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  • Avatar : Pete


    I grew up in Sheffield and thought I knew most places. I've been back many times over the years and recently moved back permanently. Today I stumbled across a graveyard I'd never seen before...and it's fabulously over grown. The tidy part of this gra...

    • Posted by : Pete
    •  24 Jun 2014 3:56PM
    • Views : 1004
  • Avatar : conrad

    Washing Up Face

    Many people don't like washing the dishes, they hate it when it's time to do the washing-up. I don't mind it so much myself. But from not minding it, it actually becomes fun when you have a funny face like this joining you in the activity. Made m...

    1Washing Up Face
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  14 Apr 2013 6:53PM
    • Views : 969
  • Avatar : conrad

    Isn't She Lovely

    And very cute. But a picture says more than thirteen words :P :

    1Isn't She Lovely
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  3 Apr 2012 10:23AM
    • Views : 992
  • Avatar : conrad

    Me and My Shadow

    Well, not me myself, actually, I was speaking for this flower that I shot. Did I shoot it dead? No, it was looking a bit dead already - I left this bouquet too long, I should have bought it when I actually had time to do some serious photography. But...

    1Me and My Shadow
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  5 Mar 2012 8:18PM
    • Views : 991
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-177

    Playing about with the laser pointer again. This time the laser was shone into a flash head. Taken with the iPhone 4 using the Hipstamatic app. Larger pic here

    1Project 365-177
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-176

    This is my large light bulb placed on a white background and illuminated with one of those laser pointers used on presentations etc. Taken on the iPhone 4 using the Hipstamatic app. Larger pic

    1Project 365-176
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-175

    Last night's quick pic for the blog was taken on the iPhone using the Hipstamatic app. Bigger

    1Project 365-175
  • Avatar : conrad

    Going Bananas

    I put my fruit bowl (actually an oven dish that I treat as a multi-functional object and use it as a fruit bowl when not in use in the oven) away yesterday to take pictures of some objects on my table, but then I decided that the bananas actually loo...

    1Going Bananas
    • Posted by : conrad
    •  21 Feb 2012 9:26AM
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  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-153

    Today I went to London and I paid a fleeting visit to the National Portrait Gallery specifically to see the Taylor Wessing exhibition. I thought the exhibition was very good and I was pleased to be able t0 see the entries in their full glory. I d...

    1Project 365-153
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-149

    I just popped over to the garden centre and I spotted these wellies :P iPhone & Camera+ app Bigger wellies

    1Project 365-149
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-141

    UFO Bigger UFO

    1Project 365-141
  • Avatar : answersonapostcard

    Postcards 365-42

    I had an idea, its changed, and again once more but basically it involves using old postcards as a form of decorative art. Bought lots of ebay because its not until you get the whole packet open and laid out you get an to know exactly what you've bo...

    1Postcards 365-42
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-125

    What a day; high winds and torrential rain. I normally like to get out of the office for 20-30 minutes and go for a walk. Not today! Here's a picture from my window, taken with the iphone 4 and Hipstamatic. Bigger view in the group.

    1Project 365-125
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-123

    New years day and I didn't really get time to plan anything. Took this during the respite from running around. My fave beverage. Taken with iPhone and hipstamatic. Big cup in the group

    1Project 365-123
  • Avatar : CaptivePhotons

    Project 365-120

    It's been one of those days today: wake up, go to work, come home, go out, come back, go out again, come back etc. So here's a coffee cup, it's all I've had time to do today. This was taken with the iphone and Hipstamatic which i am beginning to rath...

    1Project 365-120