been paid for already by sponsors! It looks like the weather is...

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  14 Aug 2008 3:06PM
    • Views : 286