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  • Avatar : conrad

    Marram Grass, Turbine & Dunes

    Just a quick iPhone snapshot taken in the Dutch province of Zeeland.

    • Posted by : conrad
    •  7 Dec 2012 10:48AM
    • Views : 4348
  • Avatar : Pixel_Alchemist

    9/ 365 In a forest of Blades

    Sitting upon the edge, within a forest of blades, a drop of liquid, so common we take it for granted. Yet without it, life could not be sustained. It is with this I begin my journey and exploration into the liquid realm, through the media of photogr...

  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 177 - Clover

    I spent a lazy day today sunbathing and it must have not only frazzled my skin but also my brain, because i couldn't remember whether I'd used a photo of clover in my photo365. I'd certainly spent one session photographing it...but I went for a grass...

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  26 Jun 2011 6:30PM
    • Views : 3889
  • Avatar : Pete

    Photo365 - 97 - blade of grass

    This is what you get if you lay down on the floor and poke a macro lens (set to a wide aperture) through the grass. I moved around to find the most pleasing view. A single blade of grass with its companions totally out of focus thanks to the shallow ...

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  7 Apr 2011 6:11PM
    • Views : 6424