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  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 359 - stuffed

    Lazy day today after lovely Christmas dinner, so I decided to photograph the bottle of bubbly that we drank to celebrate over lunch. Happy Christmas everyone

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  25 Dec 2011 4:11PM
    • Views : 6020
  • Avatar : MattGrayson

    Nikon D3x

    I guess you're all excited to learn about the new Nikon guv'nor DSLR although I don't think it was much of a surprise to many of you. I went to London yesterday to take a look at the flagship D3x and because the cameras had final firmware installed, ...

  • Avatar : IanA

    D700, part two!

    Well I've had one for a little over a week now. Did I say I didn't want one? Well, this one belongs to Nikon and they're going to want it back soon. :( My comments about the crop factor are still, IMHO, valid for my kind of photography, but the fac...

    • Posted by : IanA
    •  1 Sep 2008 11:45PM
    • Views : 370
  • Avatar : Pete

    How long?

    I've just returned from the local pub. I arrived there at 20:20 and, without a reservation, asked for a table. The barman said they were busy and it would be about 21:00 before we would get served. Not a problem...so 21:00 came then about 10mins late...